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$10,744 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$10,744 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Chris Leder Collaborator 2 minutes ago

      @Bryan - Let me see what I can do. It may take a couple days, but I think that can be arranged!

    2. Bryan McInnis 11 minutes ago

      @ Chris Leder
      Is it possible to put some pics up on BGG of some gameplay (or setup) using the wooden safes? I am still liking the look of the black safes, but my pledge add-on finger may get triggered if I can see the upgrades in action. Thanks.

    3. Chris Leder Collaborator about 2 hours ago

      @kendobc - Thanks for your comment. It’s true that the ROW shipping rate is higher than we would like, and we continue to look for partners who can fulfill more affordably. Unfortunately, the current rate is the best estimate we can currently offer to make sure we don’t lose money after the campaign. Thanks, and we will update if and when we get a better rate!

    4. Missing avatar

      kendobc about 2 hours ago

      Hi there, game looks fun but $45 to Japan (seems to be included in ROW) seems quite excessive. Having a cheaper asia/south east asia option would help I think. Backing a game where the shipping is more expensive than the game itself is a hard sell.

    5. Jason Glover
      about 15 hours ago

      WOOT WOOT!!!! I am so super excited for you Ken! This is a really fun game and I cannot wait to play it with my family!

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher Nottingham about 21 hours ago

      Congrats on funding! I'm really excited to play and raid some safes!

    7. Scott Almes
      1 day ago

      Woohoo! Congrats on funding! Can't wait to get the game!

    8. Ken Franklin
      1 day ago

      Thank You, Lord! Thank you to all backers and encouragers, and thank you to Team Calliope! Now, we will see how fast this puppy can take off in stores!

    9. Troy Mepyans 1 day ago

      Congratulations, Ken! Never doubted it for a moment!

    10. Bryan McInnis 1 day ago

      Right on! Goal achieved. Congrats @Ken Franklin. It must be an amazing feeling to have a labor of love come to life with the support of others. God Bless!

    11. Chris Leder Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Josh - Good question. I’ll have to get back to you on that, but my guess is the answer is yes.

    12. Chris Leder Collaborator 1 day ago

      Congrats, everyone!! We hit $10,000!! Thanks so much for all your support!

      Please keep telling people about the game, so we can reach even higher! We have some cool things shaping up over the next week or so - can’t wait to share them! Let’s get more people in on this Caper by mentioning the game on social media and in person to others!

      Thanks again!!!!

    13. John DeCocq
      1 day ago

      Goal! Congratulations!

    14. Shenanigames
      1 day ago


      Just wondering if there will be late pledges available after the campaign ends?


    15. Natasha Follett 2 days ago

      Can’t wait to get the final product of this! Great job Ken and team Calliope!! ❤️

    16. Jason Glover
      3 days ago

      Let's go people let's go! We are getting close!

    17. Chris Leder Collaborator 3 days ago

      Great idea, Bryan! I’ll get on it!

    18. Bryan McInnis 3 days ago

      I wanted to suggest throwing some pictures up on BGG page with the wooden safes, so we can give them some thumbs and maybe get this game to hit the hot list. I have backed a few games that I was introduced to first on the BGG hot list.

    19. Chris Leder Collaborator 3 days ago

      Holy cow! 90%! If 30 more backers join this Caper, we have hit the goal! Please spread the word - and if you haven't already, please consider add the Wooden Safes from The Broken Token - only $15 for a set of 5! Thanks so much to everyone who has backed the project! We appreciate it! Let's break 100%!

    20. Missing avatar

      Brad Bachelor 4 days ago

      Had to support a fellow Michigander. Game looks fantastic!

    21. Ken Franklin
      4 days ago

      I. Am. Astounded. Thank you to all who have supported The Mansky Caper to date. Thank you to the phenomenal Team Calliope. God Bless!

    22. Chris Leder Collaborator 5 days ago

      78% and 215 backers! What a great day! We are only about 60 pledges from funding - let’s spread the word about the Caper and reach that funding goal...and beyond!

    23. Bryan McInnis 5 days ago

      Since the game would be expandable using additional rooms (and thereby requiring more safes), another add-on suggestion is to make additional black safes - the originals - available for purchase. As far as my aesthetic comment earlier, I actually prefer the black color of the safes. Again, thanks for quick replies.

    24. Bryan McInnis 5 days ago

      @ Chris Leder

      Also, nice interview with the gang at Tantrum House. Excellent role-playing in the vocals!

    25. Chris Leder Collaborator 5 days ago

      Hi Bryan,

      One of the reasons we went with these safes is that they had that great vintage look, and fit with the aesthetic quite well!

      As for the room cards, there are 10 of them included in the box, but you only use 5 at random each game. This creates a variable setup each time. You could easily add more (or less) rooms to play a longer (or shorter) game. 5 is just a nice number of rooms to play in a normal session.


    26. Bryan McInnis 5 days ago

      I have mixed feelings on the add-on. My first thought is that the wooden safes change the overall aesthetic of the game board; however, the new safes do have a classy and well-designed look about them.

      @ Chris Leder

      I noticed that Lance, the Undead Viking, threw out early in his video (~3min) that a super mansion may could be created that involved using more room tiles. So my question is, is it possible to expand the mansion size with this add-on? Or, are the number of components scaled to a 5 room game only? Thanks.

