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A classic tabletop RPG returns. Set in the Age of Legend, heroes are needed to bring hope to a damaged world.
A classic tabletop RPG returns. Set in the Age of Legend, heroes are needed to bring hope to a damaged world.
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Pre-Release Companion Material


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It's a new year! And a long update!


Hey there one and all. Josh here. Happy new year!

It's been a bit longer than I had intended to get you fine folks an update, and for that I apologize. With the way things have been the last couple months... well, I'm not the only creative type that has found it hard to focus on stuff, let alone have enough extra energy for everything else.

Anyway, here's where we stand with things right now.

Travar: Our German partner and licensor, Ulisses Spiele, is continuing to work on getting art for the book. A pre-art draft was made available to backers in a previous, backers-only post. We've received some good feedback on that and I've been sending typos and such over to be incorporated into the final draft. We hope to see that book go to press as soon as the art is finalized (probably a month or two).

Companion: If you haven't been following the blog over at our website (which got its long awaited update in November, along with improvements to the web store), I've been doing a weekly post previewing the talent progression for the Warden and Master tiers of the Disciplines, accompanied by some additional commentary from Morgan Weeks. In a soon-to-be-released update to you folks, I'm going to let you play in that sandbox a bit early with a pre-release of the Discipline progressions and full talent rules from the Companion. In addition, we've got working (near final) drafts of the Enchanting and Thread Items chapters, Creatures, and Masks (the creature modification templates we talked about ages ago). The Knacks and Airships chapters are also nearing delivery as they've been revised during playtesting.

So that book is shaping up nicely, and Ulisses will handle the art procurement for that as well. It is my sincere hope to see that book in print in time for GenCon.

Elven Nations: I have the draft (have had it for a while, actually) and have been reading through it, getting a sense of its scope and making some notes. My initial reaction is that it won't need as much work as Travar did, which is mostly due to the relative experience levels of the primary writers involved. I expect that book this year as well. Probably in the fall.

Questors: I have at least first drafts (and a couple of second drafts) of all twelve in-character pieces for the book. As I've mentioned before, Morgan and I have a solid framework in place for how questor powers will work, and when he's done with his work on the Companion he'll shift over to working on the specific implementation and suites of powers available.

We really want to wrap up delivery of the books promised from this campaign this year. Whether Questors squeaks in under the wire depends on a lot of factors, so it's tough to say for sure at this moment.

After Questors, we're looking at a magic supplement. A smaller book with more spells, knacks, items, stuff like that. There's been a lot of stuff developed that just couldn't fit in the books we've done so far. I've also gotten a couple of proposals for larger works, and I'll be looking at those as well.

A couple of things to wrap up. We finally got a design hammered out for the polo shirts. The test run came back with a couple problems, so we've gone back to tweak the design so it works better. Here's the test run:

Polo shirt test run
Polo shirt test run

As you can see, things need to be tweaked so the alignment is a little better, and the face needs to be simplified so it reads better.

In related shirt news, over at the tail end of December we did a promotion called "Eight Days of Namegivers" that featured 8 shirts, each depicting one of the eight Namegiver races with art by Jeff Laubenstein. The shirts are still available through our shopfront at Spreadshirt.

An (unofficial) Earthdawn podcast was launched in the new year. Called "Live from Barsaive" it's put together by a husband-and-wife team in Florida. Three episodes are up this far, and I've been enjoying it so far. You can find it here, along with links to subscribe through various feed services.

I know that a bunch of people have left messages for us, and I will be replying to those in the upcoming week. This weekend, however, my time is booked as I am running some Earthdawn sessions at Snowcon, our local con up here in the Northeast.

One last item before I wrap up this already lengthy update. We've got another game line headed up by Andrew Ragland called 1879. This is a "steamweird" game set in the Victorian era, where a mad scientist accidentally opens a portal to another world--one where magic exists--and sort of kicks off the Awakening about 150 years early. It's a bit "steampunk Shadowrun," crossed with a bit of Burroughs/Doyle lost-worlds style pulp adventure. It uses the same Step System core engine as Earthdawn, with some modifications to suit the game.

