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PRESENT - a feature film's video poster

On Halloween weekend, a performance artist (Nesey Gallons) and his kid sister (Faith Callaway) revisit their childhood hometown. Read more

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On Halloween weekend, a performance artist (Nesey Gallons) and his kid sister (Faith Callaway) revisit their childhood hometown.

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Trick or Treat!!

Hello there and thank you for taking the time and consideration to help us make our new feature film, Present. This is a project very dear to us, and we are all very excited about making, but we need a little help from our friends in order to do so! In exchange for your kind contributions, we are excited to offer you some presents!

Shooting is scheduled to start mid-October of 2011 in Asheville and Mount Airy, NC, so time is quite of the essence!


Daniel Crane (Nesey Gallons) is a semi-famous performance artist traveling and touring around the country, entertaining small enthralled audiences in the living rooms of houses with his awkward and sometimes alienating acts. On Halloween weekend, he finds himself with a few days off in Asheville, NC, staying with his kid sister, Dorothy (Faith Callaway) who is a waitress at an old mom and pop Diner.

When a couple leaves a book at the Diner, Dorothy and Daniel decide to revisit the small town where they grew up. Along with Dorothy's roommate Cassie (Mariana Templin), they set out on a trip to Mt. Airy, NC, discovering the things they once remembered are vanishing, and realizing things they've kept inside themselves since childhood never go away.

The notion of visiting a place you used to live, and haven't been to in a long time, really fascinates me. Its a sort of time traveling, if you're able to pretend and see it that way. Its so strange to be in that place, as the person you are now, and yet very familiar too. 

I think with this film we're trying to capture that, and also trying to figure out, through the story of these siblings, with all that is vanishing around them, how do you hold onto something true and something real in a world that keeps on changing and getting newer and newer, getting rid of our homes and playgrounds and movie theaters and memories? How do you exist when all you know and remember is non-existent?


My name is Joe Chang and I'm the writer and director of Present, and a co-founder of The Papercookie Picture Company in Asheville, NC. I lived in my truck and worked 2 jobs for a year in order to save up to shoot my first feature, Neutral, on film. I love creating and making things and I'm extremely excited to work with everyone involved with this film, I love all of them.

Nesey Gallons is a musician and collaborator with the Elephant 6 Music Collective. His full length LP Eyes and Eyes and Eyes Ago is an achingly gorgeous and haunting album, and one of my favorite records of all time. I listened to it religiously when writing the script, and it was a big inspiration for the sound and feel of this film. (So quite fittingly, he's also composing an Original Score for Present, really excited about that!) He's quite keen on film and filmmaking and is very excited to make his feature film acting debut as "Daniel Crane" in Present.

Faith Callaway is an artist and musician living in Asheville, NC. She was the adorable star of the award winning music video Skeleton Crew by the band Kovacs & the Polar Bear. Present will be her first talkie.

Rounding out the cast are the feature film acting debuts of Mariana Templin, an amazing artist and spunky kid living in Asheville, and Teaadora Nikolova, a beautiful and captivating singer and performance artist. Fellow Papercookier and all around swell gal Aubrey Curtis is Producing.

The Papercookie Picture Company is a collection of former North Carolina School of the Arts Film School kids, who dropped out and have made a few features, including Grownups, Neutral, and Passenger Pigeons.                   These films have won awards and played in festivals throughout the world including South By Southwest, BAMcinemaFEST, Indie Grits, and The American Film Festival in Poland.


All of our previous features have had super low budgets and we've come in under budget every time. I believe we're very good at accurately budgeting and knowing how much our films will cost and also spending and stretching our dollars efficiently and effectively. I am spending a good bit of my own savings for this film as well, and your kind contributions will help us with these much needed things:

-Food for the cast and crew


-Equipment rental

-Film processing and transfer (super 8)

-Editing and Post-production costs


Thank you again for taking the time to read all of this and consider helping us make our project. If you are able to help out and throw some nickels and dimes into our hat, we graciously thank you so very much. If you are simply unable to, we understand. Money is not all we need though, if you are able to pass this along and share it and spread the word, that in itself is invaluable!

If you have any questions, would like to correspond with us, or just want to say hello, we'd love to hear from you:

Also, visit the official website for Present here:

Thank you very much,



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    We'll email you a "Happy Halloween" eCard with a Thank You note!

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    A ticket to the Premiere of new Kovacs and the Polar Bear video for "Sweetheart", which will star Faith Callaway, with a special acoustic performance by Kovacs after! (this will be in Asheville)

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    We'll mail you an Original, Personalized "Thank You" Postcard, hand drawn with artwork and signed by Nesey, Faith, Mariana and Joe. (Visit for examples of our artwork for these postcards)

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    All of the above, plus a download link for the "Present" Original Music Score, written and recorded by Nesey Gallons, featuring brand new 'pop' songs, plus instrumental numbers. Also comes with a JPG of original Album Cover Art, fer yer iPod.

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    All of the above, plus a DVD of "Present" when it becomes available.

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    All of the above, plus a "Present" mini-Movie Poster.

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    All of the above, plus a limited edition "The Cranes" T-shirt. (A T-shirt in your size with a photograph of Daniel and Dorothy on it with "The Cranes" printed on it. This one's Nesey's idea.)

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    All of the above, plus a ticket to a Private "Cast and Crew" Screening Party when the film is finished (*Screening Party will be in Asheville, NC)

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    "TRICK or TREAT!" All of the above, plus a special "Present" Trick or Treat bag of goodies, which will feature some special little "Treats" (props, souvenirs, photos, etc) from the film and in the vein of Nesey's character, a "Trick"... And if you are in or close to Asheville, we will deliver it to your doorstep and sing "Monster Mash" to you. (The "Trick" present will just be like a gag gift, y''ll be something fun!)

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    "A Halloween Party!" All of the above, plus a Private Halloween Party with the cast and crew and your friends! ... with costumes, candy, cookies, ghost stories, your favorite scary movie!... (Time constraint on this prize, Party can take place on an agreeable date in November 2011 -- OR -- we can keep the spirit alive and do it at a future date of your choice (Halloween in July anyone?! Halloween on your birthday?!) We can host it in Asheville, or we can bring the party to you, if you ain't too far away, or if travel is compensated as well)

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    "The Mayberry Tour!" - the Cast will take you and a friend on a day trip to Mount Airy, NC, where the town of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show was based on (and where "Present" will be shot). We'll see all the sites on Main Street (grab a Pork Chop sandwich at Snappy Lunch, maybe get a haircut at Floyd's?) check out the Andy Griffith museum, his childhood home, and more! (Depending on where you live, you'll need to get to Asheville, or we can rendezvous in Mt. Airy or on the way there. We'll also need to find an agreeable date to go!)

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    Nesey and Joe will collaborate and make a Music Video for your band or musical project. (Under "About the Film" there are links in Nesey's name to his Youtube Channel, and a link in "Skeleton Crew" to the Papercookie Channel. So if you like our style, and you're in a band and have a hankering for your music set to moving pictures, here's a chance to help us, and in return we'll help you!)

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