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The Tabletop Game of Robbing Rooms and Dodging Booms!
The Tabletop Game of Robbing Rooms and Dodging Booms!
The Tabletop Game of Robbing Rooms and Dodging Booms!
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    1. Chris Leder Collaborator 4 days ago

      Quick update in case any backers pop in here see what's happening (and it's not yet Update-sized news...):

      We were told at the start of July by the factory that the game would be shipping out this week, so we await the word that that has indeed taken place. Once we receive that confirmation, it will be about a month until it arrives, and barring any delays from customs and getting it from port to our warehouse, we should be fulfilling it to backers right around the first week of September. We will definitely send out a formal update once we have these dates confirmed!

      Thanks, everyone! Carry on!

    2. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Mel,
      The wooden safes have nothing to do with the delay. Those are being produced separately by Broken Token and take very little time to cut. The delay was caused by the cardboard safes included with the base game. They needed not only to be produced correctly, but also assembled properly with a strong enough bond to hold up to long term play. We never add stretch goals or add-one that delay the core production. Thanks!

    3. Mel On KS

      I think if the wooden safes were not added or quality checked properly in the first place - we would have the games on schedule. I do not understand why the game wasn't produced when the wooden safes were independent of it anyhow.,,,totally separate and not a part of the main game itself.

    4. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Ethan,

      Please send an email with the correct address to and I’ll make sure it gets updated.



    5. Ethan Shane Overcash on

      Hi! I have moved and need to update my shipping address. How do I do that?

    6. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Steven,
      I addressed this in the latest update ( but I'll reiterate here. After all the back-and-forth with the factory to get the safes done to our quality expectations, the game is in production now. The latest estimate for shipping from overseas is mid-July, which puts fulfillment probably in September. I'm sorry for the delay, but we are excited to have the finished copies out ASAP!

    7. Steven Lloyd on

      "Typically, we would be looking at 30 days from now [June 5], but we believe that most of the game is already done and just awaiting the safes to be added, so it should be sooner."

      Any word on this? Thoughts on when shipping will begin?

    8. Ken Franklin

      Sorry for the typos. *climb *2018

    9. Ken Franklin

      If you would like to see The Mansky Caper clime the BGG Hotness list for GenCon 2028, please use this link and hit the thumb:…

    10. Bryan McInnis on

      Thanks for the recent update and for taking the time to make the safes indestructible!... or at least until Al's security system levels the old place. Nice suit and tie @Ken in the con shots. I enjoyed watching the video preview from Origins. I look forward to September!

    11. Ken Franklin

      I have held the final preproduction copy in my hands, and have demoed it 15 times at trade shows and at Origins in the past 2 weeks. It is top quality, and has held up without any damage. As the designer, I am grateful to Calliope and have total confidence in the final product.

    12. Mel On KS

      A July delivery is better than months down the track - crossing fingers that we do get is quality.

    13. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Thanks for your kind words and patience, everyone. Here's the latest. We recently received a set of sample safes from the factory that are absolutely wonderful. Having stress tested them both in the base and the hinge, we have given the thumbs up for final production to begin at the factory. We now await word as to how quickly that will wrap up, so assembly and shipping can begin. Typically, we would be looking at 30 days from now, but we believe that most of the game is already done and just awaiting the safes to be added, so it should be sooner. As soon as we have confirmation on that and a more solid schedule, I will put up an official update. Thanks again!

    14. The Shogunstein on

      You guys have been honest and kept us in the loop, so no worries here. Do what you got to do. Anyone interested in seeing what a disaster of a kickstarter looks like go and check out "tavern trouble" that is 180 degrees from here. Looking forward to the game once the safe's issue is resolved.

    15. Bryan McInnis on

      @Chris Leder I agree with Steven... am happy to wait for a stellar, finalized product. As the safes get the heaviest use out of the game components - with lots of opening, shaking, and closing - I am glad you guys are taking due diligence to provide a product that will last. This is a game I am sure the family and friends will love.

    16. Steven Lloyd on

      @michael That is a risk you take with kickstarter, if you can't deal with the risk, my advice is to avoid kickstarter projects.

      @Chris, no worries, I was basically just prompting for an update (which you gave). The game ships when the game ships. I have plenty to keep my busy while I wait.

    17. Ken Franklin

      As the designer, I ache for every delay - but Chris, Ray Wehrs, and the rest of Calliope are literally working EVERY SINGLE DAY to get this across the line. You WILL hold this in your hands very soon, and you will smile.

    18. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Michael,
      While it’s true and unfortunate that we won’t be able to deliver the game exactly on schedule, I can assure you that the game is very much in production. I have tried to stay transparent about the one facet of production that is holding us up (the safe) and I sincerely apologize if I haven’t been forthcoming enough with satisfactory updates in that regard. Calliope Games is proud of the games we produce. We are an established publisher that stands by our quality, and we want to make sure everyone is satisfied with the final product. Sorry to have to ask for a little more patience, but I assure you the game is coming soon!

