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A System Neutral, deck based story builder for Fantasy GMs who need a helping hand to prepare for a session
#fantasyrpg #GMsTarot
A System Neutral, deck based story builder for Fantasy GMs who need a helping hand to prepare for a session #makethegame #fantasyrpg #GMsTarot
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12 ~The Tomorrow Knight at Everything Nerdy and Anything in Between

Posted by Wartorn Games (Creator)

`The Tomorrow Knight from @ETNAIB took the time out to test the GMs Tarot 

This is what they had to say about it.

"So, if you missed my post on Wednesday, we were contacted a while back by Wartorn Games to playtest a set of GM Tarot Cards- Basically tools to help GM's not have to spend 3 hours thinking of a scenario right before game night. 

I finally got a chance to put these cards into action, and if you just want the short version, these cards can make for some great fun and are a great way to spice up your gaming buddies, and I highly recommend contributing to their Kickstarter Campaign!

The deck contains 50 cards, with three different types:
16 subjects, 17 scenarios, and 17 locations.

After the deck is shuffled, the GM draws one of each of type, and that combination is the basis for your game. On my draw, I got "Pyramid" as the location, "Cultists" as the subject, and "You Shall Not Pass!" as the scenario. And oh man... Did things escalate from there.

I decided the game from these cards would be a one-shot adventure, and since my gaming groups is 5 of my friends who all know each other really well, I decided to give them some leeway. 

We usually play #Pathfinder, and I told them to just make a level 5 character with no race or class restrictions. Kids. NEVER GIVE YOUR PLAYERS NO RESTRICTIONS. I don't think they intended to break the game, but working in tandem, it was damn near impossible to kill them.

Anyway, with my cards in hand, I decided to make the world sort of like #Planescape: That is, all mythologies were correct. Basically, the plot was going to be nobody could leave the city the party was in, because anyone who tried to leave mysteriously vanished into the desert. 

When the sun failed to rise, the party would eventually discover that the reason people were disappearing was because cultists of Apophis were using them to magically buff the serpent so he could escape the underworld and destroy everything. And the cult was in a pyramid. Because.

So naturally, once I gave the hints of where the plot was going, my friends did their best to ignore it. Instead, they spent a good 20 minutes interrogating this one druggie in a bar. Despite how I kept insisting the guy didn't know anything, the party seemed to be convinced the local black market was somehow responsible and likely would never have left the city if I hadn't given the guy a heart attack from fear of a giant drider. They seemed to get the hint after that.

So they next day they headed out, and in their first encounter with the cultists, I barely damaged them, but that's my fault for underestimating them. Once they got inside the pyramid, they actually were quite stumped with a water trap, but pretty much every subsequent trap was rendered moot when 3 of the 4 could defy the laws of gravity. 

Eventually, when they found the cultist's lair, one of them managed to convince the head cultist that he was on their side while the rest of the party brought the roof down on the rest of the cult. Then they forced the head cultist to perform a ritual that sent them all to the gates of the underworld, and they sacrificed the cultist to get the gates open, and that's where things ended.

So despite how much I didn't kill the party, these cards ended up giving us one of the most fun and memorable sessions we've had in a very long time! 

It was a great way to change the pace from our regular campaign where we all run a detective agency (And gave our GM a chance to play for a change), and honestly, making all the PC's ridiculously OP really did make it more fun! 

We all had an incredible time playing with these, and if you need a way to change up the formula with your group, I can't recommend this deck enough! So if you're interested, please contribute to the Kickstarter campaign! At the time I'm writing this, they're a little over $100 away from their goal with 25 days remaining, and I firmly believe it's worthy your investment!"

~The Tomorrow Knight, 

The picture in this update is the new Banner for @ETNAIB which was created by Red of Overly Sarcastic Productions

Because of the limitations of the KS interface and the person using it (yes, I admit to being a technonumpty of the highest order) I've copied and pasted the review and dropped it here. 

I've also borrowed the Banner, because well, its awesome.


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