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A dance film about two people: their sacrifices, compromises and obstacles affecting them and the conversation that defines their fate

This dance film explores the common threads that bring two people together and how it can create an enormous amount of energy.

Set to an original score by composer Devin Rice, the dance investigates how two individuals can maintain their identities while creating a life together. This is more than a love duet. It’s about what two people face when they join in a relationship. It explores how sacrifices, compromises and obstacles affect them and also examines the intricacies of shifting the course of one’s life from a personal focus, to one that continually includes another and the many different outcomes that exist.

The subject is timeless, and so the film is set in an environment without time. This film is set around Lake Mirror in Lakeland Florida and within the beautiful neo-classical gardens of Hollis Gardens.

This dance comes from the bodies and minds of its collaborators and inspired by all those who have been in love. Please consider contributing to this Kickstarter campaign to honor the hard work and dedication the following artists who have already devoted their time and talents to this project and to help us see it to its fruition.

Erin Cardinal, Choreographer / Director

Devin Rice, Composer

Brian Fidalgo, Dancer

Melissa Torres, Dancer

Shelley Bourgeois, Videographer

Carrie Handly, Production Assistant

100% of the funds from this campaign will go directly toward the artist fees, studio time and other miscellaneous expenses. 


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As a dance artist of more than 20 years, I have never created a dance specifically for film. I have been involved in the process of creating dance films as a choreographer and dancer and I know it is a viable step in the advancement of my career. I have many years of experience creating and editing dance video for documentation and marketing. I have also created work that incorporates film as an element of dance performed on stage. This is the next challenge in my choreographic career that will advance my knowledge of movement as a way of expression and how to effectively transpose my knowledge of three dimensional art into a two dimensional frame that allows for endless possibilities through editing and direction.

A dance film also allows me the ability to submit the work without the production costs of a live performance, to national and international film festivals of dance, exposing my work to a much larger, international community of artists.


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