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We want to make our classes available to the world so more people can learn how to live a happier life with more meaning!
261 backers pledged $28,350 to help bring this project to life.


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Many who pledged on our project chose "no reward," or pledged more than the award value, so we have created a Happiness U Membership Scholarship Fund for all the "extra" monies we received!!! So...people who want to commit to changing their lives, and don't have the means, will have the opportunity to apply for a full one-year membership to attend Happiness U!

Our plans are to have an application and screening process, and those accepted be held not only accountable to attend, but choose how they want to pay it forward.  I want to thank Darren T Kimura for his generous pledge and suggesting this to me.

He opened my awareness up to a WHOLE NEW AWESOME way to use our business as a vehicle to help others who can't afford us! Stay tuned for more details as we iron it all out.

We are SO APPRECIATIVE for this opportunity to further our social entrepreneurial vision.


QUESTION: How much will the classes be once the Kickstarter Campaign is over?

ANSWER: $20 per class. Through this campaign, the classes are at most $15. The more you buy, the more extras you get in the form of books!

QUESTION: Can we give the classes away?

ANSWER: Yes, just share the link with a friend.

QUESTION: How many times can I watch the class?

ANSWER: As many times as you want, at any time that you want!

QUESTION: Can I increase my pledge?

ANSWER: Yes, it's easy, just log into your account and choose that option!

Thank you all for your support. We have over 200 backers and we are so appreciative!


Here are some of the teachers that have agreed to have their classes filmed...

     Dr. Chad Sato:  The Mind-Body connection.

     Kimi Morton:  Optimize your Time and Life.

     Janis Goto:  All About Canines.

     Max Gin:  Mindful Meditation.

     Laine Kohama:  Computer health.


On March 25, 2013, after many restless months of feeling the need to expand and grow, I decided to ask myself what I really wanted to do. The first thing that came to me was, “I just want to teach people to be happy.”

This awareness opened the door to one of the most inspiring weeks of my life. I immediately saw a vision of a “school” for adults – a physical location in Honolulu, where those who want to be happier, live a more balanced life and have more meaning and purpose in their life, can come and take classes and learn life strategies.

We have been open now for over 18 months, and the rewards of seeing people grow in awareness, and change their lives for the better has been inspiring. Besides myself, we have about a dozen other inspired teachers that are experts in what they do, that share their wisdom with our Happiness U community every month.

Through the Internet and social media, people far and wide have found out about us. We even got a call from a producer on The Today Show in New York asking if we could make an appearance as a "happiness expert." (Unfortunately, by the time we returned the call we missed the opportunity.)

We get emails, calls, and messages every day from people who want to know if our classes are available on line. Being a small start up, it would take us a long time before we could fund this, however, to make this happen sooner we decided to reach out to you, Kickstarter community, to help us to get what we offer out to the world!

ON THE NEWS! (March 30, 2015)

Watch my interview on Hawaii News Now - Sunrise as I share more about WHY I want to get our classes on line and how it will help others!



We have classes for pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to personal growth, inspiration, balance, expanding awareness and consciousness, happiness, and seeing life and challenges from a new perspective. Our 101 Core Classes offer the tools that can assist people in many ways, and are divided into four basic categories - Physical, Emotional Mental and Spiritual.

We are planning to film the ones that "work best" when viewed on-line. All classes come with class notes, and worksheets on PDF's that are used during the class.

Here is a diagram of our core 101 classes:


  • Free Yourself From Fear
  • Break Up with Your Belongings


One class will be available at no fee. It's more of a presentation, than a class, and it is about life and happiness, and how to create a happier outlook by understanding what takes one away from happiness. I give insight and tangible tools that one can use immediately to start shifting your mindset into one that creates a more positive reality.

  • Happiness Is…


We have already begun filming some of the classes thanks to the generosity of our videographer. This is our current timeline:

By March 31: Complete filming of all classes

By April 15: Complete class notes edit and worksheet designs.

By April 30: Complete all editing of classes, website optimization and Google Ad word strategy and Facebook Ad targeting.

