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A $29 bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades
A bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades
A bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades
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1,591 backers pledged SEK 1,609,835 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      RBothell 1 day ago

      Come on we backed you and you are selling them on your web site how about rewarding the people who went out of there way and backed you idea. Or at least post a update telling us you won’t be fulfilling your part of the commitment.

    2. Jaime Andres Morales 1 day ago

      Where are my movez???

    3. Missing avatar on

      @kickstarter Moderator. Please cancel my backing and refund my pledge as per Terms and Conditions:

    4. Missing avatar

      Pulkit Dua

      i am looking for an update on my pledge on kickstarter. Please let me know the update. thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hey, look! Now it's July 1st and still no motors!!!!

    6. Tommy on

      I still haven't got my pledge...

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      TEPTRON do you have any idea how insulting it is to have funded your original crowdfunding campaign and know that some, but not all, funders received a product, and then keep getting fed lies about future relievers? A Better, improved product, and now be put to a popularity contest for a few “test” units. After being told last quarter of 2017... first quarter of 2018.... June 1st. No responses to emails? To new tickets on It sucks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Angus Christophersen on

      No response from the email. Is this for real? More than two years have passed since giving money to Teptron and not a word back from them...

    9. Brian Kuriyama on

      So, I backed Blind Engine by Brunt and I got my device earlier this year. They're now on amazon! So at least they're real!

      This? This is a massive scam... Have not gotten anything, and it's 2 years past the estimated arrival date... Really wish I cold get this though since I paid for it...

    10. Missing avatar

      Björn Holmstedt on

      I upgraded to MOVE-Z and I want a refund please :)

      Good luck though with the product!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sohail Shaikh on

      They made the product on our backing and are now selling on their website.. this is dishonesty and fraud.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Oh...hey! It’s June 1st.

    13. John Justice

      I still don't have anything and have contacted support multiple times over the last two years.

    14. Jaime Andres Morales on

      I'm still waiting for my pledge....

    15. Chris Li on

      Hi, I'm actually still waiting on my product.

    16. Timothy Low

      Sent an email to Teptron Support ages ago. No replies.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael P Scott on

      I haven't received an email reply since November 13th when I was told I would receive my order by the end of 2017

    18. Missing avatar on

      Can i get my money back please, waiting for ages and not hearing anything. Please do!

    19. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      You mean the email that just does not get replied to ? i have once gotten a message back from you Teptron, with some excuses but that was in the beginning. now its been ZZZZ on twitter/facebook/kickstarter/email.... and you want us to be patient after so many years.....

    20. Andrew Peli on

      I haven't gotten a reply for the email address given. This company is ridiculous. I'd like a refund at this point.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Has anyone gotten a response from the “” email from the post below?

    22. Teptron Creator on

      Dear Backers! For you who have not received your pledge get in touch with us at We need an e-mail with address information to fulfill your pledge. Thank you!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Parsons on

      Any update on my order, been waiting since 2015...

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dacian on

      Any updates on delivery?

    25. Lesley Vonk on

      Haven’t received my order either... backed on 20th of August 2015

    26. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      Its even worse, i made a twitter account to spam a bit there, asking where my moves are after all this time. and what do you think, no response. but they did post something about how great it was on there fair in germany or somehwere. really do not care ! give my my moves.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      On the Teptron Facebook page I was told the new eta is June 1. No reason given for the latest delay. Who wants to take bets we’ll still be empty handed then?

    28. Jaime Andres Morales on

      i havent received my devices!!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Afiz Jabbar on

      I am Backer No. 1,022 and after almost 2 years I still haven't received my order.

      Why are you selling this product on your website when you are yet to fulfill your obligations to your original backers after you have taken our money.

      Please ship and deliver my order before 30 March 2018 or kindly refund my money.

    30. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      Thanks lee for the message,
      busy doing it for days now.
      still have no luck yet , already sent them a message how great their company .
      not responding whatsoever on every medium its completely silent.

      hope you finally receive something

    31. Lee Taylor on

      So after months and months of emailing and facebook messages I finally changed tact.. I tried the guilt trip. One last attempt at some answers, even if it was to be told “No, you’re not getting anything”. I’d sent numerous emails and had only a couple of replies. It had been 28 months since we all backed Move and we hadn’t received our rewards. Yet Teptron constantly have sales, like their Christmas sale with discounts on their web store. I wanted to know how these orders were getting fulfilled but backers were still without their rewards. I wanted to know how this was fair. I wanted Teptron to tell me how they thought it was fair that their backers - the people that made this all possible - still hadn’t received their orders more than 2 years on. I wanted Teptron to tell me how they thought it was fair that their backers email them constantly, looking for updates and get no response. I wanted Teptron to tell me how they thought it was appropriate that their website proclaimed “Happy Customer Guarantee” (literally 3 lines into their website).

