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A longer lasting vulcanized shoe. Tested through cruel and unusual punishment. The world's first longboard shoe, now available for all.
A longer lasting vulcanized shoe. Tested through cruel and unusual punishment. The world's first longboard shoe, now available for all.
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    1. stefan danicich on

      hey, anybody need a size 8?
      mine never fit and they've just been sitting here in a box since received.

      lemme know!

    2. Richard Hernandez on

      Also, what happens if the size doesn't fit? i did the measurements and they were smack dab in the middle saying i would basically need a 9.5. I ended up ordering a size 9.

    3. Richard Hernandez on

      I just turned in my info super late, I hope that doesn't cause any trouble for anyone...

    4. Missing avatar

      Bruno Daigle-Guérette on

      I know it's a bit late, but I never receive the shoes... is there a pair getting dusty in the back of your shop?

    5. Kyle Jones on

      I never got a tracking number.

    6. Alon Karpman Creator on

      Hi Kyle,

      All shoes went out. Checking up on your order.

    7. Kyle Jones on

      hey man still have not got my shoes. in a size 9 and ordered the green ones

    8. Laurence Freedman on

      I never got a tracking number, but it turns out they arrived earlier this week and I just didn't notice (holiday shopping means tons of boxes)

    9. Laurence Freedman on

      You said we'd get our tracking numbers this week and it's now Sunday with no tracking number.

    10. Ethan on

      Is there a tracking #???

    11. Jakob Tilander on

      I was under the impression that you were supposed to pay for the shipping cost.

      I live in Sweden and I'm supposed to pick up my shoes from UPS, and they want me to pay for duty, quite a large sum of that.
      Please contact me :)

    12. Yancey Strickler

      Got mine yesterday and wearing them today. So good!

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Brown

      Just got mine!! These are the sickest skate shoes I've ever seen. Proud to wear them around. Also somehow so comfortable and durable looking.

    14. stefan danicich on

      anyone want to trade an 8.0 (mine) for an 8.5 or 9.0 (yours)?

    15. Ben Dragstrem on

      Ben Dragstrem shoe size 10.5

    16. Ehren Mohammadi on

      is there a tracking number for our shoes?

    17. Kit DeHoff on

      Are there any updates you can give us?

    18. Sal on

      Sooo what's up??

    19. Daniel Metcalf on

      Things looking good!?

    20. Daniel Metcalf on

      Yes!! It's the 18th finally! Getting so close...

    21. Wookhyun Cho on

      Finally coming...

    22. Alon Karpman Creator on

      The Shipping date on our website just needs to be updated. Port arrival date is the 18th. So we should have it all in inventory and ready to ship about a week after that ( allowing for Customs and stocking inventory).

    23. Daniel on

      Just curious, if our shoes are coming in November 18, why are the website preorders, according to the website, shipping the 15th?

    24. Alon Karpman Creator on

      Hey everyone. Shoes are set to come in November 18! I will be counting the minutes. About to post an update. Thanks everyone.

    25. Aadam Amanat on

      Lol. What port date?

    26. Aadam Amanat on

      Where it that port date

    27. Sal on

      More pictures please! Mostly kidding, just very excited.

    28. Alon Karpman Creator on

      Hey, Aadam.

      All is good. Will have a port date for you all next week.

    29. Sal on

      Thanks for the update. Don't worry too much, we know this project is in good hands.

    30. Daniel Metcalf on

      Looking forward to some news!

    31. Sal on

      What's UP!??

    32. Missing avatar

      Ryan Tan on

      Alon, any luck finding the container to ship the shoes?

    33. Daniel on

      Sad to hear. Look forward to the update. We're here for ya buddy

    34. Kian Phua

      Thanks for the update.
      Appreciate that we are kept in the loop.

    35. Aadam Amanat on

      Im loosing faith in the shoes.

    36. Jakob Tilander on

      Hope everything's all right :D Don't stress yourself out and crash or something!

    37. Daniel Metcalf on

      We're here for you Alon!

    38. Alon Karpman Creator on

      It's a doozy. It's basically an update explaining another delay. But whats happening behind the scenes is something I just have to share. I could use some moral support.

    39. Sal on

      Now I'm excited and anxious for the update

    40. Alon Karpman Creator on

      Yes the calls were going out daily. Have a MAJOR update I'm currently writing. Stay tuned, I'm not even sure how to break this news (I know that doesn't sound good). I feel like I'm just coming out of the fog of war now to be able to explain this....

    41. Joel Stamp on

      Almost September** even

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