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A computerized replacement for the in wall dimmer switch that learns your patterns and monitors your energy usage.
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Two steps closer to Luminode UL Approval, but a new snag as well...

Posted by Think Automatic (Creator)

We received the good news is that UL has approved our air-gap switch implementation without additional hardware modification! We also have passed the LED/CFL bulb overload test and the LED/CFL bulb endurance testing began today.    

Unfortunately we also learned that we had 2 out of 3 Luminodes that did not pass what's called the limited short test. This is a very harsh test in which the Luminodes are subjected to 1000 Amps of current! The samples that were used for this test are being shipped from UL's Northbrook, Illinois facility to their facility in San Jose for additional analysis in hopes that we can find a workable solution by early next week.    

Although it seems like the UL finish line keeps moving just out of reach, we are gaining on it. This is new territory for UL as well as us and they are pulling out all the stops to help us reach our UL Listing, for which we are very grateful..     

As always thank you for you continuing patience and support.    

- Team Think Automatic


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