      And finally, after all my messages, Teptron responded on Facebook. A simple, short, sharp “No worries, you will get your 3 units sent this week.”… and behold a UPS tracking number arrived an hour later.

      No apologies, no explanation, just a “No worries”. After all the emailing. After all the messages. And after the final attempt at getting some sort of answer from them.

      My reward is on track to arrive tomorrow. It is yet to be seen if I do indeed get my reward or if they have sent me a chunk of coal just to punish me for all the emails and messages.

      So do this people: if you haven’t received your reward just keep at Teptron with your emails and messages. Hit them up on Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter. Hit up the public comments on their Facebook posts and ads. And send your emails daily to, and - maybe you’ll get lucky and eventually they will grow sick of you contacting them.

      And failing that demand a refund and go buy a blind controller by Soma. They look nicer anyway.

    32. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      Again still silent. this is very good advertisement for your company, and since i have been scammed with the znaps BS kickstarter i get the feeling this is the second but more expensive one !

    33. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      No response on email, no response on kickstarted , no response on twitter. Great customer service youve got there.
      Its a pity that i live this far to make a trip otherwise id come over to ask how things are to see if im still getting ignored then.

      To me this is not really a normal way to keep your first customers "happy" or am i having strange thoughts ?

    34. Gary M Cvitanovich on

      When are you planning to ship to the original backers! I am done with Kickstarter if this never materializes WTF!

    35. Vincent Vulmaarin on

      Just received a email, it looks a bit like my znaps backing. asking about the hub and suchs, i really do not give a #### after 2 years i only want my order. i even moved in the mean time and have build my own solution. Then you read that they started selling on their webstore to get funding but forgot to ship them out to the original backers who have more "rights" if you ask me since we helped you starting this up. Great, changed my address and no response whatsoever, i bet the package will be shipped to my old address to a home that is taken down and my package will be lost or something..... murphy's law...

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Van Winkle on

      Hello everyone that has not received their Teptron Move/Movez. After 2 years, no product, general lack of response to inquiries. Finally after numerous attempts, they agreed to provide a refund. Now 2 more months have passed - no refund and they have stopped answering inquiries. My suggestion is to avoid at all costs and to encourage others to take to social media to spread the word. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

    37. Teptron Creator on

      Hi Staffan! Thank you very much for the positive feedback, much appreciated!

    38. Teptron Creator on

      Hi everyone! Please contact us at regarding your order status. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Curtis Schmidek on

      Backer 1,196. Still waiting for my 3 units. Status, please!

    40. Staffan Gadd on

      I was about to complain that there is still no new app. But there is! :-)

      Note that the apps are new and there are two. One for FW updates and then the new app with automations/control in.


      I expected Teptron to do an update for the backers here about the new apps.
      It is the news that make my MOVEs usable. I Will now moun all of my units.
      Before the automation became available I did not find the MOVE very useful.

      Thanks for the new app. It seems to solve all automations i want to solve. Yes some things can be improved in the Ui.

      E.g. Some settings might be easier to set as numbers instead of using a slider.

      But overall it seems nice.

      Finally I got what i expected

    41. Pouya Hashemi on

      Received nothing after 2 years. Seems they want bad press than to answer these requests and status updates.

    42. Hennadii Nadolenko on

      Backer 1083. Never received anything. Tried to write few time. No response.

    43. Aaron Schwartz on

      Backer 1,035 and I haven't received anything yet. It's just about 2 years past their estimated shipping date. I don't appreciate that they're selling them on their website and neglect their original backers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Where is the update that mentioned Q1 2018?

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Backer 1021. Numerous attempted contacts through Kickstarter, email, Facebook and No replies in weeks and no motors.

    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas Van Winkle on

      Backer 1,223, funded on 8/20/2015. Upgraded to MOVEZ in 2016. And with the most recent update, no MOVEZ units until Q1 2018. I've run out of patience. I want a full refund.

    47. Stanley Toh on

      It's a joke to advise backer submit ticket for those haven't receive their item.
      No response after submitted ticket and email.
      But you are having sales in your FB page?
      Where is our items??!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Mojo on

      anyone want to buy some units ?

    49. Brian Kuriyama on

      Backer 1302. Nothing received after 2 years...

    50. Missing avatar

      Edmond Chan on

      Backer #677 here. Just wondering when I will receive my set of products.

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