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Luminodes Pass UL Endurance Test!

Posted by Think Automatic (Creator)

It's the end of my third day at UL this week and what a long day it has been! After a few disagreements with the robot that turned six of the Luminodes on and off 10,000 times, it finally got the job done and the Luminodes have now officially passed both the incandescent bulb endurance and overload tests!   

UL still has more tests to run but so far the Luminodes are working like champs! We could have incandescent bulb temperature test results by end of day tomorrow or beginning of the day Friday. Meanwhile UL is running all sorts of other small (and some weird) tests all of which we are passing! 

I'm hopeful that we still could have incandescent approval by the end of this week, but LED bulb approval is looking like it may take a little longer. On the plus side, incandescent bulb approval would be sufficient to go into production even if official LED approval comes later. 

 As always thank you for your patience and support! We are finally getting really really close! 

 - Team Think Automatic 

 PS - Here is a shot of a bunch of front-side-down Luminodes waiting to be put through their various tests...  

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