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Easily lock out your internet via a switch or key based mechanical disconnect. 100% protection against system intrusions when activated


PCkeyLock is a simple mechanical device that controls access to and from the internet with a flick of a switch or the turn of a key without the need to reboot your computer or modem.


Data protection and elimination of system intrusions should be a priority for everyone with a computer connected to the internet.

Software solutions and diligent usage of firewalls and appropriate on-line usage protocols may work well if used correctly, updated diligently and managed by competent IT Professionals. Although intrusions into the CIA, Major Banks and Media outlets show that even these measures are not 100% effective.

Where does that leave the rest of us? The only way to ensure you cannot be compromised by an intrusion into your system is to be disconnected from the internet. 

Hackers, Bots, and Zombies are up all night trying to take advantage of us when we leave our computers on through the night and when we are not using them. Now we can walk away with a flip of a switch, knowing we are absolutely secure from intrusion.  


 Our Workshop

 Bill running tests on final design prototypes

Rudy testing assembly process


PCkeyLock physically breaks the CAT5/6 connection in your system configuration wherever you install it.

When activated, PCkeyLock will instantly disconnect your computer from your modem – breaking your computer's connection to the internet safely and totally. When deactivated, PCkeyLock will reconnect your computer to the modem and internet…safely and Instantly. No waiting for rebooting or awkwardly trying to reconnect wires.PCkeyLock is not a high tech, software driven device. It is simply a unique Internet Mechanical switch operated by either a small rocker switch, or a removable key . It easily installs in seconds.

Because PCkeylock breaks the hard line connection, it works with any system configeration: Hardwired or wireless.  As long as there a direct cable connection, either to a computer, router or modem somewhere in your system. There is never a need to wait for your computer to boot-up.

PCkeylock comes in two versions:

The Rocker
The Rocker

The “Rocker” PCkeyLock-  Designed for use with any computer or network, where the only goal is to prevent external access or intrusion when your are not using your computer system. 

If your only concerns are your vunerability to an outside attack or intrusion into your network or computer, then this unit is the ideal desk-top accessory.

This unit was designed for simple and foolproof operation.

It is so simple to use that it even makes a great gift for elderly parents or grandparents, giving them and you peace of mind that their computers are safe from attack.

The Locker
The Locker

Locker” PCkeyLock- It works the same way as the “Rocker," but instead of a switch, a key is used to turn the internet on and off. Perfect for parents with children, or anyone that needs to control access to the internet internally. Special tamper-proof stickers are included to make sure it can't be circumvented and unplugged.

The "Locker" was designed for people who need to be able to securely lockout users, such as:

     *  Parents with Children

     *  Landlords with Vacation Rentals

     *  "Questionable" house guests or roommates

Installation and Configuration:

A) Hardwired Connection of Computer to Modem or Router

B) Wireless Network connected via Combination Router/Modem

PCkeyLock and VOIP

VOIP products (i.e. MagicJack, etc.) may not work if the VOIP is installed on the output side of PCkeyLcok and the PCkeyLock is turned to the off position. 


We have working prototypes that have gone through extensive field testing to ensure not only that the units works, but that there is no loss of bandwidth or data capacity.

From the very begining of PCkeyLock, we wanted to keep our assembly in the US. Both Bill and Rudy have long been supporters of Goodwill and their Job Training programs. We have commitments from a local Goodwill Industries Facility to provide final assembly and once the project funds, have the ability to contract for production of up to 10,000 units per month

We have the internal components sourced, both domestically as well as internationally and have committed lead times of 15 days for most components.


In order for PCkeylock to be delivered at the price-points we are targeting, certain minimum quantities are required, and this is why we are here on Kickstarter.


The Clocker” PCkeyLock

For Servers using any operating system in an corporate environment that is hardwired into the Internet via a modem and then branches off to individual Personal Computers, laptops or satellite offices.

The “Clockerl” PCkeyLock is operated with a 24/7 one week electronic timer switch that makes the mechanical disconnection and also has a manual on/off switch. No software is involved.

This is perfect for small to mid size businesses that have vital and confidential information on their server’s hard-drive.It allows you to program the times of operating business hours for internet access and then turns off automatically to give absolute protection during down times. Special Security Pressure Sensitive tape is included to make sure that the CAT5 line is not removed and replaced with a substitute.“Absolute Commercial Protection”.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We already have existing relationships with the manufacturers involved and, believe we have found the best people for this project, but of course with any new product there is a chance of some manufacturing delays and unforeseen challenges.

In order to mitigate the chances of this happening, we have sourced back-up manufacturers.

Since the product is in its late design stage, there is a chance we may make some changes to the design to further improve or add additional functionality which may result in minimal changes to the expected timelines.


  • First of all, we would like to thank you for the comments on PCkeyLock, and say that none of you are "that guy." Everything PCkeyLock does can be achieved by unplugging your ethernet cable manually, or by putting a connector in-line and unplugging from there.
    PCkeyLock was designed for computer users that are not comfortable around the computer, especially unplugging cables.
    With my apologies upfront to her, people like my mother. It gives her the ability to use a simple switch.

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  • Yes, unplugging the locked unit and bypassing it with a patch cord would bypass the lock and allow your children access to the internet. This is why the locker unit comes with tamper-proof stickers (Similar to the ones on your License Plate Annual Tag Stickers.) If you try to remove the connector, you have to destroy the sticker and it immediately becomes apparent.

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