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Like the small size of the Raspberry Pi zero but would really like to use composite / analogue audio or VGA?
Like the small size of the Raspberry Pi zero but would really like to use composite / analogue audio or VGA?
Like the small size of the Raspberry Pi zero but would really like to use composite / analogue audio or VGA?
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    1. Ben Creator on

      @charlie damn! I checked that card so many times! yes you are right it is brown red black black brown and 16k is brown blue black red brown. I will post an update to correct this. Good thing is there is no such thing as 0200R or 06000R resistors! I will post a correction today, thanks for spotting it.

    2. Charlie Coslor on

      Figured it out... I guess there's a typo on two of the resistors but it's not enough to cause issues. The first black band shown on the build of materials card for 16K and 120R are actually brown on the parts. I double checked with this decoder tool.

    3. Charlie Coslor on

      Got my board yesterday!

      In the build of materials it lists 120R as black red black black brown. I only have one set of resistors left and they're BROWN red black black brown. Are these the right resistors? Replacement or typo? Thanks.

    4. Ivan Ivanov on

      Hi Ben, I received the kit last week. I soldered and test it during the weekend and it works perfectly. Thank you very much!!!

    5. Ben Creator on

      Richard your PCB has shipped now (they all have). I am afraid It was not the difficulty of just slipping it in a jiffy bag. It was the fact I only pre-ordered 50PCBs before the Kickstarter ended with my own money, a further lot was ordered after I got the Kickstarter money. you will receive the PCB exactly when I said you would in March, thanks!. - Ben

    6. Richard McCausland on

      No offence but seven backers for PCB only should be pretty easy to pop into a jiffy bag and label. But don't mind waiting either way. hell I waited a year after deadline to receive a

    7. Rainer on

      My Package received yesterday. Thx :)

    8. Ben Creator on

      Hey Richard I did say the PCB only will take longer as stated in the PCB only reward. but do not worry I am actually closing in on completing rewards by mid next week!

    9. Richard McCausland on

      :( hopefully mine will arrive soon. Only ordered the PCB and not the kit version.

    10. Jarle Teigland on

      Soldered mine up yesterday - epic soldering session !! Just waiting for configuration instructions for the VGA now Ben !! No Pressure �

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Costello

      @ Ghost: Mine too!

      {sings} Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me
      @ Ben: How ever did you guess. Thank you!

    12. Bule on

      My kit arrived today, hooray! Thanks, Ben!

    13. Bule on

      @Richard McCausland: haha, yes, there is that. This kickstarter is my safe haven :)

      Please don't tell anyone... D:

    14. Richard McCausland on

      At least you won't have to answer loads of questions on here Ghost of Tm. ;)


    15. Bule on

      This is just what I need! :)

    16. Ben Creator on

      Hey Dimitrie, Yes you can but it has to be the same way up, so stacked below but facing the same way around. I will post a picture later. Another option if you want it more compact is you can solder the board directly on the PI's header beacuse you don't really need access to the Pi surface, but I have been reluctant to show this because of the limited Zero stock!

    17. dimitrie on

      Just wandering, nothing stop us to solder those GPIO headers upside down ?

    18. Ben Creator on

      Hey Andrew, they are only exposed through the pins in the header but dont lead anywhere.

    19. Andrew Scheller on

      Are the reset pins used / exposed anywhere on the Cap board?