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Help us make our first feature film about a globetrotting couple set in Japan, Taiwan and Germany. DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
Help us make our first feature film about a globetrotting couple set in Japan, Taiwan and Germany. DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
89 backers pledged $6,042 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. mardi hicks on

      CONGRATULATIONS BEN!!! YOU DID IT!!! We are VERY proud of you! love & kisses, your mom & dad

    2. billytheyoungperson on

      shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark! shark!

    3. Ben Hicks Creator on

      Thank you mike lindow, mike hedge, Zak Forsman, lindsey mclean, Laura Zinger, Jackie Kruse, Ada Li, Chris Jermal, Kerrie Scher, Dave Thornton, Carl Herse, mardi hicks, Chris Wittenborn, Owen Strock, Grant South, miguel silveira, Justin Lieb, Sean J.S. Jourdan, jessica, Jeff Marugg, Logan M. Futej, Sara Schueler, arlene butler, Bill and kathi Pauss, Linda Scher, The Barone's, Brad Decker, Yancey Strickler, Christine Lambert, Danny Cosson, Victor Ituarte, Mollie Kalaycio, Veerle Vroon, Charlie Harrell, manda helmick, Jenni Albaugh, Chris Tertell, billytheyoungperson, Michael Lechner, Jacob Scarpaci, adam kolegas, Ono Makoto, Simon Rendak, Mark Cira, Juan Ruvalcaba, Luka Rukavina, Jessica Jackson, Kristi Pauss, BJ Siens, Adela Cerda, linden DeGurian, akane ichikawa, Max Bassler, Eirik J Agustsson, Jason Kende, Lisa Clauson, Jerry Tran, Donna Chen, Justina Barone, Pete Horvath, Paula Newman, jane naillon, Jeph Porter, Bo Sundberg, Andy Sparesus, Jonas Blaettermann, Jose Luis Rios, chaRLES LESLIE, Adri Siriwatt, FilmSnobbery, Teresa Pappas, Paul Barrett, Gregory Bayne, Allison Zmuda, The Couch Family, Cody Stokes, Kruse Daddy, Sara Day, jeremy long, Kieran Masterton and the contest winners for putting us over the $5,000 mark...Dick & Patti Grant.

      Thank you everyone!

      Together you've made one kids dream become a reality.

    4. Kieran Masterton on

      Congrats Ben!!!!! :)

    5. The Fort on

      OMFG I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY SHARK!!! oh yeah and congrats ;) ppphhttttbbllaaaammmeeehhhgggggggggmma

    6. Missing avatar

      Allison Zmuda on

      YAY! (anxiously awaiting my "uncomfortably long hug")

    7. mikehedge on

      Ben huge congrats!!!!!!

    8. billytheyoungperson on

      things i've always expected from Ben Hicks: high fives, magnets, shark magnets, stupid Halloween costumes, pretending to be a bum anywhere, actually being a bum everywhere, awesome Halloween costumes, talking about sharks, talking about eagles, talking about bears, beer.

      things i never expected from Ben Hicks: a shark.

      sail on, Sailor.

    9. Ben Hicks Creator on

      Thanks for donation Brad! Actually about 90% of the people who have helped me on my films have all come from CCC. I made many dear friends who are also extremely talented from that school, and I would not have been able to make any of my films had it not been for them.

      Shout out to Mrs. Barone! Thanks for the support D!

    10. Brad Decker on

      Hi Ben, I dig your films and wanted to show my support. I will be attending CCC next fall and I hope my classmates are on a similar level as you.

    11. Missing avatar

      The Barone's on

      Ben, I'll take the kiss, but you can keep your tongue. (And please shave first...) If the female lead in "Kids" is anything like the one in peas vs carrots, this is a real festival contender.... Mamma Barone

    12. Missing avatar

      arlene butler on

      Ben,,,love the idea of the new film and the locations! Joe Wesolek is now living in Phuket and teaching film yet maybe youtwo can hook up! Will pass on the info! Best of luck! I support you always!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff Marugg on

      I want my shark Ben, LOL. Good luck on your film.


    14. Sean J.S. Jourdan on

      I, here now pledge, to match miguel penny for penny!

      We're all making our films and we all gotta help each other out!

      Keep on kicking it!
      p.s. I already have square pegs and pea vs. carrot but I'm looking forward to the magnet.
      stay sober, brother

    15. miguel silveira on

      EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HELP BEN!!!!! BEN IS AWESOME!!! I ONLY HAVE 10 BUCKS - I am making my own film now hehehe - ANY THING WORKS!!!!


    16. Ben Hicks Creator on

      My Mom rules.

    17. mardi hicks on

      I can't wait for my limited edition, silk screened poster! I will have it framed and hang it it my new home in Abq :-> love, mom

    18. Ben Hicks Creator on

      Thanks everyone! We raised 10% in the first day. If we keep up this pace we'll reach our goal in no time. Shout out to Mike for being our first backer!