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A modern arcade cabinet that plays all of your favorite classic titles!
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Cartridges & Streaming!

Posted by Tyler (Creator)


Hey folks! We're going to be doing some live streaming from one of the prototype cabinets, starting tonight! We want to start showing a bit more of how it functions, as well as expand on what is possible with the Polycade. 

We'll be going live at 8:00pm PST! 

Come check us out and give us a follow on Twitch:


We sent out the signed cartridges last Friday! Most of you should have received them by now, but if you haven't, keep an eye on your mail over the next few days.

We did our best to get everyone one of their top choices. There were one or two cases where all 3 of the requests were too rare or simply didn't exist, in which case you got a random (though well loved) game.

We've uploaded the two signing videos to our youtube channel, you can check out the first one here:

And the second one here:

Thanks for your support, hope you dig these little bits of history!

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    1. Tyler Creator on

      Hey Russ, I have you down for a Polycade, not a cartridge. Sorry if there was confusion about this! Send me a message if you'd like to discuss further!

    2. Missing avatar

      Russ Whitman on

      I still haven't received my cartridge.

    3. Tyler Creator on

      Argh, I'm sorry we missed your name Dennis! I tried to keep a close watch throughout the filming >.<

      My apologies about the cartridge condition! I felt like they were good enough considering their age, but I realize now that we should have dug deeper and made sure to get better ones. And by the don't want the ones from the New Mexico dump...not only are they filthy, but they smell like poop!

    4. Dennis

      btw: is that a cartridge from the mexico dump ? looks like ;-)

    5. Dennis

      Thanks, got my cartridge today. That is a great piece of history - thank you Tyler for making this happen and thank you Mr. Bushnell for signing. The only "sad" thing is that my cartridge "ET," Part 3 at 5:10 was just signed but my name wasn't read :-( ... and you may don't believe it: I love ET (but not the bugs), I played it a *lot* and enjoyed the difficulty over the years. always a fun to play - try it

    6. Scoey

      Thanks Tyler! And it's a copy of Ms. Pac-Man! I love that game! Whoohoo!

    7. Tyler Creator on

      Hey guys, sorry for being so late last night! Getting setup took WAY longer than we expected. We ended up going live at about 11:00pm. My apologies! The good thing is that we now have the rig fully setup, so we will be able to start promptly next time. We're going to do another stream on Saturday, probably around 5pm but check our Twitter for exact timing. Chuck, we'll aim to do earlier streams on school nights!

      Codlefish - I just looked into the missing signings. The first couple takes cut out automatically and didn't make it up to youtube. I've found them and uploaded them. Your cartridge actually gets signed the second video he pretends to sign it again! Check our youtube channel, I've additionally renamed the videos so that part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 are chronological.

      John - I'm sorry that you're dissatisfied. As I'm sure you can imagine, sourcing 55 specific games that are 30+ years old is a logistical nightmare. Add in the fact that most games chosen are popular ones (such as your choice of Pitfall), which means they are both harder to find and likely to be well worn. I personally checked out each cartridge that we sent out, and I felt that they were in decent condition considering their age. On a positive note, you got one of the few Pitfalls that we sent out!

    8. Chuck Hosner on

      Did the Broadcast take place? 8 o'clock there is 11 o'clock here kind a late for a work week for me. Hoping it was posted on YouTube to catch it

    9. John Boysen Træholt

      Just got my cartridge today. I must say I am a little disappointed about the condition of the cartridge. I realize that these games are very oly, But I would have liked to have one with, at the vary least, an intact label. :-/

    10. Scoey

      I really enjoyed watching your dad give his thoughts on the games when signing them, that was a real bonus!I thought I backed the cartridge option, but my name wasn't mentioned, so I guess not!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan McAdams on

      So much for the live are more than 30 minutes late. Is this happening or not....I was looking forward to getting a look at where my money has gone. ;)