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From the award winning art studio for official 5e books, comes Gods and Goddesses: a 5th Edition Supplement.
From the award winning art studio for official 5e books, comes Gods and Goddesses: a 5th Edition Supplement.  This campaign has ended, but you can still order the book at the link below.
From the award winning art studio for official 5e books, comes Gods and Goddesses: a 5th Edition Supplement.  This campaign has ended, but you can still order the book at the link below.
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    1. Jose Suarez 3 days ago

      Any word on when the rest of the books will ship out to the backers?

    2. Jetpack 7 Creator 4 days ago

      Hi Peter,

      Glad it made it to you OK. Enjoy!

    3. Peter Ruiter 5 days ago

      Came home to Gods and Goddesses having been delivered to me in the Netherlands. Some damage to the packaging, but the plastic wrapper and book itself are completely unharmed.

    4. Jetpack 7 Creator on September 11

      Hi Claire,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the first message we received that there was a problem. We have answered your question from your previous direct message and will send out a book ASAP. Thanks again!

    5. Missing avatar

      Claire Haselhorst on September 11

      I have been trying to get a hold of you guys for a while. I am a $35 backer, but I was never able to find the survey and now my pledge on your project says that I am no longer receiving a book. I would really like the one I paid for. Can I get some help please?

    6. Jetpack 7 Creator on September 8

      Thanks Aaron!

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on September 8

      I do really like the book though, don't get me wrong, it's a great source of inspiration for deities, and I like a lot of the features that various Oaths and Domains have! Really looking forward to your next book!

    8. Jetpack 7 Creator on September 8

      Hi Aaron,

      We're in the process of updating some of the wording of the fighting styles and will have those included with the PDF update 1.03.

      Some of the paladin fighting styles are taken from the 5E rules. Not all will be unique and some just made sense for a few of the deities. But we did add many new features in the book, so we hope you appreciate that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on September 8

      Also, some of the fighting styles offered, such as Tchernobog and Turan, are already offered to Paladins by default, as well as offering proficiencies they have by default as well, such as Martial Weapons. And some of the syntax between fighting styles is off, such as "Optional Fighting Style", "Fighting Style", "Shango's Fighting Style".

    10. Jetpack 7 Creator on September 8

      Hi Aaron,

      Lava Weapon lasts for 1 minute.

      The wisdom bonus applies when specifically using the katana (a PC is not able to use a shield when wielding with Katana Mastery).


    11. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on September 8

      For the Oath of the Shobo-shi Channel Divinity: Lava Weapon, does that last one minute or just for that attack only?

      Also while talking about that Oath, the fighting style seems a little overpowered. It's two fighting styles in one, and it scales, and you have advantage on wisdom saving throws? It's kind of nuts.

    12. Jetpack 7 Creator on September 6

      Hi Justin,

      That's correct, so we have the corrected PDF available now. Go to and navigate to Shop>My Account>Downloads and the updated version should be there.


    13. Justin Daley on September 6

      I just got the book today. It looks amazing, but it appears that the physical copy I got has the same mistakes that were in the first pdf.

    14. Jetpack 7 Creator on August 31

      Thanks so much David. :)

    15. David Cummings on August 31

      Just a note to say I got the book today. It looks amazing, the artwork is great. thanks!

    16. Sara Hubrich Collaborator on August 29

      Oh no Ross. Please send pics to and I'll get a new one out to you. Even with my best efforts at protecting them in transit this happens sometimes.

    17. Ross Isaacs
      on August 29

      I received my book. It was severely damaged by the post office. The spine was crushed. I can send you pics of the damage. I don't blame you. The book looks gorgeous. But it looks like something heavy was dropped on it.

    18. Jetpack 7 Creator on August 21

      Hahah! That's awesome Mike. Glad it's going to a good home. :)

    19. Mike Myler on August 21

      Thanks for the huge GM screen!!!
      I found it in the Gen Con Exhibitor's Hall while walking back to the End Transmission Games' booth, saw the sign, and immediately saved it from possible destruction (since I had a minivan to transport it). I promise it has a good home with me! :D

    20. Jetpack 7 Creator on August 18

      Hi Aaron,

      Sorry, I thought I answered yesterday. We were at GenCon, so I blame the internet connection. :P

      The cover images are actually all the same, but type of printing is really different. The Limited Edition is a Chromium material, which catches the light very nicely and is a feast for the eyes. I wished we printed more, but we wanted to keep it super exclusive at 150 prints.

      Thanks again!

    21. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on August 17

      So now that we know what the regular cover looks like, any way we could get a peak at the Limited Edition cover? Or should I await my copy with baited breath?

    22. Sara Hubrich Collaborator on August 17

      Hi Peter, please go to "my account" on and try downloading it again.

    23. Jetpack 7 Creator on August 14

      Hi Aaron,

      The PDF versions should be available on the Conceptopolis website Thursday, August 17th. Full instructions on how to get it will be sent via a Kickstarter announcement then.


    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on August 14

      Are the PDFs going to be sent out after GenCon?