May 1: Begin Google Ad Words advertising campaign with the SEO specialist, and also begin Facebook targeting to drive people looking for what we have to offer to our site.


The $15,000 will be used to do the following:

  • Film and edit the classes.
  • Create a standard opening and closing for the 20-25 videos.
  • Professionally edit and design the notes and worksheets for each class.
  • Have our Webmaster create the individual web pages for each of our class videos for optimal conversion.
  • Engage an Internet specialist to strategize our plan and monitor it.
  • Pay for the platform to host the classes.
  • Pay for the project manager to oversee this project from start to finish and get all the classes in working order.

If this campaign overfunds, we will use the additional revenue to license and film our guest teacher classes. Highly qualified individuals who are experts in their field teach these classes. Some class titles are:

  • Infinite Body Wisdom: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Time Optimization Techniques
  • Date Smart U: Dating in the New Millennium
  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Your Pet and You


Fifteen years ago, after my career in media ended (I was an on-camera television anchor and show host), I “woke up” to the field of spirituality, personal growth and self-development, and became utterly engrossed in learning all I could to grow and evolve my life.

It all started with a unexpected synchronistic event that led me to want to understand life cycles through astrology. That soon led to wanting to understand feng shui (the study of how the environment energetically affects you), but I soon realized that no matter what the planetary cycles say, or what the environment looked like, if one doesn’t look within for the answers and understand how to take responsibility and make new choices, they could still be stuck and unhappy in life.

During these early years I was insatiable for knowledge and found every opportunity to learn about how to create a better life for others and myself. I voraciously read over 200 books in the first few years, flew all over the continent and took hundreds of hours of training (private sessions, online classes and in-person seminars) from dozens of teachers over the next few years. Some were amazing and insightful, while others were not – but I learned a lot about myself, and came to understand that my path in life is to help others.

I began a simple “life guidance” business and within the first few years through word of mouth, amassed nearly a thousand clients in Honolulu and other parts of the world. To reach more people I began to teach classes locally, and then, by invitation, started traveling to other parts of the country and world. By 2008 I was doing larger presentations to 200+ people in Honolulu so I could share more of what I am inspired by.

Starting in 2008, and every year there after until I opened Happiness U, I wrote a book a year, all of which won national awards. (CLICK HERE to see my books on Amazon) Winning the award for my second book Be Happy! It’s Your Choice! landed me on Lifetime Televisions most popular show “The Balancing Act” CLICK HERE.

I also am an award-winning columnist in the two largest publications in Hawaii and offer pertinent life guidance for my readers each week. “Go Ask Alice”: CLICK HERE and “A Mindful MomentCLICK HERE I opened Happiness U CLICK HERE in order to create a place where not only myself, but other like-minded teachers could come together to serve more people.


To see mini video clips describing each of these classes along with a “tip” – CLICK HERE


Overcome Overwhelm 101

Do you feel that your life is filled with challenges or obstacles that seem to hold you back? Are you overwhelmed with all you “have to do”? The more overwhelmed you are, the more uninspired you tend to feel – and this results in living a life that is further and further away from who you really are. Feeling overwhelmed by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of your life comes from not fulfilling what is truly most important to you. This class will help you to see why you feel overwhelmed and where you can draw stronger boundaries, or learn to let certain things go (even if you think there is nothing you can let go!) This will enable you to consciously make choices to operate from your heart, and you will find that things will align and opportunities will appear to help you move on your path with greater ease.

Get Unstuck 101

Do you feel stuck in your life in some way, as if you aren’t moving forward in the way that you want? There are many reasons we can feel stuck in our lives. Perhaps you are in a job, relationship or situation that you are not inspired by, but feel that you can’t leave because of certain obligations or dynamics. Or, maybe you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, knowing that you need to make a change, but not knowing how. This class will address being “stuck” from a different perspective and bring a new awareness to your being. Come get insight into what may be keeping you in a stagnant place and how you can find a new path forward.

