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CAMDEN -- Camden is a market-themed tile laying game designed by James Ernest and illustrated by John Kovalic.
CAMDEN -- Camden is a market-themed tile laying game designed by James Ernest and illustrated by John Kovalic.
358 backers pledged $15,169 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Mortika on

      This is a note to anyone who is considering supporting a GameSmith product and is going due diligence and looking into past project performances.

      Bo is a hustler. He took our money and delivered a game over a year after the deadline. The issue, as you can read here, is that the $15,000 he received wasn't enough to cover his expenses.

      After this, he started "Pirate Den", and went silent. He has just this week confessed that his deadline was "very rough" and that his project goal didn't include funding for elements he KNEW he would need, such as distribution costs. (That is, after this project, he STILL set his goal below his actual costs, realized this in May, and only admitted it to his backers after (a) the deadline and (b) they started making a embarrassing stink on the TableTop forums.

      I cannot tell you whether or not to support the campaign you're considering. 12 DAYS and CAMDEN have nice production values. But take a look at the promises Bo made at the bottom of the PIRATE DEN KickStarter, and bear in mind that he wrote them knowing they were mis-representing the situation at the time: even with an additional 60% over his goal, he had no way to meet the distribution costs of his project.

      Also, I'll call your attention to his updates. He never actually apologizes for being very, very late, for being silent, or for -- in the case of PIRATE DEN -- shipping less than what he'd promised. His apologies are of the "I'm sorry you didn't understand that I only update on social media" style.

      So, there's your "buyer, beware".

    2. Chris Mortika on


      Just checking in:

      In the last update, you said that you "will be writing a complete article about the entire process and all the lessons I learned along the way as a separate blog post." Is that up yet anywhere?

      In the December comment below, you said, "When my website is rebuilt, I'll have more tutorials for Camden how-to-play and strategy." That would be super-cool. Is your website rebuilt yet?

    3. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Grimzag, I'm really glad your copies of Camden and 12 Days arrived safely. Private message me or email some details, so we can sort out the problem with your shipment! And if you're anywhere near Camden Town and take a picture of you playing in Camden, mega bonus points!!

    4. Grimzag on

      I just received my package in the uk today, there was an attempted delivery before Christmas but I decided to wait till after the festive rush to collect it. It looks great and I'm really looking forwards to playing it, but of the three copies I requested and paid for, only one was in the package.

    5. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Hi John, I'm glad you're enjoying Camden! It really is a great game with lots of replay and hopefully very nice production value you're proud to share.

      A) The problem of running out of workers happens on occasion (mostly in two player games or when a building is completely enclosed and it's workers aren't freed back to the pool). In this case, take a few gems off the largest shop but leave the bobby hazard pawn on there to show that you still own it). Sometimes, no events will clear the board and those guys will be stuck for a bit. But they are meant to be limitless (though in physical production that's a challenge) in gameplay.

      B) Shops can be played at any angle in Camden; in fact, they don't even have to touch other tiles. However, if they do touch, the tiles have to line up according to the grid markers you see on the tiles. The reason you play at odd angles is to both 1) ensure that your shops can't be blocked off or messed with by the other players by forcing open alleys onto the board near your shops, and 2) block off multiple entrances all with one tile, especially useful in a multiplayer game where you can cork block multiple players at once. Playing straight is perfectly playable strategy, but can lead to large shops waiting for calamity (if your play style is okay with that level of risk).

      When my website is rebuilt, I'll have more tutorials for Camden how-to-play and strategy. But until then, just give it a go with your friends and family a couple times and experiment. But most importantly, I'm really happy to hear you're liking the game! Happy holidays!!

    6. John DiBello on

      Got Camden last week and played it today with friends. It really plays well! Great opportunity for rapid reversals of fortune--an opponent joined three small shops of mine into one and the next player burnt the whole thing down!

      A couple questions--what happens when you run out of "worker" colored beads during the game? This happened to us twice. Also: the rules regarding cards that are at an odd angle are confusing so we ignored it and put all cards at right angles. Can you expand on the odd angle play and strategy?

      This is an excellent game; well-produced and with solid gameplay. Well worth the wait.