The Player's Guide has been out for a while, and we've been trying to get the Gamemaster's Guide released. To that end, we've been running a small Kickstarter to fund the art and print costs of that book. It's funded, but a couple of days remain so if you want to get in, you can. Backing gets you instant access to the pre-art draft of the GM Guide, and reward levels allow you to get the already released Player's Guide as well if you like (with a price break compared to retail). We learned our lesson -- no extra book stretch goals, few frills, and the book is done, so we expect it to go to press about the same time as the Travar book. If you're interested, here's a direct link to the campaign. A lot more info is available over there.

(The reason for the additional KS is because the funds from this one are already earmarked to produce the promised books, and our cash flow with extra sales hasn't been as good as we had hoped, essentially requiring a pre-order to fund the new book.)

Finally, as I've said in previous updates, if you are having any issues or questions about your pledge -- books haven't arrived, problems with redeeming the backer coupons on our web store -- drop me a line: and I'll do my best to get you sorted out.

I hope the new year find you well, and as always I appreciate your patience and support.

Travat Pre-Art Release


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Step by Step... Inch by Inch...


Hi there. Summer is at an end, the kids are back in school, and I want to share a quick update on things.

We're hammering out the last bits of mechanics for the Travar book. Once those are done and the chapter is through layout, the pre-release will be made available to backers.

I just finished up the work on the Quick Start. This is something I've wanted to make available for a while. It gives a basic overview of the rules and includes pre-generated characters and a sample adventure. Great for convention demos or other situations where you want to introduce people to the game.

Here's a link to the (pre-layout) text. Feedback is welcome!

The adventure is a prologue to the Legends of Barsaive campaign, which launched at GenCon this year. It's going to be a series of linked, one-session adventures suitable for use at conventions (and for playing at home) as a "living campaign" based in and around Haven. There are a couple of guidebooks (Characters and Haven) that are available as free PDFs through our web store.

(We also printed off a limited number of those for the table at GenCon, and we have some left over -- you can grab a bundle of the PDF and a print copy from the store as well for $5, which basically covered our print costs.)

I've started dropping the big pieces into the Companion, so that is on track. I know some folks have been looking forward to info on the higher Circle stuff, and I hope to start previewing/releasing that stuff over the next couple of months.

Ten of the thirteen planned "in character" chapters for the Questors book have had their first drafts turned in. We've also got a good framework in place for how the powers are going to work, including a new approach to Devotion Points. So that book is taking shape.

Elven Nations is in the same place it has been, nothing new to report there.

At some point here in the next couple of weeks (if I can find time), I plan to clean up and release the audio and/or video from the FASA Games panel we did at GenCon. I haven't looked at the files yet, so I don't know how much work that is going to be.

Work on the web store upgrade and website continues behind the scenes. More news on that when details become available.

So the work continues. As always, if you have any questions or issues feel free to drop me a line:

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Post GenCon update


Hi all. Posting a quick update here post-GenCon. (I would have posted this earlier this week, but I got back from Indy to deal with internet issues here at home that were only resolved a couple days ago so I'm playing catch-up on my catch-up).

The convention went well, got the chance to meet a few more backers face to face. Our game tables were full, and by all reports from the booth staff we moved a lot of books.

A couple of things I want to mention about where we stand, issues we're sorting out, and the like.

1) I am working on the final edits for the last chapter of the Travar book. I met with the art director for the book on Sunday and we talked about the look and feel we want in the art. The pre-art preview will be made available to you fine folks at the same time it goes over to her (which should be later this month).

2) There have been questions about the shirts. We've been having a problem with getting an embroidery-compatible design delivered. Once we have it, the shirts will be produced and go out (this is an art delivery problem, not a logistics problem).

3) We had a "Meet FASA Games" panel on Friday morning at GenCon. Audio and video was recorded. I hope to see those posted later this month.

4) It has been brought to our attention that (at least some) people who have forgotten their web store password or otherwise locked out aren't getting the reset e-mail. The issue has been investigated and it looks like the only fix is to upgrade the store software. I'm not sure exactly when that is planned, but I'll let you know when that has happened (along with posts to our various social media) so you can get back in.

5) In related news: it looks like a fix for our lack of front-end website issues has been found and will be rolling out. A lot of stuff has been happening behind the scenes, and will be rolled out in the near future.

That does it for now. Back to the editing grind for me! As always, if you have any questions or issues (especially if you were expecting books that have not yet arrived), you can email me directly: