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$6,593 pledged of $200,000 goal
By Cat Banana Studios
$6,593 pledged of $200,000 goal

Welcome to Imagine Nations!



We would like to welcome everyone to the Imagine Nations Kickstarter campaign, and we look forward to explaining all our game has to offer over the next 30 days.

Imagine Nations

So you look at Imagine Nations, and you have to ask the question:  what is this game?  It has the cubic look of games like Minecraft and Cube World, but contains features beyond a basic sandbox.  How do you define the game?

This is the simplest way we can explain it.  There are many games which are a sandbox.  They give you a bucket full of gadgets to play with, and you are free to use these gadgets as you see fit.  It allows you to go far beyond the limits of a linear game and really let's your imagination go wild.  However, you are still limited by the bucket.  In this case, there are still predefined game features that you must play in with these gadgets.

Imagine Nations is a large vat containing many buckets full of gadgets.  Each bucket in this vat has predefined game features, but now you can determine which buckets you wish to use.  On top of this, you can choose which gadgets in each bucket you wish to mix together.

To correlate with Imagine Nations, each bucket is a genre.  You are able to mix and match features based on your favorite games.  And these can be mixed and matched at will.  You could start the game playing as an RPG character conquering dungeons for loot, later become a captain of a destroyer ship in space in a massive battle between two cultures, slow down and settle in a town with a family, and eventually enter politics and become the leader of the town (with all the intrigue that goes along with it).


We want to be as active as possible.  As such, we are looking at an update once a day.  Monday and Friday will be major updates around various features to really flesh out how the game functions outside of the Kickstarter page.  All other days will rotate between Aleks (our lead designer), Bret (our lead programmer), Fatih (our lead artist), and George (our audio designer) on various "brain droppings" about what they are currently working on, and why they chose certain directions on the game.


If you have any questions at all, or simply want to chat with the team and other like minded imaginators, you can visit our chat room or forums.  You can also reach us at #ImagineNations through your favorite IRC chat client on the Quakenet server.  The team is always on the chat and ready to answer anything you throw at us.

Thank you and we are very excited to see what happens in these next 30 days!

- The Imagine Nations Team

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