    7. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Jonathan, a quiet parcel just needs time to open up. To relearn trust again. Texas is a vast wilderness filled with chupacabra and other parcel-eating horrors. ... But seriously, I'm very happy your games made it home finally.

    8. Jonathan D. Bailey on

      My copy finally showed up in TX, after disappearing off the face of the planet for nine days! Oh, the stories this parcel could tell, if only parcels could talk....

    9. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Thoie, I'm very glad it made it through. I was a proud parent of a corgi, so I know how much they hate that doorbell and unwelcome guests in their domain. I hope it made it to you safely. Also, hopefully, your red player will find the Irish translation of the player aid amusing. Happy holidays!

    10. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Max, USPS shows that delivery was attempted for your delivery. I'll send tracking information so you can find it for the holidays!

    11. Missing avatar

      Thoie on

      After some shenanigans (including humourously chasing the postman, a confused corgi, a bottle of white wine and a candle) my copy turned up in Ireland today. It would have been in my hands on Wednesday if it wasn't for the aforementioned shenanigans.

    12. Kickstarter Bad on

      Any one from Canada received this yet?


    13. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Dominic, it would be epic if you took some pictures playing Camden in Camden. Double bonus points if you can catch vendors that look like the shop keepers in the game!! I hope you enjoy the games!!

    14. Dominic Thoreau on

      Received game in London, UK. Now wondering if I can convince any out to play (think somewhere around Camden Town / Chalk Farm stations...

    15. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Jonathan, I'm really sorry but there might be some trouble with your package specifically. I show several Texas address delivered and received already. I sent you tracking information to your private message here. I hope that helps and that it arrives soon!!

    16. Jonathan D. Bailey on

      Does anyone in Texas have their copy? The shipping time estimate says it should have been here Friday, but no sign of it yet.

    17. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Jan, that's great news!! I really hope you enjoy your games! Also, fun side note: my cousin Tadic plays for Twente (if you're a football fan). Happy holidays in the Netherlands!

    18. Jan Hendriks de Geweldenaar on

      Received the game in the Netherlands today

    19. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Marjorie, international shipping does take a little longer unfortunately. See your private message for tracking information. I'm really hoping it makes for Christmas, especially since you'll have a copy of 12 Days with Camden!

    20. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Joshua, our records show that your backer level does not include a copy of the finished game. You can download a print-and-play copy at our partners at or you can always pick it up at your favorite local game store near you when Camden goes to market next week.

    21. Marjorie Van Der Straaten on

      Can I find out when I will receive my copy of camden? I am from Singapore and I am hoping to get it before Christmas. Thanks in advance.

    22. Joshua Taube

      At what part do I worry if mine haven't shown up? In Texas.

    23. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      David, I'm glad you got your copies last week. Your higher backer level items will be going out in a separate shipment when they arrive. Hope you enjoy the bonus 12 Days!

    24. David Cassiday

      I got both copies of my games on Friday including two copies of 12 days. I am just missing the signed artwork.

    25. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      I'm very happy to hear that most of the games have made it safely to you for the holidays. I hope you enjoy them with your friends and family!

    26. Chris Mortika on

      Yep. Mine was waiting for me when I got home today.

    27. Nick DiCeglie on

      Got mine in New York yesterday. Despite all of our grousing, the game is beautifully done. One of the highest quality material games I've kickstarted. And the 12 Days bonus was a nice touch for christmas. Thanks so much. Best of luck in the future.

    28. Missing avatar

      Wendy Comeau on

      Camden has touched down in Minneapolis!

    29. Missing avatar

      Nziv on

      Arrived today.
      Looking good!

    30. foodgeekfish on

      Got mine today - great quality components, and after a quick browse through the rules, looking forward to playing this weekend!

    31. Eva O. on

      I got mine today! I can't wait to play it.

    32. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      My shipment arrived. I was like WHOA!
      Great choice for Alliance Premium Services :) Agreed, xmas delivery was great this year. Thanks Gamesmith, and Boyan!

    33. Nicholas Baker

      I also received my copies today, so hopefully more people will be seeing them show up at their doorstep.

    34. Frank Kallal on

      Well the Mailman just Dropped mine off.. So I can Verify they are out in the Wild :)

      A year and a Half Late :) but Thank you for keeping up on it, struggling through and making it happen.