Clutter Clearing Plan 101

Do you have clutter in your environment you want to clear out, but could really use an actual plan for how to do so? Do you want guidance on what to keep, and what to get rid of? Would you like some help in letting go of the “I can’t get rid of it because it’s still good” mindset? If so, this class will not only show you where to start, it will give you the inspiration you need to move forward. Our clutter ties us to the past and holds us back energetically in many ways. So whether you have monumental clutter, or just a small cluttered area, bring your calendar (yes, we will schedule your first clutter clearing appointment at the end of class), and let’s get started on a plan to reclaim your energy and your power!

Feng Shui 101

Do you want to create an environment that is a source of support for you? If so, this class is for you. In just one class, you will learn the basics of feng shui and be able to fully grasp the essence of it so you can go home, and make simple and immediate changes that will make a big difference in the energy flow. You will learn why feng shui is so confusing, how it works, the must-know three basic rules, and have the opportunity to ask questions about your own home at the end of class. By practicing feng shui principles in your environment with intent, you can raise your potential of manifestation on many areas of your life. Add ease and flow to your life by understanding how to create an energetically supportive environment (and it’s not all about clearing out clutter!).

Healthy Money Mindset 101

Do you stress out because you don’t have enough money? Do you wish you had more money so that you could do all the things you want to do? The stress you have about your finances is one sure thing holding you back from more financial abundance. If you change your mindset about money, you naturally change the way you manage it, which can make a big difference in your financial flow. This class is for you if you are open to creating a new relationship to money. If you value money but don’t value the saving of money, it may be the reason why it flows out of your life. Let’s spend some time getting conscious about money and breaking through your own limiting view on abundance!


Happiness 101

Do you want to be happier? This class will show you where your happiness is, what’s taking you away from it, and how you can steadily move towards a happier place in your life, and in your heart. If you feel a sense of dissatisfaction with your life, or feel unhappiness in your heart that you can’t define the source of, it’s time to get back in touch with your-self. Happy people are healthier people, they live longer and reportedly have “better” things happen to them. Most importantly, they see life through a different perspective. There is now scientific proof that happiness is not a personality trait, it’s something that can be learned and you have much more control over your happiness than you think, even if the challenging circumstances around you don’t change. Being happy in life has so many advantages – maybe it’s time for you to get happier!

Get Over It 101

Do you have a situation, or is there someone or something that is zapping your energy? Do you feel angry, resentful or betrayed? Sometimes it helps to see what happened from a different perspective, and understand that the way to let go is not to “forgive and forget” or to judge what the other did as wrong, but to see how the situation came up for you to learn something, and grow from it. Whether what you are holding on to is a minor or major thing, if it happened in the past or is very recent, if it’s still in your life, you can gain value by seeing the bigger picture. This class is for you if you’re ready to balance it out and move forward, or at least take a step to feeling better about it.

Irritating Relationship Clarity 101

Do you notice that certain people’s actions really irritate you? Do you find that no matter what you tell yourself or how much you try to ignore what they do, this friend, significant other, or co-worker’s action can still get under your skin? While we are taught not to sweat the small stuff, it’s actually the small stuff that zaps our energy and scatters our focus. So, how do you resolve relationship annoyances (whether the other person knows how you feel or not) without nagging outwardly or fuming inwardly? In most cases, it’s not what the person does or doesn’t do that’s the issue, it’s what this action represents. This class is for you if you are ready to face yourself, see the deeper meaning, and move towards understanding the real cause of your irritation!

Boost Self-Esteem 101

Do you find that your self-esteem is stronger in some areas of your life and is weaker in others? If your confidence seems to be fading away, or is virtually non-existent in the area of relationships, career, finances or life in general, nurturing it will boost your self-esteem, and help you to feel more empowered in your life. This class is for you if you tend to undervalue your time and energy, jump to negative conclusions, see only the downside when it comes to yourself, reject praise for your achievements, and confuse your feelings with facts in, “I feel like a failure, so I must be a failure.” Let’s break through some old patterns, challenge the past and open up to new experiences and opportunities!

