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More clothes...less air
More clothes...less air
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    1. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Thank you Brian!

    2. Brian Melcher on

      BTW, on the question about bag size, I wanted a 'both' option. I want a big one for my checked bag, if using one (for dirty clothes, at least), but I'd love to be able to pack in just a carry-on, and Aroo would be great for that.

    3. Brian Melcher on

      Survey submitted!

    4. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Great news!
      Because of our strong launch, primarily due to early pre-launch registrants (thank you pre-registered supporters!) and our continued success - all backers will benefit from their cherished dedication.
      They registered for an extra adapter.
      So, because of their early rush in at the beginning and continued success - everyone will get an extra adapter! Please thank a pre-launch registrant!

    5. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi @Jay, as mentioned, ONLY those who pre-registered their email at before the launch on 11 March 2018 would have received a response to their registration and the code. Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jay Patel

      can you check if i should have received a code? something tells me i probably didn't but want to ensure i don't miss out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi @David and all Backers, prior to the launch of this campaign, we had a pre-registration.

      Those backers who pre-registered and also backed this campaign will get an additional adapter FREE.

      You would have received a code in the email response to your pre-registration - #specialcode - something like this. Please enter the CODE sent to you in the CODE field of the survey.

      Also, those of you who used a different email to register than your Kickstarter email, please send a PM to Ned so that we can verify your registration. Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Tang on

      Thank you for your quick response.

    9. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi David,
      Prior to launch, supporters of earlier product attempts had the option to register for an extra perk as a “thank you”
      Every supporter is deeply appreciated, so please don’t feel left out as we will always strive to provide as much as we can to everyone.
      Some supports have been with Aroo for quite some time and are being acknowledged.
      Best regards,
      Team Aroo

    10. Missing avatar

      David Tang on

      In the survey, there is a last question “CODE:(optional)” what is this for?

    11. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Jens,
      Thank you for your support - couldn't do this without you.
      The occasional challenge with a vacuum bag is leaking around the seal or zipping mechanism. The bags all have good zipping mechanisms with the zip loc brand being slightly better.
      The Aroo active seal really helps keep the vacuum port sealed up so any major brand with at least 80 micro thickness will work well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jens Lachetzki

      Congrats. Only one question of a backer soon having your Aroo but never worked with vakuum bags before...which bag would you recommend? Pointing out on bags available out there is nice and fine, but it's not really a help if somebody wants to buy the best in combination with Aroo.

      Cheers Jens

    13. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Nguyen,
      What you have pledged for is all inclusive and will likely last an average traveler for some time.
      The adapter is placed onto your vacuum bag - we don't offer bags (yet)- there might be optional bags for people who want them in the future. But you only need what you already have or can get at your local shopping center.
      That's it! :)
      If you want to move the adapter, you can-as many times as you want for the life of the adapter (none of ours have worn out yet after 2 years). However, additional adapters will be made available after manufacturing.
      You will be receiving extra seals since the KS stretch goals were met.
      The seals are replaced as needed - if the adapter is left on the bag, no seal maintenance or replacement is necessary
      We'll update the website store on details once we get manufacturing under way, please be patient with us as we transition into the next phases.

      Aroo is designed to be very simple and very inexpensive in a lifetime of use and we'll strive to keep it that way.
      Hope that helps.
      Best regards,
      Team Aroo

    14. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Thi Thanh Nguyet on

      Hi Aroo,

      Just want to clarify about the adapter!

      1/ As you answer other's questions, it means I can re-use my adapter to other's bag? But I need to use another adhesive?

      2/ How many times that I can use for one adapter?

      3/ How many adhesive that I can have when I buy Aroo?

      4/ How does adhesive cost if I want to buy it separately ?

      4/ If I want to refund, how could I do? Since I am just surprised that I need to buy a lot if I want to use Aroo: many adhesives, many adapters, many bags...


    15. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Q: Explain 2300PA (2.3 kPa) v 55 kPa (55,000 PA)?
      Aroo operates down to 55,000 PA or 55kPa which is the only measurement of vacuum compression strength!

      55 kPa = 55,000 PA

      2.3kPa = 2300 PA

      Hope this helps with the questions received!

      Team Aroo

    16. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi David,
      The adapters are reusable however, should you wish to have any further additional adapters, the adhesive will be included with the new adapter. Additionally, adhesives will be available separately.
      The key to any bag you choose to use is it's ability to hold air - most bags that aren't specifically made for vacuum sealing aren't manufactured to a high enough tolerance to hold a vacuum - but it might make for an interesting experiment!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Tang on

      @Creator, in future purchase of the adapter, is it come together with the leak proof seal( the circular sticker) or they are sold separately? When I change from old leaked generic bag to a new one, what I need to do is take off the adapter and use a new leak proof seal and no need to have another new adapter, is my understanding correct? Thanks.

