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Pre-order Aloud's new album 'Exile' and help support Aloud's first coast-to-coast national tour!
Pre-order Aloud's new album 'Exile' and help support Aloud's first coast-to-coast national tour!
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We've met our goal! + Exile tour dates + Going to the dogs?

Thank you all so much! We've met and exceeded our goal! We're very overwhelmed and extremely grateful. Going the fan-funding route was a very new thing for us, and you guys proved that it can work. Hitting our goal is a small victory for eliminating the dreaded middleman. Backers: go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. Get yourselves a few scoops of ice cream you've been holding out on. Sure, it's 9am, but you've more than earned it; you're an adult, you're allowed to eat ice cream in the morning. We'll be sending out love letters and such soon.

Now, I'll be honest. The short video below was filmed before we hit our goal, so a few, er... adjustments had to be made in post-production. Rest assured Zack was in no real danger; a copy of Twilight was close by, ensuring that everyone present at the shoot would lose their appetite.

Below are the tour dates for the fall leg of the Exile tour! Some dates are subject to change, yadda yadda, but if you see your city not listed here or want to recommend a venue or a band to play with, please let us know! Shoot a message over to

All right, all. Thanks again. You're all stars. :)


PS: If you still haven't pre-ordered the record, you can still do so until 11:59pm EDT tonight!

Oct 19-23 : New York, NY/Brooklyn, NY : CMJ Music Marathon
Oct 24 : Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 25 : Youngstown, OH : Barley's
Oct 26 : Chicago, IL
Oct 27 : Dubuque, IA
Oct 28 : Des Moines, IA
Oct 29 : Omaha, NE
Oct 30 : Lawrence, KS
Oct 31 : Lincoln, NE
Nov 2 : Westminster, CO : Front Range Community College
Nov 3 : Boulder, CO
Nov 4 : Denver, CO
Nov 5 : Steamboat Springs, CO
Nov 6 : Pocatello, ID : First National Bar
Nov 7 : Boise, ID
Nov 8 : Spokane, WA
Nov 10 : Wenatchee, WA : Wenatchee Valley College
Nov 11 : Seattle, WA
Nov 12 : Portland, OR
Nov 13 : Eugene, OR
Nov 14 : Chico, CA
Nov 15 : San Francisco, CA
Nov 16 : Los Angeles, CA
Nov 18 : San Diego, CA : San Diego State University
Nov 19 : Los Angeles, CA
Nov 20 : Las Vegas, NV
Nov 21 : Flagstaff, AZ
Nov 22 : Phoenix, AZ
Nov 23 : Tucson, AZ
Nov 24 : Las Cruces, NM
Nov 26 : Albuquerque, NM
Nov 27 : Santa Fe, NM
Nov 29 : Lubbock, TX
Nov 30 : Dallas, TX
Dec 1 : Austin, TX
Dec 2 : Houston, TX
Dec 3 : Baton Rouge, LA
Dec 4 : Huoma, LA
Dec 5 : New Orleans, LA
Dec 7 : Little Rock, AR
Dec 8 : Fayetteville, AR
Dec 9 : Tulsa, OK
Dec 10 : Wichita, KS
Dec 11 : Springfield, MO
Dec 13 : Memphis, TN
Dec 14 : Nashville, TN
Dec 17 : Atlanta, GA
Dec 16 : Charleston, SC
Dec 17 : Asheville, NC
Dec 18 : Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 20 : Washington, DC
Dec 21 : Philadelphia, PA
Dec 22 : New York, NY

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