    19. michael

      Soooooooo.. . .this is much like Kilbots. We invest, may never see the return we thought we had staked?

    20. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Yes...May delivery is out. The complete truth is that the back-and-forth to get the safes to our standards has taken much longer than expected, but it’s absolutely essential that the safes are durable and functional as long as possible. We have every other part ready to pack, and the last sample of safes was very, very close. I will post an update as soon as we have a clearer timeline. My apologies for the delay, but I promise it will be worth it when the game arrives!

    21. Steven Lloyd on

      So I have a feeling we aren't getting delivery in May? :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Thanks for the update:)

    23. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Vincent,

      The game hasn’t been shipped yet. We are still working on the safe with the factory. As soon as that is finished, I’ll post an update about the shipping. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Has the game been sent out yet?

    25. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Sinead,
      No worries! We got a second sample from the factory last week, which was much closer to what we need from the game. At this point, the only outstanding point is the base of the safes. So far, the samples have had some problems with the bases dropping out during gameplay. That won’t do! We are awaiting a final tweak to make sure the safes (a major component, obviously!) are durable for the long term. Once we have that locked down, everything else will be ready and the games will be packed up for shipping. I’ll be sure to update once that happens! Thanks!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Sinead on

      any update on the game? would love to know when to expect it delivered :D Never been known for my patience lol

    27. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Us too! The factory has been sending new production sample elements and the finish line is in sight!

    28. Missing avatar

      Joe Cenname on

      Getting closer and closer and I’m getting more and more excited for this game.

    29. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      The surveys are out! Check out the latest update for details!

    30. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hey Steven,
      We are using the vanilla KS survey. :)
      Should go out this week!

    31. Steven Lloyd on

      Are you using the vanilla KS survey or are you using a pledge manager of some sort?

    32. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Paul,
      Yes you will. We are buttoning up the surveys now, and when we send them out, you will have the opportunity at that time to let us know the address you wish to use.
      I will post an update (and comment in this forum) when the surveys go out.

    33. Paul Phillips on

      Good Morning,

      I have moved since I entered my pledge. Will I have an opportunity to confirm my mailing address prior to shipment?


    34. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      Hi Steve,
      Yeah, I don’t know where they received their info, but the retail price of the game is $40, not $20. Even if the price was $20, the lowest they should be able to sell it is $16. Based on realistic pricing and our publicly available advertised price policy, anyone selling it online for less than $32 is violating our terms and devaluing the game. Thanks for pointing this out. Such a shame :(

    35. Steve G

      Not real happy that Miniature Market's preorder price is much cheaper than the backer's price. Not cool.

    36. Bryan McInnis on

      @Ken Fair enough and thanks.

    37. Ken Franklin

      @Brian McInnis - I am personally hopeful that the wooden safe licensing agreement between Calliope and The Broken Token will endure after the game's release. However, I am but a humble designer, and I will have to wait to see like you.

    38. Jason Glover

      Congrats Calliope Team! And a special congrats to Ken! So happy for you buddy. Hope to see more games from you in the future! WOOT WOOT!

    39. Missing avatar

      Tom Horwath

      Glad to be able to help support this project, can’t wait to get it to the table. To Ken Franklin, thanks for your passion for gaming ( I read the info about you on the campaign page). Looking foreward to playing this with family and friends. YOU DESERVE THIS. Thank you for this game and thank you for your service!

    40. Bryan McInnis on

      @Chris or Ken
      Due to pledging on multiple KS campaigns this year, I wasn't able to add the wooden safes into my pledge during this campaign (so many good campaigns already this year). Just wondering if they will be available after the campaign, such as in retail?

    41. Bryan McInnis on

      @Chris & @Ken
      Congratulations on a successful campaign. Looking forward to getting this one to the table. I am sure it will get a lot of play with family and friends.

    42. Ken Franklin

      "Thank you" seems so inadequate compared to the gratitude I feel toward Ray Wehrs, Chris Leder, the Calliope family, and all of you. God Bless you all!

    43. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU! The Mansky Caper is successfully funded, and we can’t wait for you to play! We extend our heartfelt gratitude for everyone who backed the project and shared it to friends and family! We will post an official update soon!

    44. Jeremy R.

      Congrats all! I'll see ya in da funny papers!

    45. Ray Wehrs 6-time creator on

      Hi Craig,
      We don't typically employ a Pledge Manager - we simply use the survey that Kickstarter generates. This does mean that typically we can't add to pledges later. But I will find out for certain and let you know.

    46. Craig S Kennedy on

      Hi backed $1 Just now, I'm short on cash just now would this pledge level give me access to a PM with an option to increase later?

    47. Gamerati on

      We posted this yesterday:

      Retweets to help get the word out appreciated. :)

    48. Chris Leder Collaborator on

      We’re in the FINAL 36 HOURS!! Welcome to the heist, everyone who has joined us recently! And thank you all!

    49. Ken Franklin

      @Troy - feel free to keep the wooden safes as a decorative project while you play with the cardboard ones - lol

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