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Help MJ MJ Records put out Vacation Dad's record Nightmare Makeout on vinyl. 25+ song mixtape, custom artwork, postcards, zines & T's!

We've started this kickstarter to put out Vacation Dad's debut full length on MJ MJ Records.  The album is called "NIGHTMARE MAKEOUT" and contains all of Vacation Dad's hits!  The record has been in the works for the past year and with your help it will finally see the light of day.  Check out Vacation Dad's bandcamp to listen to some of his tracks -  The song HOT PIZZA will appear on the record, along with HEMP SCENTED BODY LOTION, IHOPEYRFAVORITECOLORISEVERYWHERE, and about nine others Vacation Dad has been playing live for the past year.  We are trying to raise enough money to replace Vacation Dad's stolen equipment so he can get back in the game, finish the album and have it pressed on glorious 180 gram vinyl for release on MJ MJ Records.

We talked to all the bands we know and love and compiled a 31 song mixtape.  We're making the tape, along with a lot of other cool things, available as rewards for all our generous backers.  The tape features new tracks from a lot of awesome bands like Cloud Nothings, Truman Peyote, Blackhawks, Yalls and more.  Check out our bandcamp to stream the whole thing! -

Along with the songs, some of the artists have created custom cover artwork for the first 30 cassettes created.  Handmade zines by our best friend Shelly are also available (check out some of her work here -, along with copies of our previous releases, hand-painted t-shirts and a friendly postcard with a cool picture taken by Vacation Dad on the front

If you're feeling really generous (or just want to play some Sega) you can fly us out to your house and we'll make you some dinner and play NBA JAM all night!

Since we were robbed we've been pretty broke so we need to raise money before we can start making the comp cassettes.  Please be patient when ordering, we promise to ship the cassettes out as soon as we possibly can.  Also, make sure you tell us your size and color preference for any MJ MJ tees you may want.  

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have, and follow the links if you want to learn more about Vacation Dad, MJ MJ or FMLY.  

Don't be shy, anything helps!  

Thanks so much!

-Andy & Charlie @ MJ MJ


  • We were stopped in Albuquerque on our way to Los Angeles. The van we were traveling in had been sitting untouched outside a friends house for several days before we received a call that Friday morning about the window being smashed. We arrived and discovered all the musical equipment, gear and computer we had with us, had been stolen.
    Crazy, right?

    Then our first week in LA, Andy was hit by a U-haul on his bike while on the way to a job interview. The driver fled.

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  • Vacation Dad is Andrew Todryk from Hudson, WI. He was laid off from his job in construction in the middle of winter. In the two weeks following the loss of his job, Vacation Dad spent his days in his bathrobe recording music in his basement. Since then he has been touring and writing non-stop. Vacation Dad likes sweaty basement parties, pretty sounds, cheeseburgers, and The Packers.

    Along with making music, he is a partner in MJ MJ Records as well as an active member of FMLY

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  • MJ MJ Records is a small cassette label based in LA, California started by two fun dudes from Wisconsin. Our goal is to create a memorable label with a reputation for excellent releases, and help solidify the cassette as a legitimate format. We want to collaborate with old friends and new friends to put out the music we love. We've started small, but have big dreams and big hearts.

    If you want to hear any of the music we've put out, check out our bandcamp:

    We are friends
    We are FMLY

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  • Our lovely friend Tim from Minneapolis was kind enough to make it for us. You can check out some of the rest of his video stuff here:

    Tim also makes beautiful music as MAYMOK. His first EP PRAXELL, was MJ MJ Records second release. Stream it on his bandcamp:, or on ours.

    Thanks Tim

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  • FMLY is a socially conscious global community and group of friends set on making positive changes to the world around them. Through the recreation of music, art, urban spaces, communities and systems, we believe we can collectively become the change we wish to see in our environment. If you'd like to know more, please go to and read!

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  • We'll be using the money to put out Vacation Dad's debut, NIGHTMARE MAKEOUT, on vinyl for release on MJ MJ Records. Since we were robbed we need to replace Vacation Dad's stolen gear, record the album, then get it pressed. $7,000 is what we calculated it would cost to get all that done.

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  • Some of the artists have donated handmade artwork and cassette cases for us to sell to our generous backers. You can buy the handmade ones until they run out, or the dual cassette that we'll be making. Head over to our bandcamp ( to stream the whole thing.

    Here's the track list, we've made a note of which songs are brand new!

    TAPE 1

    1. Orchard Thief - California Death (New)
    2. Cecilia - Night Owl Howl (New)
    3. Gauntlet Hair - Out, Don't
    4. Long, Long, Long - +2 Good, + Charles, + Good (New)
    5. School Nights - Lunch Money (New)
    6. Blackhawks - Break Downnn (New)
    7. Teenage Moods - Tulip Tattoo
    8. Radiator Girls - Courting Disaster (New)
    9. Weekends - Totem (New)
    10. BAnanas - Knivesss (New)
    11. Rachel Levy - Pierced
    12. jamesDUNK - Down By The River (New)
    13. Cloud Nothings - Turtle Gurgle (New)
    14. Merlin Monroe - Sex (New)

    TAPE 2

    1. Galapagos - Do It (New)
    2. Yalls - Nope (New)
    3. Stay Cool Forever - 20 Pack'd (New)
    4. Witch Gardens + Manch - Games (New)
    5. Lil Wayne - Stuntin' Like My Daddy (FAMUEL Remix)
    6. Dream Panther - UnderMiSensi (New)
    7. Teen Porn - Living End
    8. Emily Reo - On the Beach
    9. Yohuna - Mateo
    10. Vacation Dad - Fall (New)
    11. Truman Peyote - Venice (New)
    12. Daesoph - Two Tenths (New)
    13. Phillip Seymour Hoffman - My Favorite Shirts Don't Fit Anymore (New)
    14. Ra Calium - Vapor (New)
    15. Pawlic - Tidy Love (New)
    16. Mutual Benefit + Lady Lazarus - Where Birds Do Not Return (New)
    17. Michael Paralax - Holiday (New)

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    Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation Tape

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    A handmade postcard from Andy & Charlie + Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation

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    Hand made book by Michelle Chrzanowski + Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation

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    Save MJ MJ Dual Cassette + Digital Download

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    Save MJ MJ Compilation Tape w/ handmade artwork made by the bands!

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    Pre - Order of Vacation Dad's debut 12'' Nightmare Makeout + Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation

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    Handmade MJ MJ Tee + Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation

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    Any MJ MJ Cassette + Zine + Digital Download of the Save MJ MJ Compilation

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    The Entire MJ MJ Discography (including Save MJ MJ Cassette)

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    The entire MJ MJ discography + Pre - Order of Nightmare Makeout + Handmade MJ MJ Tee

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    A year long, all inclusive MJ MJ product subscription. For one year, you get everything MJ MJ! Every release we put out (tape, digital or vinyl), a copy of every previous title in our catalog, a tee, a copy of each the Shivery and Sweaty zine from our best friend Shelly, custom cassette cover art from an MJ MJ artist, entrance to any MJ MJ show on us and a spot on our couch if you ever need it.

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    Andy and Charlie will fly to your house, make you dinner, and play you in NBA JAM!

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