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This summer I want to bring some of the dances that I've choreographed, as well as a few brand new pieces, to life on film!

Artists are constantly sketching, doodling, jotting down ideas, creating, editing, and revisiting their work. There is an ever shifting conversation with the work that we have created and the work that we are creating. In dance, I've found that it is often such a large investment to create a piece, both in costs and in the time it takes to collaborate, that so few of the ideas I have had come to fruition. 

This summer, I want to explore some of these dance sketches and ideas that I have in my brain. Using the amazing dancers I have met since moving here to Seattle, I will choreograph, stage and film these ideas in unique locations, and bring these dances to life. In the end, I hope to have created a series of short dance videos, spanning a variety characters, concepts, and movement styles.

I'm hoping to raise $1000. This will help cover:

- 50 hours of studio rental space for rehearsals ($11/hr) = $550

- camera and editing equipment = $450

- additional funds will go towards costumes, props, travel funds and potentially performance space to do a live show. 

I have already started choreographing and planning many of the dances, and we are now starting to have rehearsals. At the end of this project, we will have made six dance video pieces. Two in July. Two in August. Two in September. Check out our tumblr page ( to see the videos when they are completed. 

I cannot wait to share our work with you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to help! Every dollar counts! And if your money is tight, you can also support by sharing this project with friends you know. The more sponsors, the merrier! Thank you everyone for helping me make this possible. 

Music in video: Gentle Marimba - Alastair Cameron (


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    Wee! I'll be sending you project updates and links to the videos of each dance as they are made. Your name will be mentioned in the credits of the videos as well.

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    You're super! You'll be getting a thank you card, decorated by your cast, along with everything above.

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    Thanks a bunch! You'll be getting a hand crafted mix CD, featuring songs from the pieces we made, along with summer jams picked out by the DeadPan Monkeys. Thank you card, updates, video links and your name in the credits as well!

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    Thank you for your amazing support! For you, we shall make a personalized figurine (to put on your office table, car windshield, or nightstand), along with everything above.

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    Really!?!?!lkjas;oidfj;lkjkksj! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Because you are the awesomest, I will be choreographing you a 2 minute dance to a song of your choosing, along with everything above.

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