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Powered by the iPhone's LED flash and iOS's "LED Flash for Alerts" feature, FLASHr illuminates for calls, text, and push notifications.

Powered by the iPhone's LED flash and iOS's "LED Flash for Alerts" feature, FLASHr illuminates for calls, text, and push notifications. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 24, 2012.

About this project

"Whenever you receive a call, text or other notification, the case lights up and flashes with the extravagance akin to a New Year’s eve firework display." Today's iPhone

"Phaze5's repurposing of the phone's LED is almost MacGyver-like... if Richard Dean Anderson's character had access to injection molding and aluminum stamping." Core77

"You never have to miss an update again." Mashable

"The concept is simple, and the designers of the case pulled it off very well." 9to5Mac

"You'll always know when the multi-media communication device blowin' up like a pregnant chick working at Dairy Queen is yours." Dude I Want That

"Flashr takes advantage of the accessibility options in iOS....And it's not just a little round circle..." TÚAW

" part is that it doesn't require battery power to work." The-Gadgeteer

"Something this cool needs to be funded." TechCrunch

"This looks like an interesting case for iPhone owners who want bright visual notifications."  Gotta Be Mobile

"FLASHr brings the vibe back to your iPhone." Trusted Nerd

"The best use of the iPhone’s LED flash to date" CultofMac

You're here! Thanks for checking out the project.  With your help, we can bring our idea for a cool yet functional case to life.   

Never miss another notification!!!

FLASHr is an iPhone4/4s case that is powered by the iPhone's LED camera flash, and iOS's built in "LED Flash Alerts". When you turn on "LED Flash Alerts" in your Accessibility settings, your iPhone's LED camera flash lights up for calls, texts, emails, and for all Push Notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Games, or any app with Push Notification settings).  FLASHr insures your notifications are seen in vivid color from any orientation and in any situation.  For us, this design isn't just about functionality, but it's also about a case that's just fun to roll with.

How does the case light up? The best way we can explain it is to show you a diagram. Take a look.


We didn't get where we are by accident or luck.  You can never exhaust the prototype process, but we've come close.  To this point, every major change we've made in CAD has been validated by a physical prototype. No exceptions.  Below are some images of our most recent prototype shown in our video.

A Few of Older Prototypes

Latest Design

In our latest design iteration, we decided to focus on the brighter sides of the case.  This of course makes sense knowing that the LED flash is biased to one corner, but we wanted to know exactly what was possible. We decided to start with illuminating the entire perimeter, and then worked towards a more intentional, consistent look. This led us to scaling back our Glow Frame to the top and right user side of the phone, (opposite volume buttons). The below image shows the corner of our latest design.

Video of FLASHr Activation and Exploded View 

Our Colors Your Imagination

With 125 possible color combinations, we've tried to give you as many options as possible to make your case stand out in the crowd.  Even when you see another FLASHr out and about.

If you've already pledged and want to add parts, click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button and add $15 per each additional part.


If you've already pledged and want to add a FLASHr BACKr t-shirt, click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button and add $20.

Build Your FLASHr


Choose Your Colors.

Step 1 - Outer Case

***Upon successful funding of FLASHr, Backers will be sent a survey to choose their color combinations or Phaze5 signature models.***

Step 2 - Glow Frame

Step 3 - Reflect Plate

Choose your cut out.

Choose your color.

About Us

Trey DeArk has spent the last 7 years working as a mechanical designer at, Function Engineering , focused on mechanical design for product design.  He has worked on projects ranging from robotics to hair dryers and has been a part of teams that have seen at least a dozen products successfully make it to market. Prior to mechanical design, Trey, worked as a 3D modeler and Publishing Coordinator for Digimation

Terence Green, a tech enthusiast, is a professional musician and plays in several different brass bands in New Orleans. His most recent tour was with rock band, MyNameIsJohnMichael  Terence adds an artitst's touch and entertainment factor to all of our designs.  He is also responsible for our market research and branding strategy. 

How and Where is FLASHr made?

The Outer Frame, Flash On/Off Switch, and Glow Frame are injection molded poly carbonate (plastic) parts.  They will be made from steel tools or molds that are capable of producing 100,000 units.  An American manufacturer (located in Atlanta) will act as liaison to an Asian manufacturer producing these parts. Once completed, these parts will be shipped back to us here in the US (New Orleans to be exact) for assembly. 

