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Cheeky blue songs from Tricity's hit Edinburgh Fringe show, plus beloved live band numbers - vintage sounds with a twist, and a ukulele
Cheeky blue songs from Tricity's hit Edinburgh Fringe show, plus beloved live band numbers - vintage sounds with a twist, and a ukulele
76 backers pledged $3,335 to help bring this project to life.

Come and back my latest project: Heels of Glory, The Drag Action Musical!

Hi there lovely backers of The Blue Lady Sings

Thanks for helping me get my first album out into the world - I've made three more albums since, and have been performing live all over Europe, solo and with my All Girl Swing Band.

My new Kickstarter campaign is for the biggest artistic project I've ever taken on: a three week run of an original new musical at the Chelsea Theatre in London, with a cast of eight, a live band, a design team and crew. Richard Link, the composer, and I have been writing it together for seven years. This is the final stage of our work on the show, to launch it onto the world, and - we hope - find it a producer and some new venues to take it on in the future.

If you'd like to help me on the biggest step I've ever taken on my creative journey as an artist, then please pledge here.

And if you can share the link with any friends who might also like to help, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help!



Photo James Millar
Photo James Millar

Download the new Tricity Vogue album - and help me launch my Edinburgh show!

Dear Kickstarter backers and friends

My new album is out today! I'd like to invite you to download it, then vote for your favourite song, to help me launch my new show, Calamitous Liaisons.

Back in 2010 you helped me release my first album, The Blue Lady Sings, by funding my project on Kickstarter.  Today, nearly 3 years later, I've released a second album, Calamitous Liaisons, named after my new solo show. This album is very different to the last one - it's just me and my ukulele, and this time it's a digital download. 

I'm inviting all my friends and followers to help me crowd fund my Edinburgh show AND decide what goes in it.  You can download my new 20-track album HERE, and make a donation to my "Send-A-Diva-To-The-Fringe" Fund. Then have a listen and choose your favourite track. Once you've made your mind up, cast your vote HERE. You can see how the voting's going HERE.

I'll change the playlist of my Edinburgh show Calamitous Liaisons based on the most popular tunes that day, so every performance will be different, and decided by the audience.

This is a way for you to be part of my Fringe adventure whether you can make it to Edinburgh this year or not. But I hope you can.

Thank you for your support!

I can't wait to find out which songs you like best.




FREE TICKETS to Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret at Lost Theatre on Wednesday!

Dear Kickstarter supporters and friends

I'm delighted to be staging my Edinburgh Fringe show "Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret" for one night only at the Lost In Stockwell Cabaret Festival at new venue Lost Theatre. Would you like to come as my guest?

The show is at 9.30-10.30pm on Wednesday 17 October

Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road London SW8 2JU

The auditorium is 180 seats, so rather larger than my usual uke cabaret venues, thus I am able to invite my friends and supporters to come along for free. This also means that if you'd like to bring a friend, I can easily fit them in too.

Competing to strum the golden ukulele on my head on Wednesday will be four awesome Uke Of Edinburgh Award Winners:





We would all greatly appreciate your support at this one-off glorious revival of our delightful Edinburgh show.


See you in Stockwell!



DECCA interest in my album!

Dear Kickstarter backers and friends

I thought you'd enjoy hearing the latest development in the story of the album you helped to fund. I'm going to tell you the full shaggy dog story, because I do love a good yarn, so bear with me.

On Christmas Eve, the driver's window of my elderly Nissan Micra fell off its runners and into the body of the car door, while I was on my way to collect my friend from the airport. We managed to wedge it back in place, with judicious use of Tricity Vogue business cards, and it held out until I got it to my mechanic's in the new year.  My heart was in my mouth: if the repair cost more than £50, I told Andrew, my mechanic, I was going to get rid of the car once and for all, because I couldn't afford to keep it running. He fixed the window for thirty quid, and I was so grateful I asked him if he'd like a copy of my CD to say thank you, since he'd said he was a bit of a musician himself. He said yes please, so I bunged a copy in the post.

About a week later, I noticed a missed call from Andrew - I'd been cavorting about in blue stockings and a brown paper 'bear trapper' outfit for this promotional photo at the time. I called him back, wondering if my car needed to be recalled for more hefty repairs, but in fact he was ringing to tell me how much he liked my album, and how much his wife liked it too.

Then he told me that his wife worked for Universal Music, and wanted to know if it would be okay for her to pass on a copy of my album to DECCA? DECCA as in the home of Ella Fitzgerald, Gracie Fields, Judy Garland, and three of my favourite contemporary singers, Madeleine Peyroux, Imelda May and the gorgeous Melody Gardot. "How many copies do you want?" I asked. "I've got a cupboard full of 'em..."

A few weeks went by and I forgot all about it, until Andrew rang me back this Tuesday morning to say that his wife had passed on my CD to DECCA, and they wanted to meet me. Could I let him have my email address please, so he could pass it on? (Yes, I had forgotten to send business cards with the CDs. Duh! I'd used up most of them propping my car window shut, anyway.)

On Wednesday morning, there was an email in my inbox from Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director of DECCA, that said: "Hi, Jo passed on your CD, really enjoying it, do you have any London or other gigs/events in the near future?"

I waited a few hours to reply, a bit like you would if someone really hot had just asked you out on a date, and you didn't want them to know quite how excited you were about it. Now I'm sitting on top of my inbox waiting for his response. It's been two days now, and it looks like I might have to wait until next week to hear any more. 

If and when I have more news, I'll pass it on, but in the meantime, dear backers and friends, please keep everything crossed for me!!!




The Blue Lady Sings Back WORLD PREMIERE this Wednesday!


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