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VERMIN, a new web show starring Trace (MST3K) Beaulieu and RATS! #verminshow
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Posted by Gordon Smuder (Creator)

Hello faithful followers and supporters! 

Yes...its November already. And by this time you're probably getting antsy to see some wild, rat puppet filled comedy video, aren't you? 

You have every right to be antsy. Its taking us longer than we projected to get these episodes though post production. And for that we apologize profusely. 

HOWEVER, I just got off the phone with our editor. He gave me the run down, in detail, of where we are with each episode. And I tell you...we are SOOOOOO CLOSE!!

Here's the skinny, by episode:

Episode 1 requires one effects shot and the application of incidental music track. Thats it. Then its complete. Done. Finis. Awesome. 

Episode 2 requires one effects shot, some voice dubbing, and incidental music. Then it, too, is complete. 

Episode 3 requires incidental music. Then its done. 

And Episode 4 is still moving through the first cut edit. 

The editor is meeting with the composer on Sunday to lay down the incidental music tracks.

Tonight, we film the elements for the effects shot in Episode 1.

It is our fervent hope that once we have Episode 1 posted for your viewing pleasure, that we will be maintaining a release schedule of two weeks between episodes. And then, once all the episodes are released via our online platforms, we will assemble them on a dvd and complete the Kickstarter deliveries as quickly as possible! 

So stay tuned, good people. The rats of Vermin are arriving soon! 



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    1. Jason Presley on

      Can't wait! I just watched all the Transylvania Television episodes on Amazon, and am looking forward to more snarky puppet goodness.

    2. Rebecca Biggs on

      Thanks for the update and for all the work that everyone is doing for this show. I'm probably more excited than I should be about puppet rats!

    3. Sharon Parker on

      Sounds great, Gordon. Thanks for the update!