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MOLEHOUSE frames are designed to display the content of your Moleskine sketchbooks. Made for table-top and wall hanging.

Thanks for checking out MOLEHOUSE frames. By supporting this project, you will be the final piece in helping execute this idea. MOLEHOUSE frames hopes to open the great work that is contained inside sketchbooks, sharing your stories and work to the people you share your life with.

For those of you who use sketchbooks - graphic designers, artists, writers, typographers, fashion designers, illustrators, film makers, architects, product & industrial designers, or urban sketchers - you know how important your sketchbook is. 

A MOLEHOUSE frame is the perfect way to keep your sketchbooks present. MOLEHOUSE frames are a drawer-like frame for housing your Moleskine sketchbooks. Minimal in design and simple in function, the real focus is the sketch. 

* also fits field notes & rhodia webnotebooks

The steel outer encasement and the routed wood interior slide together and fit your sketchbook perfectly. A steel stand for table-top use functions not only as a stand, but secures the frame into place. Remove the stand and the frame can be hung on a wall. 

With the simple mechanics of MOLEHOUSE frames, your sketches can be changed and accessed easily.

In the evolution of the design and selection of materials, I chose precision machined stainless steel complimented with natural hard-wood for durability, look, and feel. Throughout the process of refining the form, a few different types of woods were used. After getting the form right using softer pines, I ended up choosing Red Oak because it machines well, finishes nicely, and receives sealers and stains well with a light brown color that goes nicely with the stainless steel. 

If you don't use a sketchbook or know anyone who uses a sketchbook, there are still a couple ways you can support this project and still get something useful. This is just the right time to buy your first customized MOLEHOUSE Moleskine sketchbook. Start sketching and before long, you'll need to come back for a frame.

If you don't sketch and don't see yourself ever wanting to sketch, but like seeing work inside of sketchbooks - the last reward is for you. For $175 you will get a small MOLEHOUSE frame along with a numbered print of mine inside of a custom MOLEHOUSE Moleskine sketchbook.  Perfect for that empty little space on the wall, bookshelf, or table. 


Patterned after the Moleskine pocket sketchbook, the small frame fits your pocket sketchbook perfectly. The small sized sketchbook is ideal for on the go and because of that, captures many of your sudden insights, quick sketches, and daily wanderings. This smaller sized Moleskine has been my personal choice for years. Made of Stainless Steel and Red Oak, the wood is finished in a water-based polyurethane clear coat to preserve and prevent heavy expansion and contraction. 

Materials: 14pt Stainless Steel & Red Oak // Dimensions: 9.25"W x 7.75"H


Patterned after the regular Moleskine sketchbook, this frame fits just right. This sketchbook is a popular size and is considered the standard in quality sketchbooks. Many finished pieces have been made inside these sketchbooks. Also made of the same Stainless Steel and Red Oak, the wood is finished in a water-based polyurethane clear coat to preserve and prevent heavy expansion and contraction. 

Materials: 14pt Stainless Steel & Red Oak
 // Dimensions: 13"W x 11"H

By backing this project, you are the important finishing piece to getting my first product into production. Like most of the Kickstarter projects in the design category, the up-front costs of manufacturing are too high to turn an aspirational side project into reality. With your help, the costs of manufacturing and production are lower and with bulk, processes are streamlined and made possible.

Thank You!

- colton

Here are the areas I plan to use the Kickstarter funds:

• Start-up tooling and material costs.
• Minimum manufacturing requirements ~ using high quality materials and keeping manufacturing in the United States is important to me. A  minimum production run helps keep the costs reasonable.

With your support I hope to begin shipping to the backers as soon as early October, connecting viewers with the work inside of sketchbooks.

As mentioned, this idea first came to me while I was preparing for my graduation show. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA, graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. It was an amazing experience, where I was taught by industry greats and studied alongside talented and eager design students. While I was finishing up my last term, I started working for Clive Piercy at his studio air conditioned. There couldn't have been a better extension of my education. After our baby was born, our dream of living in New York seemed to be closing daily, so my wife Tara, our baby Lola and I moved to New York. Shortly after landing and getting settled I started work at The Brand Union. It was a great experience and New York was as we had hoped. Feeling the pull to be close to family and for opportunities to pursue projects like MOLEHOUSE, we moved to Southern Utah.

c r e d i t s

Moleskine® is a registered trademark of Moleskine SpA.

DRAWN IN: a peek into the inspiring sketchbooks of 44 fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers and cartoonists by Julia Rothman Published by Quarry Books

TYPOGRAPHY SKETCHBOOKS by Steven Heller & Lita Talarico  Published by Thames & Hudson

GRAPHIC: inside the sketchbooks of the world's great graphic designers by Steven Heller & Lita Talarico Published by Thames & Hudson


THE ART OF URBAN SKETCHING: drawing on location around the world by Gabriel Campanario Published by Quarry Books

Sketches by Chris Buchholz // Fred Lynch // Barry Jackson

Music by monksphere

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Getting to this stage has taken some time. The idea for this project has gone through a couple cross-country moves. An idea in Los Angeles. Prototypes made in Brooklyn. Final production in Utah. At this point, with the work that has taken place, I feel most major risks or challenge are now behind me. Being my first product, I am prepared for minor issues that will probably arise, but the manufacturing and production channels are ready to service the kickstarter order whatever the size.

Manufacturing of the steel casing will take place in a highly reputable machine shop in close by Las Vegas with the rest of production happening in my workshop.

If funded, MOLEHOUSE frames will be shipping in October and will be of the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Future challenges will of course arise, but at this stage of the project and with support through kickstarter the upfront challenges are greatly minimized.


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