    18. Valerie Sizemore

      That makes much more sense, I thought the device itself had to stay connected - especially in the photos/video it shows you hooking the device to the bag before even charging it. So, we could use any bag we have laying around (for example, plastic grocery bags), etc as well? Or would something like that be too thin? (Just thought about it as that's what I have laying next to me lol)

    19. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      On a recent trip to China, where they're famous for their silk bedsheets, I purchased a set but couldn't fit them into the small vacuum bags I use for my clothes, so I just popped by the supermarket and got an XL sized bag ( really cheap ), the only problem was without the Aroo device I had to borrow a portable car vacuum to "shrink" the bag,

      @Valerie, alternatively you can use the adapter as a vacuum accessory; meaning use it to suction the air out of any generic bag you have and re-use the original bag cap that came with the bag. Generic bags and custom bags are plentiful in the market, what we all actually want is a super mini portable vacuum ( with it's own power source ) that can do the job.

      There isn't only one way to use the adapter. given time and when people start using the device and adapters, I'm sure there'll be several hacks on how best to use them. That said, it's still easiest to just leave the adapter in place on the bag. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi Valerie, I understand your concerns; to clarify, it's the adapter that needs to be left on the bag and not the device. You get double the number the of adapters with your pledge and you can purchase more adapters later on.

      I personally prefer this concept to that of having a proprietary bag; the reason being that in case of any problems ( eg. rips, tears, spoilt valve ) I can just pop by any store and get a generic bag and it'll work with my Aroo device and adapter. Cost wise, I think it's a lot cheaper to get a generic bag and the adapter than to purchase a custom bag.

      The adapter is reusable and it can be removed; but in doing so, the improved leak protection of the bag is also likewise removed. Thanks.

    21. Valerie Sizemore

      I am thinking of cancelling my pledge for the same reason Enlew cancelled, I thought that I would be able to use the Aroo on multiple bags; especially after I saw the update with the new streamlined adapter (Apr 10). But it seems like I have to attach the Aroo to the bag and it has to stay there. I will give it until tomorrow to decide (so I can keep the conversation open a bit if needed).

    22. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Enlew,
      Sorry to see you go.
      Your points are very valid. The concept of the Aroo mini bar was for universal adaptation to any bag so that as you state, "Eventually the bag will leak...." someone can simply buy an off the shelf vacuum bag wherever they may be. Due to the huge variation in vacuum ports, a single threaded adapter isn't possible. The most popular retail bag in the United States is the zip loc brand, which has no threads at all.
      We strive to make the eventuality you describe as hassle free as possible using a universal option instead of offering a variety of different threaded adapter types to fit the variety of bags, which would then need to be searched, tracked down and obtained if you were using one particular brand of vacuum bag.
      Thank you for your input,
      Team Aroo

    23. Missing avatar


      I'd be much more interested in this if the adapter didn't have to stay on the bag. Eventually the bag will leak and you'll need to move the adapter to a new bag. Not to mention, that I might want to use this for several bags and not have to buy and pack tons of adapters.

      I'm gonna cancel, because it's not really what I expected.

    24. Jarence Wen on

      I definitely love the new look of the adapter. At least it doesn't look so big and flatter.

    25. Rian Heist

      Exactly what any traveller needs! Amazing!

    26. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      @Jarence Wen:
      Great questions, the adhesive is high bond and is secure during use. We recommend leaving the adapter in place. Toward that end, an update will be posted tomorrow announcing the latest adapter that has nearly the same profile height as a generic vacuum bag screw cap (new pics). So the 30% reduction in profile height and the superior active seal (lowers the chance of leakage)of the adapter really eliminates any reason to remove an adapter.
      Team Aroo

    27. Jarence Wen on

      So will the sticker last after many times of usage? If there is a need, r we able to purchase extra stickers? And are the stickers reusable?

    28. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      @Jarence Wen:
      Hi Jarence,
      The adhesive is used to apply the adapter to any brand (universal fit) vacuum bag.
      Thank you for your support!
      Team Aroo

    29. Jarence Wen on

      I just backed this up. I want to know what is the sticker for? And is this able to use for any vacuum bag?

    30. Russell Dean

      I was wondering seeing as your looking into developing your own vacuum bags, what about a vacuum compression cube/bag?

      There's a lot of these compression cubes on the market these days especially on crowdfunded websites, would be nice if Aroo developed ones you could compress even more using the vacuum element.

