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A beautifully illustrated true story of how a mother helped her son affirm his ethnic identity.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my project, My Beautiful Brown Boy. The book is a true story about how I helped my son, Kenny, affirm his ethnic identity.  In the short video are pictures of Kenny at 1, 3 and 5 years old.  Between the years of 3 and 5, children develop their identity based on messages they get from persons within and outside of the family. Brown children, whether they have a light, medium or dark skin tone, generally have an experience similar to Kenny’s once they go to daycare and interact with new friends and adults. As you can see from the pictures, Kenny is a happy child and he grew up in a loving home.

I wrote the book over 6 years ago I wanted the book to be friendly to both parents and children.  When Kenny said "I don't want to be brown", it was a classic textbook situation that many of my friends and other parents have experienced.  After I finished the book, I constantly looked for an artist to illustrate it.  When I met Cathy Johnson through a mutual friend, I knew it was time to get this book done.  Cathy, a former artist at  Hallmark Cards, read the story and agreed to illustrate the book.  I immediately used my savings to pay for the illustrations and hoped I would find a reasonably priced publisher.

 I am seeking donor help because I want to continue to have ownership of the book.  The book and all illustrations are finished.  Cathy has a reputable publishing company ready to begin printing the book  on June 30, 2013.  The process will take about 3-4 weeks and the completion date is estimated to be July 30, 2013  The book is hardback and beautifully illustrated.

I hope you will fund my project and help me finally end my 6 year ordeal to get the book published.  But remember, ssshhh! Kenny doesn't know about the book!

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The first challenge will be if there is a delay in publishing. I have a reputable company in Kansas City and publishing date is scheduled for June 30, 2013. The book is hardback and I have been informed that it will take 3-4 weeks to complete publishing. Estimated completion date is July 30, 2013. Contributors will be updated weekly beginning July 1, 2013 about publishing progress and any delays will be posted as they arise.

The second potential challenge is mailing gifts. I have enlisted several friends to help label and mail packages so the gifts will arrive as promised.


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    Workshop conducted onsite at your agency, organization or company for up to 25 attendees. Title of workshop is “Affirming a child’s ethnic identity”. Workshop space costs, if any, must be covered by agency. Author will cover travel costs for cities within 150 miles of Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of 150 mile radius donor must cover cost of travel and accomodations. Book will be available for purchase. Three (3) hours continuing education credit (if allowable by agency). Offer for US only. Workshop dates will begin in October and continue into 2014 until all workshops completed.

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