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Insightful stories from artists behind ‘Song of the Sea’, ‘Loving Vincent + 10 other projects in innovative art book format.
Insightful stories from artists behind ‘Song of the Sea’, ‘Loving Vincent + 10 other projects in innovative art book format.
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Shipping has begun!

Posted by Craft (Creator)

Dear backers,

We're happy to say, that shipping has begun! Every kind of backer will be sent their full package in one neat package, and we're sending out worldwide simultaneously. While we can't promise a specific date you'll receive it by, it shouldn't take too long before every backer has their very own How We Crafted magazine in their possession.

The shipping is being handled by the local, but very Kickstarter-experienced shipping company Parcelfeeder. They've handled several complicated and large orders before, so your precious packages are in very good care.

You all received a tracking code by email with which you can see the status of your package. It is your responsibility to collect it in time and be present when it arrives. If you have any questions just ping us.

We can't wait to read your reactions, this is the point we've worked so hard to achieve and we really believe and hope you'll love it. So make sure to send your reactions in writing, with pictures, videos or whatever you fancy.


The Craft team


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    1. Craft Creator on

      @Anonymous Thanks for letting us know, I'm really glad you seem to like the design and content of it ❤️

    2. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Autocorrect did a doozy on my post just now. It changed too many words for me to correct. I will say book is fantastic. Received it yesterday in nyc. Yes corners were banged up because mailed in an envelope but no big deal. My books get read and banged up from use. Can’t wait to read! Thank you!

    3. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Rec’d my birthday ok today. It was mailed in envelope and yes the corners were dinged up but I will likely be singing the book up myself with use. It’s a gorgeous book. Cannot wait to sit down and read it. Did a quick look thru and it’s a beautifully crafted book with fantastic content. Thank you! Good job.

    4. Craft Creator on

      @Mun Hm that's weird, but not unheard of sadly. Reading up on other Kickstarters, this is sadly a common problem, one we tried to be up front with by both sending out several address surveys and buying a tracking code system from Deutsche Post. Seems it didn't work in your case though. Let's figure it out and get your book asap. Please send us a personal Kickstarter message and continue it there.

      @Michal Yeah it does seem so :( As previously mentioned, please start a Kickstarter message thread with us.

      @Joan Let's see if I can check up on your package status with the shipping company. Please write me a personal message on Kickstarter with your tracking code and let's figure it out asap.

    5. Missing avatar

      mun on

      My tracking shows a failed delivery, so I tried to get some info at the post office. They said that they sent it back today to the sender because the address was not recognisable. I will try to turn it around tomorrow. It is really frustrating that I don't know what has happened. Until today i got every package from everywhere.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michał Rychlewski on

      Got mine today. Packaging didn't protect content enough, so my deluxe case looks like it had recieved heavy beating. The book is intact, but the case is useless now. The shipping company should have protected it better than just putting it in single bubble padded envelope.

    7. Joan

      I’ve been tracking, but nothing is showing other than tracking info delivered- nothing about package pickup even. Shouldn’t I be seeing something by now?