The Reflect Plate is being manufactured by an American sheet metal vendor (located in the Bay Area, CA), who will source American aluminum for fabrication. Once the plates have been stamped, this vendor will send the plates forward to another American vendor (located in the Bay Area, CA) responsible for the anodizing. After anodizing is complete, finished Reflect Plates will be shipped to us. 

As we are only a 2 man team working on our dream, assembly, packaging, and shipping will be completed by us, friends, and family. 

We've received quotes from 7 different vendors, and narrowed it down by capability and cost. We have official quoting documentation for each part, that we used to inform our required budget, thus allowing us to set a funding goal for Kickstarter. 

We want to run one last round of machined prototypes so that we can test the product with similar fit and stack tolerances that are possible in injection molding.  This generally takes less than a business week to get parts back.  From there, we are ready to send final 3D files and 2D critical to function drawings to manufacturing.  

Where does the funding go?

Essentially you are pre-ordering a FLASHr case, but here's how we get to that point with your help.

- Additional prototyping to insure the very highest quality production units.

- Tooling, 3 of our 4 parts will be injection molded, while the 4th with be stamped aluminum sent to anodizing.

- The minimum number of parts we can order on the first production run. 

- Packaging, nothing fancy, just clean. 

- Travel, we're not going to leave it up the manufacturer and hope.  We plan to actively travel to manufacturing to ensure every case is constructed to the highest standards.

Thank You!

Thanks for taking time to check out the project.  With your help, we can make this product a reality. 


  • Obviously we started with the iPhone 4 because its the most popular and we can design for it now. We knew this might be a concern for some people, but we can only complete designs to products that we have real data on.

    That said, there are many variables around offering an iPhone 5 version of FLASHr with this current Kickstarter project. Here are the scenarios:

    1. If the iPhone 5 has a dramatic form factor update, we will need nearly double our funding goal. This is due to new plastic injection molds being needed for new parts as well as a new tool for stamping out the aluminum plates. We might be able to modify our plastic injection molds to fit the 5, but we're not counting on that and we would still want to support the iPhone 4 in any case.

    2. We don't double our funding goal but exceed it considerably. If the iPhone 5 form factor is similar, we may be able to use a couple of our existing parts lowering the cost and count on plastic injection molds. Again, this is heavy speculation and our project will run out of time before we see any data on the iPhone 5.

    3. We make our funding goal, but not much more. We will have to launch a separate project for the iPhone 5 FLASHr case. Either through Kickstarter or by using capital from iPhone 4 FLASHr online sales after successful funding of this current Kickstarter project.

    As I'm sure you already know, being a small 2 man team, its a bit tricky to promise iPhone 5 cases at this point. Our main concern is that no matter what happens we ensure backers have the best possible experience, glitch free. We believe in order to stay true to this idea, we need more data on the iPhone 5 and the possible outcome of our funding goal.

    Last updated:
  • While we can't give you hard electrical data on exact battery consumption, this feature was developed by Apple for their Accessibility program.

    This feature's origin is in helping disabled people. We trust that Apple would not implement an iOS feature that would significantly impact the performance of their flagship device.

    Also, the beauty of taking advantage of this feature is that you can test it before you decide to back us.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. We have designed a switch specifically for this purpose. Just slide the switch to the right/off position to reveal the LED flash for photography. Slide it back to the left/on position when you're done.

    Last updated:
  • Simply choose the reward you want and add $15 to the amount.

    If you have already pledged and need to add International Shipping, click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button and add $15 to the amount in the box.

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  • Simple. Choose the reward you want and just add the additional reward(s) amount to the pledge. For international pledges, dont forget to add $15 for each additional reward.

    If you have already pledged and want to combine rewards, click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button and add the combined total to the box.

    Last updated:
  • No. This feature is built into all iphone 4/4s. Simply Go to Settings, click General, scroll down to Accessibility, turn the "LED Flash for Alerts" to the on position. That EASY!

    P.S.- A video of the process is posted in the project description. Enjoy!

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