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An exhilarating board game of tiles, floating lanterns, and constellations for 2-8 players.
3,757 backers pledged $241,621 to help bring this project to life.

We've unlocked the rainbow!!

Posted by Ray Wehrs (Creator)

Hello backers!

We hit $140,000 and that means that every rainbow ship for Tsuro of the Seas is unlocked, joining the whole set of rainbow pawns for Tsuro!


This means that each backer at the Standard Retail Edition, Kickstarter Exclusive Set, Legacy of Tsuro, or Way of the Retailer pledge level will receive these along with all other unlocked stretch goals when Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is fulfilled!   

Woo-hoo!!  But what's next??? 

Many of you have asked what is next in terms of stretch goals.  To be honest, your awesomeness has broken through every expectation for this project, and we have hit every stretch goal we possibly thought we'd hit.  So... we have had to do some on-the-fly brainstorming!

We've been listening to you in the comments, and we know that the art in this game has really struck a chord with backers of this project.  We have a great idea about how to deliver something special along those lines, but for now we are still refining the idea and making sure it won't cause too much added cost or delay the the announcement is going to have to wait a tiny bit.  

We anticipate announcing the next batch of stretch goals tomorrow - most likely with the first one at $150,000.

Phoenix Streaming

Tonight at 8:30pm CST, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising will be featured in a livestream at Board Game Revolution!  

We definitely recommend checking it out!

Please Spread The Word

Thanks for all you have done, and please keep spreading the word to everyone to join!  We are in the wacky position of actually wanting to stretch past $200k...but that's means a lot more eyeballs have to hit this campaign!  Who have helped up surpass all expectations already, so how high can we fly before the end??

Thanks for everything!  We will update again soon!

- Team Calliope


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    1. Missing avatar

      C. M.

      For what it's worth, I share Brian's opinion. And I appreciate you guys steering clear of SGs that impact game play

    2. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      @Brian - Thank you for the sentiment. We agree That is EXACTLY what we want to avoid. Believe me, we aren’t doing ANYTHING to threaten delivery on time if we can help it. Any stretch goals in the back half of the campaign won’t impact the production time. We are very aware of this.

    3. Brian Sebby on

      This may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually hope you *don't* add on any more stretch goals, especially if you hadn't planned for them beforehand. I've seen a number of Kickstarter projects keep adding on stretch goals without really planning for how much they would end up impacting the shipping, production, and design costs, and in a few cases, it's actually sunk the entire Kickstarter project. I would rather you do a good job delivering what you've planned for and promised rather than add a bunch of additional goals that you might not be able to meet.