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An exhilarating board game of tiles, floating lanterns, and constellations for 2-8 players.
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Stretch Goals & "The Art of Tsuro"

Posted by Chris Leder (Collaborator)

Hello backers!

Pretty amazing how far we have come in such a short time!  As always, thank you for all the support and for spreading the word to others about this campaign!  

Stretch Goals: Where We Have Been

We soared past all the existing stretch goals...before we even hit the halfway mark of the campaign!  Here's all the beautiful stuff you have unlocked, and that everyone will receive if they pledged to get the game:

And that's in addition to an invitation to the Calliope Games 10 Year Celebration at Gen Con in Indy this summer - we hope to see you there!  

Stretch Goals: what?

Here's the truth: This campaign is already way beyond our expectations, which is incredible!  It's natural to want to throw more stretch goals in there to keep things going - things like upgraded pawns, component quality bumps, fancy boards, etc.  But we already incorporated all of that into the game from the outset.  The stretch goal items we have already added were carefully vetted to make sure they wouldn't add a prohibitive amount to the cost or production time of this game.  Make no mistake about our primary objective:

We want to deliver this game on time.

So coming up with more stretch goals that don't dent the finances or cause any delays is very tough.  What we did was listen to you, the awesome backers!  And the #1 area that everyone discussed was doing something with the breathtaking art in Tsuro: Phoenix Rising.  Here are a some great "art-deas" that were floated repeatedly in the comments, via email, and through direct messages:  

1. Art prints of the cover

This is a possibility, but we need to spend adequate time determining a printing partner and getting the pricing right.  Honestly, that would probably be an add-on and not a stretch goal. 

2. Posters of the art

Again, possible, but the cost of shipping tubes of posters is high, and sending them flat may lead to damaged edges.  We are still looking into options that work.

3. A digital PDF art book (WINNER WINNER!!!)

Now this got us excited right away, because it allows us to share the GORGEOUS art that Andy Hepworth has done for Tsuro: Phoenix Rising without all the pesky logistics of shipping and whatnot.  We have decided that this is a great bonus for backers and does not pose a threat to our timeline.  Win-win!!

Behold, "The Art Of Tsuro"

Final cover may vary
Final cover may vary

Andy and our team will assemble the breathtaking art from Tsuro: Phoenix Rising into a digital collection of images and details about the game.  It will be a wonderful reference and offer full art from the cover and components.

Then, as this campaign grows, we will flesh out the book with art from the other games in this classic series: Tsuro: The Game of the Path and Tsuro of the Seas.  As we knock down stretch goals, we will not only put more pictures into the art book, but we will work with the artists, designers, and developers to tell the story of the series in their own words.

We believe this will be a truly beautiful compendium of Tsuro when it is complete, and something backers will really find enlightening.  Hopefully you agree this is the smartest direction for stretch goals in this campaign, and you see why we went this route versus more physical stretch goals.  

And who knows what else we may be able to do with this book, should we reach $200k?  Let's discuss that later...

Keep Soaring!!

Every voice matters - the more eyes on this project, the faster we fill up that art book!  Please post something on social media...and here just happens to be a perfect thing to post:

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is an exciting new entry in the classic #Tsuro series!  Join in the @Kickstarter now to get #exclusive bonus items! @CalliopeGames 

Thank you!

Stay warm, play games, and have fun out there!  Talk to you soon!

- Team Calliope

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    1. Missing avatar

      J. on

      It takes restraint not to promise things you can't easily deliver for stretch goals, especially when there are hordes of backers heckling you about it. Good on you for not caving.

    2. Ken Franklin

      I watched Chris appear on Board Game Revolution live, and he mused on what might happen to digital art at $200,000. Nothing definite, but I don’t think a physical book has but ruled out quite yet.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon Ring on

      Digital copy is a joke, what't the point. Stupid idea.

    4. PonyFlare on

      This.. I will never even look at, to be honest. A physical copy I might have brought out at the gaming table. A digital copy won't ever be downloaded.

      The items we already get are more than awesome enough that I don't care, though.

    5. Lukasz G

      Totally on board for poster/art print even if its an add on. Just saying. I have a fireball island print in the game room already.

    6. Missing avatar

      Geoff Watson

      Rainbow phoenixes, for a total of 24.

    7. Nathan Sinnott on

      I would love the option for a physical copy of the art book 😍

    8. Shawn Clouthier on

      Love, love, love the unlocked stretch goals. I appreciate your focus on cost containment and meeting original delivery dates, but honestly digital art is about the least enticing goal you could add. A commemorative Dragon or Phoenix coin with game art that could serve simultaneously for initiative purposes (instead of oldest goes first) and as an alternate tactile piece to the base game cardboard dragon tile would be far more interesting.

    9. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      We enjoy that game too, Michael!