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Matinee Eclectica is a collection of short comics showcasing the work of Ryan Schrodt and a wide array of talented independent artists.
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Ryan Schrodt

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What is MAKE/believe?

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up about a new project that I'm launching this summer thanks to the success of the Matinee Eclectica and Dear Dinosaur campaigns on Kickstarter.

I will be producing a series of old-school "folded" minicomics specifically created for kids called MAKE/believe.  The 16 page comics will be written and drawn by me and sold at various conventions starting this June.  The comics will follow a young boy with a wild imagination on crazy adventures through various genres.  The goal is to make a comic that can be enjoyed by kids while remaining affordable for their parents.

If you haven't backed Dear Dinsoaur because we are over 100% funded, please know that the additional funds beyond our goal will not only take the comic to more conventions this year, but will also fund the release of the MAKE/believe minicomics!

Here are some concept sketches to tide you over until the full release this summer!


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