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An exhilarating board game of tiles, floating lanterns, and constellations for 2-8 players.
3,757 backers pledged $241,621 to help bring this project to life.

Late Pledges and File Preparation

Posted by Ray Wehrs (Creator)

Hello backers!

Here at Calliope HQ, we are still abuzz with excitement over the Tsuro: Phoenix Rising campaign.  But there's a lot of work to do!  Our goal is to meet the highest quality with the game, and deliver it as soon as possible to all of you!  Meanwhile, our President Ray and our resident Weezer fan Marcelo are jetting over to New York Toy Fair to show off our games (including Tsuro: Phoenix Rising) to retailers, press, and industry folks who will help get it to the masses months from now!

Late Pledges

We have received many questions about late pledges.  For most of you, this won't be on your mind, but in case you did not pledge during the campaign and you come across this update, here are the details.

For a variety of logistical reasons, we will not be doing late pledges for Tsuro: Phoenix Rising.  


Because we had over 130 amazing brick-and-mortar retailers participate in this campaign, and they have not yet finalized their order quantities with us, we can suggest a fantastic solution to get all the new game and exclusive items.

Amazing stores like The Wandering Dragon in Plainfield, IL can help with late pledges!
Amazing stores like The Wandering Dragon in Plainfield, IL can help with late pledges!

Our recommendation is to contact your local game store and see if they pledged, and if so, preorder with them. They have access to both the Standard Retail Edition and Kickstarter Exclusive Set.  This will allow you to 

1) support amazing local retailers, 

2) get the game before the general public, and 

3) still receive all the super sweet Kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals, including rainbow pawns. 

We hope this helps, and provides a solution if you weren't able to pledge during the campaign.  Remember, when the CrowdOx survey comes out (in 30-60 days), you will be able to upgrade from the Standard Retail Edition to the Kickstarter Exclusive Set if you choose.

File Preparation

Production is in a happy place!  We are in good shape with the custom components:  the trays, pawns, and lanterns.  We have been working with the factory non-stop on these for a few weeks.  In fact, we hope to be able to share photos of the early non-colored versions very soon.  The printed materials, such as the tiles, are being finalized.  We are currently working on the final version of the rulebook, getting the text where we need it and creating example images.

Just look at that fancy rulebook in progress!!!
Just look at that fancy rulebook in progress!!!

The bottom line is that we are proceeding on schedule with all of this, and we will keep you updated on the progress!

We hope you have a great day!  Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow - go play a board game with your loved ones! :)

'Til next time, game on!

-Team Calliope

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    1. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the explanation. Most of the campaigns I've backed in the past have sent out surveys right after money was received, so I was just curious.

    2. Missing avatar

      Delia Volpi on

      Thanks for the update. I jumped in at the end, but I am now happy to have done it.
      No problem for the survey, I pledged several kickstarters and it is pretty rare the PM/survey comes out immediately. Waiting for it.

    3. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Carrie,
      We are working with CrowdOx to handle the survey and prepare fulfillment. Given this partnership, we are anticipating a 30-60 day window to set up everything in their system and release the survey.

      This is actually well ahead of the schedule we have used in past projects, where the survey usually comes out closer to the fulfillment, and it gives backers plenty of time to reply, as well as time for retailers to gather info on how many copies their customers will be preordering.


    4. Missing avatar


      Just curious, but why is the survey coming out in 30-60 days? Seems like a long time after the end of the campaign..

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian McMeans on

      I want to personally thank Calliope for all you’re doing with this Kickstarter that supports local retail stores!