    27. Chris Leder Collaborator 5 days ago

      @John - We’re still exploring add-on options, so nothing is necessarily off the table.

      The tough thing is that a custom metal coin add-on would probably cost $40-$50. The cost of the coins themselves could be around $30 and we would need to charge for shipping (144 metal coins can be a bit hefty!).

      What is an acceptable add-on amount that you be willing to pay for metal coins?

    28. John DeCocq
      5 days ago

      Nice add-on! I was expecting metal coins but this is awesome.

    29. Chris Leder Collaborator 5 days ago

      Jeremy, welcome to the Family! We won't soon forget your loyalty!

    30. Jeremy R.
      5 days ago

      Finally pulled the trigger on this one.(Ha!) Called in all my contracts, er, I meant contacts, to get some momentum going again. Love this era for gaming and can't wait to get this beauty to the table. Everything else, fuhgedaboudit!!!

    31. Chris Leder Collaborator 5 days ago

      @BarryBuc - I think you’ve hit on a very thinky idea for an expansion! :D

    32. BarryBuc
      6 days ago

      What else could be in the safes? What about a Schrodinger's cat token? Once recovered, you flip it. Heads is a live cat with a diamond cat collar worth a lot. Tails is a dead cat (without the collar).

    33. Mike Buccieri 6 days ago

      This is great! Let’s keep the Caper Train Rollin’!

    34. Eric Hyland 6 days ago

      Let's keep it going!

    35. Jason Glover
      6 days ago

      60% WOOT WOOT!

    36. Chris Leder Collaborator 7 days ago

      Great to have you aboard! Thanks for pulling the trigger! :)

    37. Bryan McInnis 7 days ago

      I have been eye-balling this project since it hit KS. Really like the video overview by the designer. Good job encouraging @Kevin. I finally pulled the pledge trigger after reading your post. Looking forward to a fun, light hearted, semi-cooperative game for the family and friends.

    38. Chris Leder Collaborator 7 days ago

      Halfway there! Thanks to everyone who is in on the Caper!

      Keep your eyes peeled for a big add-on announcement wood not want to miss it! :D

    39. Kevin Rodgers 7 days ago

      If you are undecided about whether or not to back this game, I hope you will consider the following:

      - The value is exceptional. 20% off and the game is LOADED with a wide array of different components and the gameplay is such that it can be played over and over with high replay value.

      - The designer is a great person who has made an equally great game.

      - The publisher has a history of providing high quality games that reach a wide audience.

      - I have had the pleasure of playing this a few times and can promise a great experience each and time out.

      I hope that this helps tip the scales in favor of backing this fun Gaza me!

    40. Jason Glover
      7 days ago

      Let's do this people! Share, Share, Share!

    41. Chris Leder Collaborator on January 13

      @Patrick - I’m working on the answers to your questions about languages and shipping rate for Switzerland. I’ll post as soon as I know.

      @John - Thanks for posting! We couldn’t be happier that the game is finally coming to the big stage. It’s so fun!

      @Jedi_Gunslinger - We explored that option a while back, but the cost for molds and production seemed prohibitively high, so currently there are no plans. We WILL have an announcement about a different add-on upgrade on Monday though!

    42. Jedi_Gunslinger
      on January 13

      Any chance for miniatures to replace standies?

    43. John DeCocq
      on January 13

      I had the opportunity to play this wonderful game with the creator, Ken Franklin, at the Origins Game Fair in 2017. It was clearly a labor of love and a well designed game. The idea of having a power you can only use to help others and trading favors to get them to assist you is unique and a lot of fun. Do you need that favor now, or should you hold off another turn for the chance to reap even greater rewards?
      We had five people at the table and everyone had a great time playing.
      I am eagerly anticipating this one!

    44. Missing avatar

      on January 13

      What languages have you planned for the game?
      Does Switzerland really not count as EU? For shipping 45$ is not affordable for me.

    45. Chris Leder Collaborator on January 12

      Amazing start, everyone! Thanks for joining the project! We have some fun surprises we are working on. Please spread the word to everyone you think would like the game!

    46. Ken Franklin
      on January 11

      Nearly a quarter of the way in just 3 hours! Thank you so much, backers and word-spreaders! God Bless!

    47. Chris Leder Collaborator on January 11

      Thanks, Jason! Great to have you aboard for the heist!

    48. Jason Glover
      on January 11

      1st Backer and 1st Comment!
      Okay, neither of those are true, but I am so excited to be a day 1 backer and comment number 7! I got a chance to play this game a ways back and it truly is a great one! So happy and excited for you Ken!

      Let's get this funded!

    49. Chris Leder Collaborator on January 11

      Hi Karl,
      Please note that we cannot ship multiple games to multiple addresses within the same pledge, due to cost and logistics restraints. You can have up to two copies of the game shipped to an address without incurring extra shipping using one pledge. Beyond that, it's best to have separate accounts make pledges for other addresses.

    50. Ray Wehrs 6-time creator on January 11

      Karl, you can "Call in a Favor" and change the "Ship to" address up to a week before the product ships ":^{D>

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