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An illustrated letterpress printed first edition of a collection of poems by Barbara Hardy inspired by Dante's Inferno.

Paekakariki Press ( is a letterpress printing workshop.  We are trying to keep alive the printing skills, techniques and values developed by Gutenberg, Caxton, William Morris and others for future generations.  We have already published eight collections of poetry with specially commissioned illustrations, six of them printed on our Heidelberg KS cylinder (Summer Visitors by Janet El-Rayess, Ovid's Echo by Siân Thomas, The Slow Wheel by Darius Victor Snieckus, Euphrasy by Michael Shann, Homing In by Mo Gallaccio and London Rivers edited by Kate Hardy and Barbara Hardy.

Dante's Ghosts is our latest project.  It is a collection of poems by Professor Barbara Hardy of the University of London inspired by Dante's poems and is illustrated by Kate Hardy.

The work will be printed letterpress and the edition hand sewn. Most of the edition will be paperback, but there will be also some delux hardcover copies available. Our normal edition sizes have been around 250, but this Kickstarter project is something of an experiment and an attempt to revert to the subscription model as used by Morris and publishers before him. Obviously if this subscription arrangement works, then all the backers will have been promised a copy but we will also need to have enough for our usual sales channels which would mean an edition size of nearer 300.  The subscribers will receive the lowest numbers available.

A sample page opening from Dante's Ghosts
A sample page opening from Dante's Ghosts

Kate Hardy has now finished the design for the cover (it's not the lemon yellow image above). It will be a two layer affair, with one image on the binding and a contrasting one the transparent wrap-around.

Our cover illustration
Our cover illustration

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As we have already printed and published eight poetry collections, we are confident that this one will be ready by the estimated publish date which has been set to allow for the usual delays and frustrations to occur yet still be fulfilled.


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