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$2,357 pledged of $9,000 goal
By Randy Kintz
$2,357 pledged of $9,000 goal

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New Project: Cazadora

For those of you interested - I have a NEW Comic Project in the works, which was just launched here on Kickstarter. The project is called CAZADORA, drawn by me, Randy Kintz, with story by Sam Eggleston. Out goal is to reach $4000 to cover the expenses of having the book both colored, and lettered. We also have a possible publisher lined up as well (fingers crossed). Thank you for your time!


Thank you all so very much

I've had many questions about what is the plan now that this project did not get funded, so I thought I would give everyone the update:

The next plan is to go to a soft cover edition. It's about the same price per book, but I do not have to order as many copies, where as the Hard cover edition, the min amount of books was 1000...I am currently selling the print sets, as well as some of the original pages through my deviantart account, which can be found here: - to raise money to accomplish this goal. I am also selling/offering commission packages, starting at $75 that also include the prints as well. Because regardless, I still have colorists I need to pay as well. Anyway, More info can be found in my journal entry. The goal is still to have the books available by Sept 1st, at a lower price of only $20 (which includes shipping - yes even internationally) - with an increased page count.

Thank you again for your pledge/support! It was greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your support

As the final hours are ticking down, this project will also come to a close. I wanted to personally thank all of you that have pledged, and supported this project. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. However, plans are moving forward to create a Softcover Edition instead. For those of you that are interested in that, please check out my fan page on Facebook, in the coming weeks to learn more about that.

Thank you again for your support. It means a lot!



An Additional Print to be added for all pledges over $25! Thank you everyone!

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Here are the limited edition Prints offered in the $50 Pledge. Thank you all for your support!

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