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$6,874 pledged of $50,000 goal
$6,874 pledged of $50,000 goal

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Available Now! SPARX iPhone5/5s iOS LED Notifications Case


Hey Kickstarters,

We have good news!

SPARX is now available for sale at our Amazon store located here: Phaze 5 Amazon Store

These are the first round of units from the factory and supplies are limited.

During both FLASHr and SPARX projects we met a lot of interesting people. From backers, to bloggers, to manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Through Kickstarter, we were able to partner with Japanese case maker, RUN'A. RUN'A has their own factory, and this is where SPARX is being manufactured. It has been a great partnership. We've been able to get our product to market in Japan and now we are bringing it back to the US.

Again, if you would like to purchase a SPARX iPhone5/5s case head on over to our Amazon Store here.

If you're a distributor interested in adding SPARX to your product offering, or if you just have a general question about SPARX, send an email to about your inquiry.


SPARX currently comes in 3 different colors, Gun Metal Black, Champagne Gold, and Metallic White. Each SPARX case comes with 3 different colored Glow frames you can use depending on your mood.

Finally, we just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for their support. Its been a long road to get our product to market, and we couldn't have done it without the support of everyone in the Kickstarter community.


Terence and Trey

Here's a video of production units in action!