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Insightful stories from artists behind ‘Song of the Sea’, ‘Loving Vincent + 10 other projects in innovative art book format.
Insightful stories from artists behind ‘Song of the Sea’, ‘Loving Vincent + 10 other projects in innovative art book format.
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Cases fixed

Posted by Craft (Creator)

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying the summer.

Status of the project

  • The cases which didn't fit the book well was returned to the printing company and they adjusted them to fix the issues. To make up for the delay they took on the task of putting the books in the deluxe cases. This means we have only tried it on around 10-15 cases ourselves, but we trust them with having fixed it on the remaining 290.
  • Art cards: we've received them and they look great.
  • Bookmarks: We've received them too and they hit the mark too.
  • Sketches: Frederik is the only one able to draw the Song of the Sea sketches, which is a bottleneck. He's eagerly drawing away though and is around 300/430 at the moment.

What we're missing before we can ship

  • Sketches. Frederik is working on it.
  • Survey answers. There's still around 20 people who haven't told us their address despite 5+ messages, emails, trying to find their Twitter profiles etc. The number is so low, though, that we're gonna ship regardless and then there must be a follow-up shipping round (which does cost us more but yeah...).

The current plan is for the team to go to the shipping company Monday next week and manually distribute the sketches, art cards etc for each backer. Some sketches have personal notes and we have to do that ourselves. With this done, we export the address lists in a format that their machine understand (it takes a day for it to crunch the addresses). And that should be it. So factors are the exporting of the address lists and finalising all sketches.

I'll update as soon as we're ready to take the next step.

- Emil

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    1. Craft Creator on

      @Sasithorn and @LauraD Thank you so much for the support 😻

    2. Sasithorn Hannarong on

      I am so excited every time I get the email from How we craft. Thank you for your hard work and made the project successfully complete. The delay is fine, we all understand that something can happen and it out of control. I am a big fan of cartoon saloon and I am really happy to follow your Kickstarter project. Keep making more fantastic projects!

    3. Missing avatar

      LauraD on

      Thank you so much for all the caring you are having in this project ❤️ you are awesome. By the way, I answered a survey long time ago about my address and social media, but it was months ago, I hope it's okay even if some time has passed since then.
      Sorry for my poor english, I wish you the best! ⭐️🙌🏻😊