Goodbye to Guilt 101

Do you have any of the following types of guilt? Financial guilt – when you buy something frivolous for yourself, or pay more for convenience sake; Friend and Family guilt – secretly dislike certain members of your family, or purposely avoid contact or Kid guilt – take a yoga class instead of doing something with them, or have to work during an important event for your child. You may even have a general free-floating guilt or sometimes allow others to put guilt trips on you. None of which feels good! Guilt is an emotion that arises when we unrealistically assume that what we have done (or not done) is bad, when in fact, it’s our perception that’s imbalanced. This class is for you if you are ready to say goodbye to guilt and develop new, healthier ways of looking at your actions.


Positive Mindset 101

Do you wish you could be more “positive” about things in your life, and things you see going on around you? Do you find yourself thinking “negative” thoughts and then telling yourself that you should be “more positive”? If so, this class is for you! There is a huge collective myth around “being positive,” and many believe that if we keep thinking positively, eventually all the negative will go away and we will feel balanced. This class will show you why that will never happen. Learn how to move out of a skewed perspective of what “positive” is, and embrace a healthy mindset and balanced outlook about how you are “supposed” to think. There is so much more to “thinking positive” than you can imagine and once you “get it,” you are set free.

How to Say No 101

Do you say “yes” when you want to say “no”? Do you wish you could get out of certain responsibilities and commitments but just don’t know how to – without feeling guilty? Many of us have been conditioned to live our lives according to other’s rules (society, perceived authorities, traditions, parents, cultures, spouses, etc.) This creates perceptions on how we should live our life and by doing so, we get caught up in living outside of our true selves. You are not destined to be a doormat forever, especially if you choose to put forth the effort to learn the skill of how to say “no” and why it’s sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t value your time and energy, no one else will. Come and learn how to get on the “no” train and feel good about it.

Banish Stress & Worry 101

Do you worry about things that you have no control over? Do you live each day with more than an average amount of stress because you worry about the outcome of something? Worry is our most common daily mental activity and holds us back from inner freedom and happiness. It is the greatest misuse of our mental energy, not to mention a complete waste of time. This class is for you if you’d like to take steps towards trusting life more, right now, in the present moment – instead of hoping for the day when there is nothing in your life to worry or stress out about (which will never happen). Any worry you have is simply anxiety based on an idea you have in your head, a scary story that hasn’t happened yet, which in turn leads to more stress. Come and find a new perspective so you can enjoy more and worry less.

Be Judgment Free 101

Do you tend to strongly judge others based on what they do or don’t do? Do you see your way as the “right way”? Even if outwardly you are helpful, and polite, if many of your inner thoughts are critical – constantly sizing up, dismissing and diminishing those around you, you will find value in this class. Being judgmental of others takes up a lot of mental space and is very revealing. Often what you dislike most in others, is a reflection of something in you – though your ego would never let you believe it. When we judge others we put ourselves above them. Come to this class if you want to see the other side of it, be more open and take a leap forward in your personal journey and transformation.

Avoid Distractions 101

Do you need a plan to stay focused? Do you find that you have a lot to do, but by the end of the day have nothing to show for it? If so, you may just need some new perspectives on your life. During class we will write and examine your “to do” list, break it down in a new way, and look at it from a different perspective, giving you greater clarity. This will allow you to adopt new strategies and set boundaries. Leave class with a new plan. Distractions cease to exist once you define your focus. If you don’t put some effort into finding out how you can live a life that inspires you, your whole life will end up being just one big distraction.


Life Purpose 101

Do you feel that you are uninspired in some way, living life without clear direction and purpose? If so, be assured that no matter how you feel about your life, you are definitely here on earth for a defined purpose. When you know your purpose, you not only feel more fulfilled but you can also make a contribution to humanity in a manner that is uniquely yours and create a foundation for the path you want to travel in life. This class will reveal the multidimensional layers of your life’s purpose and help you identify the best direction forward. Come away with an understanding of your true values and a simple, yet profound personal purpose statement that you can use daily as a roadmap for your life.

