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The humble glasses case has just been re-invented. BOB will protect your glasses, display your tech, and house your bits and bobs.
The humble glasses case has just been re-invented. BOB will protect your glasses, display your tech, and house your bits and bobs.
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BOB: New and improved!

Posted by Bang Creations (Creator)

Hello All  

This is going to be a bumper news dump as we’ve been so busy for the last few months. Between talking to distributors, ordering stock and making improvements we’ve had our hands full!  

Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign we’ve been contacted by companies wanting to sell BOB all over the world. We have just signed deals with Searching C in Hong Kong, Optisource in the USA and CaseCo in the UK. We’re also currently negotiating with companies in Australia/New Zealand, Europe and Taiwan but always on the lookout for more so if you are interested, please let us know. Don’t worry if BOB isn’t available in a shop in your area, we will also be selling BOB direct via Amazon. A big thank you to everyone who filled out a survey, your responses have helped us to understand what you love about BOB and what you think would make BOB better. After having a good look through and considering every suggestion, the team is happy to announce we’ve made some improvements! The next batch of BOBs we make (the ones that will be sent to shops around the world) will have your feedback built in. We’ve tried our best to accommodate everyone without changing the essence of the BOB we love. 

New Bits ‘n’ BOBs

The new model features more options: we have new colours, and new finishes. 

Rubber coating  

Perhaps the most popular suggestion from all of you was adding grippy rubber of some kind to stop BOB from sliding on smooth surfaces. We decided to opt for a full soft touch rubber coating for the ‘wings’. Not only does this look and feel great but it also protects the case from scratches and of course, stops BOB from sliding around! We Know that some of you will miss the shine of the current model so we have kept a version of BOB with all the other improvements but without the rubber coating so that everyone can choose the BOB that suits them. 

Foam strip  

On the inside, we added a foam strip to the front wing for your phone or tablet to sit against. This stops the slippier curved devices (such as the ipad mini) from sliding out in use, and provides a soft cushion to protect the screen as it rests against the lip.


As always happens with new products, no matter how much time you put in, there will always be quality teething troubles. We’ve worked with our team at the factory to improve the glue that holds the magnets and fabric and employ a third part inspection for every batch we do. Due to some fabric inlay fraying we have switched to a non-fray alternative on the wings that should also be easier to clean.


The main thing we have learned from our kickstarter is not about the product at all but how unreliable international postage is. We wanted to give you all the best deal by going for standard shipping but backers in some countries have experienced delays, damage and even loss. We were gutted to hear about this problem and did everything we could to fix it. In the future you would either buy one in a store, or via Amazon, so this will no longer be an issue.


BIG BOB is in development! When we first designed BOB we were thinking mainly of standard reading and distance glasses but now it’s clear that there is demand from those of you with much bigger glasses as well! We have spent many days measuring and trying out the biggest glasses we could find in the shops of bemused opticians to make sure BIG BOB is the right size. It soon became clear why there is a demand for a BIG BOB as whilst there were plenty of large glasses, very few cases cater for them. Most of the ones that were being sold would not fit larger glasses and often the sunglasses came with a cloth bag rather than a protective case. Hopefully BIG BOB will fill that niche. We can’t fit every size of glasses without making BOB comically large (some wraparounds do not bend at all!) but from our research we should fit 96%.  

This new design still needs finalising and tooling but you can expect a larger BOB in the near future.

So, a massive thank you for backing us, for your feedback, and your continued support. BOB will be online and in stores globally in August. 

Thank you.  

Team at Bang Creations.  

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We have also been a little silent on the social media side of things but if you can like us on facebook we would be very grateful.  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard West on

      My Bob is still in great shape and have had no issues - It is used daily for an iPad stand and phone stand.
      It's been knocked off the bedside table a few times to with no damage.

      Well done on a fantastic piece of craftsmanship!

    2. gryphonent

      Well, it's nice to see that you're improving on BOB's design after the shoddy plastic piece that you delivered to backers as part of this campaign. My BOB didn't last for long and judging from the comments on the forum neither did other backers' product.

      I still would like to receive the BOB that I was expecting from the outset and look forward to the new version. However, I feel a 40-50% discount is warranted for all backers of the original version.

    3. wrongtrousers

      I like Big Bob's and I cannot lie...