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Saying Gay is a documentary about SB49 and it's effect on the GLBTQ community in Tennessee

Saying Gay is a documentary about SB49 and it's effect on the GLBTQ community in Tennessee Read more

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Saying Gay is a documentary about SB49 and it's effect on the GLBTQ community in Tennessee

Devon Hicks
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About this project

Saying Gay is an interactive documentary about Tennessee Senate Bill 49, the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”. Sponsored by Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), the bill would make it illegal to include anything in K-8 school curriculums aside from “natural human reproduction science”, and has met both massive opposition and support, bringing the topic of GLBTQ rights, as well as bullying and suicide into the limelight once more. 

Why does this topic merit a documentary?

While SB49 is presented as a bill to protect the rights of parents to educate their children on social issues, and in its current form doesn’t seem overtly harmful, the principles it’s based on make it disturbing to many. We want to address the following....

  • Why are we placing a taboo on something that is a large part of the lives of many students? Whether they themselves are gay, or if they have parents or relatives that are, should we make them feel like they can’t talk about it and there’s something wrong with it?
  • 9 out of every 10 students in school who identify themselves as part of the GLBTQ community have reported being bullied. Does this legislation make it harder to address this situation? 
  • This bill is centered around “Sex Education”, why can’t we discuss GLBTQ relationships without having to talk about the sexual aspect?

What will the film consist of?

  • Interviews with students who have found themselves the victim of bullies because they are part of the GLBTQ community, or because they merely appear to be part of it.
  • Interviews with parents and teachers about their experiences and how they believe the bill will effect them.
  • In-depth analysis of the bill with community leaders, lawmakers, lawyers, and therapists. We’ll address the ramifications of the bill, and the underlying situations it could cause.
  • A straightforward view into the GLBTQ community and the way legislation such as SB49 effects it.

What are our goals?

  • To give a voice to the young people that can't speak for themselves.
  • To shed greater light on the bullying and harassment our young people face, and the consequences of not addressing it.
  • To give people the full picture of SB49, as many of it’s effects are indirect. 
  • To show that people in the GLBTQ community are successful, hardworking members of society.
  • To encourage lawmakers in the Tennessee House to block this legislation.

What do we mean by "interactive"?

  • Throughout the making of "Saying Gay" we will provide uncut footage, take community input, and allow our larger donors access to the film before anyone else.
  • After we release the film, we will have extended interviews on the Saying Gay website for people to watch and discuss.
  • We will feature screenings across Tennessee which will also act as discussion forums.

What will your contribution provide?

  • Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCCAM Camcorder & Tripod 
  • Lighting kit
  • Rode Pin Mic Lavalier with XLR and 1/8 Sennheiser adapters
  • Rode NTG-2 shotgun
  • Rode Blimp kit
  • AT 4053b small condenser
  • Rycote Baby Ball Gag and shock mount
  • Sound Devices MixPreD mixer
  • Cables and headphones
  • Sennheiser G3 wireless kit
  • Aluminum Boompole
  • Hard Cases to keep everything safe :)
The additional funds will be used to cover travel expenses and the full time production of Saying Gay.

What is the timeline for the film?

  • Equipment ordered by late June
  • Begin shooting by mid July
  • End filming by mid September
  • Release January 1st 2012



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