Understanding Spirituality 101

Do you think of yourself as a “spiritual” person? How does being spiritual differ from being “religious”? How do you define your spiritual belief to others when they ask you? Is it what you do, who you are, or how you feel that makes you spiritual? Join this class to get all your questions answered about this controversial topic, and understand for yourself, what your form of spirituality is. Learn how being spiritual is not about what you do or about who or what you believe in, and how it’s simply a matter of your state of consciousness, and your approach to life. This class will help you better understand your connection to your heart and your spirit, so you can be more inspired and confident in your life in terms of who you are.

Astrology 101

Do you think of astrology as the horoscopes you read in the newspaper for fun? Do you believe horoscopes just tell you what kind of day you will have, or what kind of person you are best suited to marry? Most people do, but did you know that astrology is actually so much more than that? By analyzing the position of the planets at the time of your birth, you can gain profound insight into who you are. This class will help you better understand your personality and life potential through your astrological chart. It’s a fun, basic beginner class where no knowledge of astrology is necessary. Note: You must submit your birthday, birth time (found on your birth certificate) and birth location at least 24 hours prior to class in order to participate.

Universal Laws 101

Do you sometimes wish that life was easier, that you could manifest faster, or understand how to get to where you wanted to with less obstacles? If you sometimes feel that life is working against you, or you just want to know more of how to make life work for you, this class is the key. Understanding universal law, the spiritual extensions of physical laws (such as The Law of Gravity) helps you to understand what governs the unseen world of energy. You may have heard about “The Law of Attraction” – this class covers it, and many of the major laws, such as the Law of Karma, the Law of Abundance, the Law of Opposites and many more. With these laws as the foundation of your understanding, you will be in greater control of your life.

Meditation and Affirmations 101

Do you want to learn to meditate? Have you ever tried to meditate and didn’t know if you were doing it right? What is the importance of meditation and how often should you do it? Are there different ways to meditate other than just “sitting there”? What if you can’t stop your active mind while meditating? All these questions will be answered and more. Meditation has become popular, not just for spiritual reasons, but also as a way to find balance and well-being. The first half of this class will be about the benefits of meditation, affirmations, visualization and setting an intention. The class will close with a relaxing guided meditation with music, to help you connect to your spirit of joy, peace and balance.

Risks and challenges

The challenge is finding the right platform to offer the classes on, and making sure we meet all the requirements. We are still researching and looking into different options that will be the best viewer and purchaser experience.

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    An Astrology and Solar Return 90 minute Session with Alice Inoue. Rare opportunity to become a new client (or give the gift to a friend) without waiting months to get in. You will need your birthday, birth time and birth information to book the session. You will receive an in-depth reading of your birth chart, understand your past cycles of change, get a detailed one year "energy calendar" which is like a map of the year, and a Solar Return reading which will point you in the right direction. By phone or in person in Honolulu.
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    A rarely available "Life-Planning Day with Alice." An amazing custom-created 8-9 hour day that will help give you clarity on every aspect of your life. Gain new perspectives on current issues (no matter what they are), understand how to move through them, find your true values, get clearer on your purpose, and so much more. Alice's unique brand of life guidance addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and at the end of the day you will go away with an incredibly organized note book containing a personal "to do" list for your entire life. This day with Alice will be a catalyst that will get you started on moving towards the changes that you desire. Alice will help you declutter your brain, organize your entire life and create a strategic plan for especially for you to move towards manifesting and achieving your dreams and goals.

    The day includes lunch, snacks, drinks, and homework (also known as "life work"), as well as two one-hour follow up sessions to be used within six months (in person or by phone)

    1 "Destination Happiness" book (Kindle version)
    1"Be Happy" book (Kindle version)
    1 "Feng Shui Your Life" book (Kindle version)
    1 "Just Ask Alice" book (Kindle version)
    1 "These Shifting Times" book (Kindle version)
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