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A group of gamers are attempting to bring a gaming/comic book convention to Northern Indiana.

It's time for a new gaming convention experience in northern Indiana!

UPDATE 10-11-13

YOU DID IT!!!!!! River-Con is fully funded!!!! This gives us great legs to stand on as we move forward with the convention. We will be making a Thank You video VERY soon. 

UPDATE 10-06-13

As we close the chapter on the first week of our Kickstarter we couldn't be happier. Nearly 50% funded and still three weeks to go!!! You all are really pulling out the stops to make this happen. KEEP IT UP!!! Our vendor space is filling up FAST!!!! Many of our vendors are local artists and crafters from around the area. Here is our current vendor list.  

Rule Zero  

Light Trading Company  

Chronicle City  

From ETSY  













Please take a moment to check them out and see what awesome wears they are bringing to the convention. Also don't forget to check out our vlog every week to see when we add new vendors...we are getting them EVERYDAY!!! We also have added A LOT of games. As we meet with the GM's we will be posting them on facebook and here in our updates. The lovely lady behind Chef Bizzaro Millinery is our first confirmed judge for our costume contest. She is SUPER excited and can't wait to see you all in costume. Check back often for updates and new videos.

The Gaming, Sci-Fi, Anime and Fantasy Convention coming to MICHIANA!!! 

What is River-Con? 

A one day convention held in South Bend, IN meant for the whole family. We feel that there needs to be a better convention presence in the area. We have plans to have events for science fiction, gaming, and anime stuff all day. When it comes to tabletop games we won’t be beat. We haven’t forgotten about the card games, board games, or miniatures games. They will have a strong presence as well. We want to present them all under one roof. 

EXPERIENCE - We are highly experienced. We have decades of retail experience handling sales, organizing, and running events. We're already working on a schedule of events as more companies come on board and we should have the website live after the close of this campaign. 


 The Century Center in lovely downtown South Bend, IN. South Bend is the perfect spot. It's a reasonable drive from most major cities in the region: Chicago, IL (1.5 hours), Indianapolis, IN (3 hours), Bloomington, IN (3.5 hours), Cleveland, OH (4 hour), Detroit, MI (3 hour), Cincinnati, OH (4 hour), Fort Wayne,IN (2 hour), Lansing, MI (2.5 hour), Kalamazoo, MI (1.5 hour), West Lafayette/ Purdue, IN (2.5 hour), Milwaukee, WI (3 hour), Champaign, IL (3 hours),Toledo, OH (2.5 hours) & Grand Rapids, MI (2 hours)And if you don't want to drive, we've got a great airport here too. 

We have a block of rooms at the Double Tree Hotel for those coming a great distance. It has a hamster tube, I mean sky way, that goes right to the Century Center. 

 The Century Center is a great facility. It's roomy, presentable, and has all the modern conveniences we could want for a gaming convention. It even has its own parking lot!!! We are currently in suites 12-15 which is refered to as the White Water Ballroom. We also have room S16 for staff. 

 The city of South Bend is welcoming us with open arms. They are on board with helping us in every way they can. They believe in increasing the diversity of entertainment options. And more importantly, they believe in what we're trying to achieve with this event.


 We're working with all the major game companies to bring events to this convention. We'll have trophies to hand out. We are also having lots of contests and freebies throughout the day. We've got all kinds of things lined up. We have so many things planned and we're working overtime behind the scenes to get even more support from across the industry. 

We hope to have some guests or panels but that all depends on the budget. We're going to have events from all the major categories from all the major games. Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dungeons & Dragons, Warmachine, Malifaux, Pathfinder, Heroclix, and piles of board games! 

There will be a board game library with games available for rental throughout the day. There will also be a dealer's room with a strong variety of vendors. 

 It's also about more than just having fun. We want to keep raising awareness of the positive influence gaming can have. Spending just a few hours sitting down and playing a game as a family could make a huge impact on a young persons life. We're dedicated to the project for the long haul. We don't want this to be a one and done event. We've already began talking with the City of South Bend about future events. If this one is successful, the sky's the limit on what we can do for future conventions here. 

 Serious. Dedicated. Experienced. Gamers. That's what we've got here. We're going to put our best efforts behind this convention. 

 We also have a Facebook page running: 

 ******************************STRETCH GOALS********************************** 

 Once we've reached our goal of $2,000, it will be time to start unlocking extra stuff! 

@ $3,500 -  Panels!!!! We will hold several panels on topics chosen by YOU!!!!

@ $4,000 -  GUEST STAR!!!! We are going to have a special guest at the con.

@ $5,000 –  MORE SPACE!!! We have earned enough to rent more space for vendors and games. 

@ $7,000 – NERF WAR!!! A bank of room will be rented so that a pirate like boarding simulation can take place. Special waivers will need to be signed for this event.

@ $9,000 - We're moving on up!!! We have made enough to get into the a majority of the convention center. More Space = More fun stuff and more vendors!!!!

@$9,500 - VIP level unlocked!!! Members at the Grand Overlord and Keys of the Kingdom levels will get access to a VIP lounge.

@ $25,000 – If the con can get to this level in donations then we have an absolute blow out of a time. 

 No prizes will be shipped. They can be picked up the day of the convention or at prevents announced by River-Con staff.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We deal in business every day. Organization will be the largest hurdle for this Kickstarter and we've already got a crew of people in place to help with organization. We even have a strong web person updating regularly as things get leveled out.

We'll do everything we can to stay on top of it and keep each one of you updated as we move forward. We want this to be the best all around gaming experience for every attendee, so that this becomes a yearly event.


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