    25. Missing avatar

      steffanie piche
      on August 12

      Looking forward to picking up my book at GenCon :)

    26. Jetpack 7 Creator on August 6

      Hi Jose,

      The books are coming from the printers. We will have a handful for sale at GenCon and after the show, we should have the remaining part of the shipment of books and start sending out all shipments right away.


    27. Jose Suarez on August 6

      Hey what's the latest information on the book? How soon before we have it in our hands?

    28. Jetpack 7 Creator on July 26

      We are too Ruth! See you at the show!

    29. Ruth Phillips on July 26

      I am excited to be able to pick up the book at GenCon!! I cant wait to read it!

    30. Sara Hubrich Collaborator on July 13


      We're excited too! So glad that G&G is in your list of must-haves!

      We plan on releasing everything the week of Gencon: August 17th is the first day of Gencon so expect an announcement here when we have the exact day locked down for release.

    31. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on July 13

      Man, the wait for this is excruciating haha. This is definitely one of my most anticipated KSs of the year. Any idea when the PDF will be available in August, like towards the beginning or the end?

    32. Jetpack 7 Creator on July 9

      Hi DnD Gamer,

      We wanted to release the materials all at once in August. This way, it's fair to everyone who ordered the book and also to retailers who will re-sell them. The book is currently at the printers and on schedule, so once we ship the copies, we'll be sure to send out the PDFs right away. Thanks!

    33. DnD Gamer on July 9

      JP7, why are the PDF's being sent out to KS pledges in August? Did the book not already go to the printers?

    34. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 21

      Hi Joe,

      For GenCon, we have the booth under the "Conceptopolis, LLC" name, so sorry for any potential confusion there. :)

      Booth number is: 2668 in Hall G. We will be across from The Exploding Kittens and Skybound booths for points of reference.

      Basic ID should work just great for verification. Thanks so much!

    35. Missing avatar

      Joe Cirillo on June 21

      I was looking at the GenCon 50 Exhibit Hall Map and couldnt find Jetpack 7 on it. What is your booth # so I can do the pickup of the hard copy? If we do the pickup their, outside of our drivers licence to confirm who we are, is there any other documentation we need to bring?

    36. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 19

      Hi Everyone,

      To check the status of your survey...

      Go to your profile in upper right hand of page>Backed Projects>Gods and Goddesses>View Pledge button>Survey tab


    37. Josh Bestwick on June 19

      Is there a way to confirm we did the survey? I can't find confirmation in my email

    38. Brandon Schwartz on June 19

      Hi there. I'm newer to Kickstarter. Where do I find the survey to ensure I have completed it.


    39. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 12

      Hi Jose,

      We mentioned before that the PDF version would be sent out once the hardback books arrive in August. Thanks again!

    40. Jose Suarez on June 12

      When will the pdf's be emailed to us?

    41. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 10

      Hi Daniel,

      That's great to hear. We can drop them off to you, or feel free to swing by our booth. Either way should work out fine. I believe we're located across from the Exploding Kittens booth. See you there!

    42. DM DAN
      on June 10

      I will be at GenCon. How do I link up to get my book there

    43. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 9

      Hi Aaron,

      I hear ya! It's even worse for us having to wait to show this to everyone in August. :) It'll be worth the wait - promise. Thanks again!

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron M on June 9

      Any sneak peaks you can give us ;)? The anticipation is killing me.

    45. Jetpack 7 Creator on June 8

      Hi RDP,

      Yes, we have sent the book off to the printer and expect those to be delivered in August. We are now transitioning to making the Pathfinder version and it will also be available in August. Everything is on schedule.

      On a side note, our next major even will be to debut the book officially at GenCon 50. Jetpack 7 (Conceptopolis) will have a booth, so please be sure to visit us if you attend.

      Thanks again for everyone's support!

    46. RDP
      on June 8

      Hi, it's early June. Any updates?

    47. Jetpack 7 Creator on May 13

      Hi Jose,

      It's going well. We should have all color art completed by end of next week. All the writing is done and we're now in the design phase. We're working on the appendix design now, so we'll have most everything "done" by May 23rd. That's the plan at least haha.

      After that, we'll take a few days off and come back to it with fresh eyes and do some proper editing to make sure everything looks right and then we'll send it off to the printer in early June. Thanks again!

    48. Jose Suarez on May 12

      How is the book coming along?

    49. Jetpack 7 Creator on April 16

      Sure thing, Aaron!

      Most of the art is completed, including the cover, except for 3 more pieces that should be wrapped up by middle of May at the latest. Writing is nearly complete as well. Right now we have roughly 27 pages dedicated just for the Appendix, which is all new material for 5th edition. That was a bit of a surprise, but it's also a good thing we think. Depending on font size and layout, that may go up or down in the final book, but it should be plenty of content for folks to enjoy.

      We'll be compiling all the materials in April and May and also play testing as well. It's all coming together very smoothly (knock on wood), and we anticipate sending the final draft off to the printer in very early June. After that...we wait and wait "patiently" haha. The books should all arrive in early August and then we'll begin shipping them at soon after. Of course, we'll have many books available at GenCon as well in case those who attend want to check it out.

      Exciting times for sure! Thanks!

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