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An interactive story from the makers of Halo, Lord of the Rings, How to Train Your Dragon, and God of War.

The interactive story that everyone can play.

The Last Sleeper is an audio-visual experience that seamlessly blends audio-books, 2D animation, comics, and adventure games into one groundbreaking interactive story.  

Built by amazing artists.

Kendall Davis - Writer & Director [Producer & Designer: Halo 4]

Ethan Van Der Ryn - Sound Designer [Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Transformers, 2 Academy Awards]

Erik Aadahl - Sound Designer [Tree of Life, Transformers, X-Men]

Steve Jablonsky - Composer [Transformers, Gears of War 3]

Jeff Snow - Storyboard Artist [Head Story Artist, Dreamworks]

Pat Connor - Programmer [Bioshock 2]

William Gahr - Programmer [Red Dead Redemption]

Michael Cheng - Lead Level Designer [God of War 2, Dante's Inferno]

Fueled by you.  

We hit $10,000, but we can still go farther.  Every dollar raised subsequent allows us to make a more beautiful, more emotional, more epic experience.  

  • $10,000 - we make the interactive comic with very limited 2D animation.
  • $20,000 - we make the interactive comic with a generous amount of 2D animation: the cinematic sequences feel alive with motion.  
  • $50,000 - each comic panel has motion and movement with 2D animation.  
  • $100,000 - the whole story is animated!  

An epic story.  

You play as Adam, a man who awakens in a mysterious, famine-stricken forest with no idea how he got there.  All you know is that the world responds to your touch, and begins to heal.

You meet a wonderful woman named Fera - who has the same power you do.  Together, you can bring Light and life out of the planet.

The only problem: Fera harbors an explosive secret that could doom the planet forever.

You will guide Adam and Fera through heartbreak and betrayal, to a union that will restore the Light of Ephos.  

You play the Last Sleeper by exploring the world as Adam and Fera.  To move, you flick your finger across the screen - like you're scrolling on a phone or tablet. Your goal is to bring the Light of Ephos out of the world, so that you can protect the villagers, bring them food, and free them from the mind-control of the Queen's Shadow.  

The story unfolds with 2D animation and motion comic panels.  You perform intimate human gestures - like brushing hair from Fera's eyes or placing your hand over hers to summon the power you share.  


  • The Last Sleeper is a 2D game. It has intense story sequences that are told with a combination of still images and moving images.

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  • No. Everything is interactive. It's made to be a cinematic experience that reacts around you - from the music of Steve Jablonsky, the sound design of Ethan and Erik, and the wonderful art. It's driven by YOU.

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  • The Last Sleeper presents the story for you to play through. Adam does a lot of exploration of this alien world, so you move him across the screen with multitouch controls.

    As Adam discovers his connection to the Light of Ephos, you discover it as well. The core of the game centers around what you DO once you have the energy - whether it is healing Fera, building a bridge out of trees, creating a shield of Light for the villagers...

    It's all made from the ground up to take advantage of the multitouch interface on the iPad.

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  • Yes. The Last Sleeper is made with specific care to be as intuitive as possible. Our design philosophy is about elegance - if you know how to use an iPad/tablet, there should be no problem in playing through the Last Sleeper. It's our goal and while it's pretty lofty, our early gameplay tests are fairly encouraging.

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  • The Last Sleeper is an interactive story. It's like a game, but every element is focused on YOUR experience of the story. We want it to be a fluid experience that leads you on an emotional ride.

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  • All of us have iPads/tablets. We all love playing games on our tablets. We also love movies and stories.

    Simply put, everyone has come together to make the game that we want to play - something engaging and creative with its multitouch interactions, but with an emotional story that leaves you with chills.

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    A free copy of the Last Sleeper's first Episode in interactive iPad and web formats - and a static .pdf digital copy.

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    Exclusive copy of the score - from composer Steve Jablonsky.

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    Audio podcast novella prequel - with sound design by Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van Der Ryn.

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    Behind-the-scenes: a mini-art bible and look at creating the artistic world of Ephos.

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    Printed, limited edition version of the comic with team signatures.

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    Full-sized posters of our gorgeous art. Your choice of piece. Signed by the artist, dedicated to YOU.

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    Special thanks in the credits/liner notes of the comic.

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    Personalized thank-you message from the team and an Executive Producer credit.

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    Special thanks ahead of the start of the story. The first thing anyone sees will be your name.

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    You are a character in the story. Your name takes on the likeness of a ship, a villager, a hero, a villain, or even a beast! Your choice.

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    All of the above, AND a UNIQUE sculpture of Adam and Fera, hand-made by veteran sculptors from Disney and Dreamworks. Each sculpture depicts a different event in the story. No two are alike.

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