    31. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Pushkar,
      Thank you the input! Our intention is to definitely provide the adapters, we’re exploring the idea of expanding further into an optional custom bag. Apologies if that point was unclear.
      Team Aroo

    32. Missing avatar

      Pushkar Bhat on

      I say continue with the standard adopter. Makes it easy for backers outside of US and EU to use the product just in case their vaccum bags fail. Else they need to wait till you ship new bags.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi @Shu-Pin, you don't need to make a "hole" to use the adapter. The adapter can be used to "plug" any hole or tear in your precious vacuum bag.

      You can use the adapter on any sized bag. It is meant to replace the valve that you have on the vacuum bag. The Aroo adapter provides an active seal which can outperform any vacuum bag seal. Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      John Michael

      1.How i can make a hole of bag?i have to make a hole by i can make a same size of hole which it can fix with adapter?
      2.Any bag can fix with adapter?Big size?small size?

    35. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hello Brian and everyone!
      YES, a stretch goal has been determined! It will be a welcome and useful goal for everybody.
      Yes, it will be announced on our next update COMING SOON :)
      All the best!
      Team Aroo

    36. Brian Melcher on

      Still no signs of any stretch goals yet?

    37. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Hennry,
      Thank you for your support! Our focus is on size and travel, an attachment for a needle valve might be counterproductive for this design. But yes, it certainly could blow up a ball power wise.

    38. Missing avatar


      Just backed. One question: is it possible to have another nozzle that can inflate ball? I mean: if it can suck/vacuum the air, it should also pump the air out of it, why not we use the other end to inflate something? Of course under circumstance it won't jeopardize the vacuum quality.

    39. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Russell,
      Great questions! Vacuum bags vary in size, combined with the variation of what they're loaded with-the total number of bags is impossible to predict. That being said, the Aroo with it's powerful lithium batter, has a very long run time of over 4 hours. Our testers got tired after 20 bags... :)
      The battery is a specially housed high quality protected cell and is not replaceable but has a very long service life.
      The Aroo won't let you down.
      Team Aroo

    40. Russell Dean

      How many bags can you compress on one charge and is the battery replaceable?

    41. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on


      And, hmmm.....

      We’ll update in the morning...

      CeLeBrAtE !!!!!!!!! :)

    42. Brian Melcher on

      We made it! On to the stretch goals!
      I will admit, having bags that don't _require_ an adapter would be preferable. Maybe a stretch goal?

    43. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi @Shadow, the Aroo Mini Bar will be CE compliant and have the Ah ( ampere hour ) rating printed on the device. They're Lithium batteries and are rated at 2200 mAh so you shouldn't have any problems bringing them thru the airport security checks.

    44. Missing avatar


      haven't seen the comments so sorry if this has been answered

      Can you put this in a carryon and have it pass through US checkin?

    45. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      From Kickstarter,

      “Here’s an idea...

      Rent two buses, round up all your backers, and drive to the nearest pizza parlor because you just got your 100th pledge!

      That’s incredible. One hundred friends, new and old, super excited about how cool your project is. If they can agree on that, ordering pizza should be a breeze.”

      We love the idea!
      Pizza sounds really good! :)

      Team Aroo

    46. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      To clear up a couple of messaged questions...1) the steel paint can and 2) the leak free adapter.
      The can used as a vacuum test is a real paint can that can be obtained from any home improvement store.
      Nothing special was done to prepare the can.
      Yes, the can was completely crushed, as amazing as that might seem!
      There is a second video in the prototype library to give a better "hands on" type of view, real time.
      If there's enough interest, we could do a "Kickstarter live" fee too...

      As far as the adapter - it does have an internal sealing mechanism. This seal differs from the type of seal used in a vacuum bag. The vacuum bag requires vacuum pressure to create it's seal (passive). Alternatively, the Aroo seal does not require pressure and will remain closed (sealed) until a vacuum is applied (active).
      In short, the Aroo seal outperforms a vacuum bag seal... :)

      Hope this helps!
      Team Aroo

    47. Missing avatar

      Anand Collaborator

      Hi @Tom, the extra adapter is a perk given to those who have registered their email at before the launch of this campaign. We'll confirm all the e-mail registrations later.

      @Benajmin, @Sumit, I backed the last campaign and wasn't aware of the previous ones. Last campaign was unsuccessful due to a higher funding goal. This campaign has a much lower goal and it's already around 64% funded in less than 12hrs of the launch. Thanks.

    48. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Edit *second generation afapter* :)

      And, again, thank you and for each and every valued supporter!

      All the best!

    49. Travel Aroo, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Benjamin!
      Thank you for your support! Be assured that any historic developmental creator bumps, or stepping stones to what we have now, are behind Aroo.
      We’ve gained a lot too!
      Compact size
      Increase of vacuum holding power with the s cons generation adapters.
      In retrospect we wouldn’t be here with out the learning curve!

    50. Sumit Verma

      Hope you are not going to cancel this again !!!

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