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A computerized replacement for the in wall dimmer switch that learns your patterns and monitors your energy usage.
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Luminode UL Update

Posted by Think Automatic (Creator)
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UL has now received the test equipment needed to perform the LED and CFL bulb related tests and they expect to begin those tests before the end of this week. Meanwhile UL also tells us that the limited-short circuit test and plastic component tests are in process and expect to give us at least preliminary results sometime next week. We are optimistic for a positive outcome for all of those tests.   

There is one test however that has run into an unexpected obstacle that hinges on how one of the UL specs is interpreted with respect to what is called the air-gap switch test. We are confident that our implementation of the air-gap switch meets the safety objective of this feature, perhaps even more effectively than many other products on the market. However, because of the Luminode's unique design it is not clear what UL sub-classification it falls into, and consequently what version of this test is to be applied. Depending on UL's pending determination they could require us to make additional hardware modifications before granting approval. We are working closely with UL to hopefully be able to resolve this issue without further design modification.   

As always thank you for your patience and support.

- Team Think Automatic

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    1. Think Automatic Creator on

      Thank you Margue!

    2. Margue on

      Positive progress - this forward momentum will put you in the right position to determine the next steps...and it is one step at a time, just like everything else!