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An exhilarating board game of tiles, floating lanterns, and constellations for 2-8 players.
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Printed Art Book Stretch Goal

Posted by Chris Leder (Collaborator)

Hello backers!

Hope your weekend is off to a fine start! A great big welcome to everyone who has joined us in the past week - we are grateful to have you on this journey, and your support means everything!

Last week, we unveiled the digital art book as a stretch goal, and a really cool way for longtime (and new!) fans of the Tsuro franchise to immerse themselves in the well as get access to a lot of really cool artwork!  We knew from the get-go that perhaps just digital art wouldn't be enough, which is why we have been working this week with our manufacturer on going a step further with the art book.  Luckily, we worked out a fantastic solution along these lines, both financially and logistically, so there won't be delays or extra shipping!  

So without further ado, we're pleased to announce...

At $200k, a physical Art of Tsuro book will be added into every copy of the first printing of Tsuro: Phoenix Rising!

This was what we had hoped for as the intended end goal - a gorgeous physical art book that backers would be able to flip through and enjoy.

Getting to $200k means we will have already packed the book full of pages and expanded it with developer notes and lots of pieces of art from all three Tsuro games.  It'll be a cool exclusive keepsake for those who supported this campaign!  (Oh! And in case you really wanted the digital version of the art book, we will also still have the PDF version available to backers!)

It really may be a true s-t-r-e-t-c-h to reach $200k, but with over a week to go - and if everyone keeps spreading the word and inviting others to join this campaign - we definitely stand a good chance at making this a reality!

Thanks again!

As we go into the last week, we again want to express our appreciation for all your support, ideas, feedback, and passion!  Have a great weekend!

-Team Calliope


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    1. Kevin M. on

      I'm doing my part!

      (Just pledged. That art book looks amazing. When I opened Tsuro of the Seas years ago I was blown away. I told my friends, I didn't think a game that beautiful had ever been made.)

    2. PonyFlare on

      Nice. Only about 15k to to go and 2 1/2 days (ish) left. Let's hope for that last-minute surge that will push us over the line.

    3. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      @Zerbique - Thank YOU for your kind words and for being a part of this!

    4. Missing avatar


      This is amazing. I wasn't too excited by the additional pieces because they looked too colorful for my taste. But this... THIS is a truly inspiring and exciting stretch goal. Thank you so much!

    5. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      @Shane - Henry is correct. We worked hard this week to lock down the logistics: Backers will get the printed art book in the box and it won't cost them any extra money for shipping, nor will it delay the production of the game. It's a win across the board!

    6. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      @Shane: Quoting the update, "... there won't be delays or extra shipping!"

    7. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      Will this increase shipping cost due to weight? If so, can we opt to leave it out?