    35. Missing avatar

      Wendy Comeau on

      This is playing devil's advocate at this point, but.... The map is probably normal shipping times, not during the silly season which is December. Everything is slower right now, unless you're paying extra. Given that I was expecting it last year, I will just be relieved when it arrives.

    36. Chris Mortika on

      Nothing came today, either. Two days late. But I'm sure it will show up tomorrow.

    37. Gamesmith, LLC 3-time creator on

      Hey guys, all the Camden orders were shipped this week, so you should all be getting them soon. The map is an estimate provided by the shipping company. Hope you enjoy your presents when they come in the mail soon!

    38. Marian McBrine

      Map says I should have received it yesterday, I did not. Did ANYONE receive the game this week?

    39. Chris Mortika on

      I live on the border between "1 day" and "2 days" delivery. So far, nothing. But I'm sure it will show up tomorrow.

    40. Sylvia on

      I didn't receive an updated survey. If I don't fill one out, will I not get the game? (I have not moved).


    41. Kickstarter Bad on

      According to Boyan's twitter,

      Camden cleared customs 2 days ago (nov 26)

    42. Chris Mortika on

      "I'm just assuming that no news is good news, and we should be receiving our product within a week or so.

      I mean, if it had been delayed, Boyan would have let us know, right?"

      Honestly, it's not the delay that irks me, nor particularly the lack of communication. I am offended by Boyan's repeated assurances that he understands that he should be talking to us, that he apologizes, and that he'll be putting together regular reports from now on.

      I was a clasroom teacher for several years, and Boyan reminds me of the students who repeatedly have their assignments undone, and are all apologetic, with confident asurances that they'll be getting stuff turned in right away. After a while, it's not the absence of work that bugs you, so much as the students' lying to your face, thinking you're gullible enough to believe their garbage yet again.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Scott


      I am about to move. Is this game going to ship soon?


    44. Missing avatar

      jnik on

      I can't be the only person who's moved since we were asked for our mailing address fourteen months ago. If it's actually shipping soon, can we get an update here and information on making address changes?

    45. Sylvia on

      Can we get an update please???

    46. spacetoast on

      Although I still expect to have a product come out of this that I'm looking forward to. I don't expect to back more projects by this company. Not over the delays. Although they have been extensive. I'm just not comfortable with the lack of updates. Perhaps this is okay for some backers and that's great. It just doesn't work for me.

    47. Sam Lovejoy on

      @Stephen I totally agree. That's why I try to come here when I see stuff on the Gamesmith feed.
      It's actually kind of funny. This game was supposed to be released over a year ago (which in all honesty, even if things hadn't gone south was way to optimestic) but now it's going to be released, but only a little over a year late. Around the exact same time I also backed Damage Report. That game was supposed to have a January 2013 release date. Now they have updated to say the earliest will be January 2014. Sure, people on that project are grumpy, but there isn't the level of frustration or ill will as on this project, all because the developer updated. And really, their updates weren't that great, and didn't explain much. "This will be done by such and such date." but there wasn't a reason it was late or anything, which to me is just as bad. Another game which has been delayed well beyond any expecations is Ruse. They esitmatged april 2013, and they JUST got their proofs back. From everything they posted, it looked like the rules and art was done. One "delay" was the stretch goal novella had to be re-written becuase the hard drive crashed.... How do you blame a delay on a non-game component. People are pissed, but again, not the same level. It's all about the updates. I think one reason I was able to have patience is I've followed Gamesmith on facebook and twitter since day one, so I knew what was going on more than people on here.
      It's all about the update.

    48. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hill on

      I really wish that people understood how important it is to update backers through Kickstarter and not to rely on their facebook/twitter/other feeds.

    49. Sam Lovejoy on

      In case anyone checks here but doesn't follow the Gamesmith twitter :

      @thegamesmith 28 Oct
      finally got word that Camden is actually on a boat. Left Hong Kong this morning! OMG, Camden will be in stores for the holidays. Huzzah!!

    50. Chris Mortika on

      'm just assuming that no news is good news, and we should be receiving our product within a week or so.

      I mean, if it had been delayed, Boyan would have let us know, right?

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