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I'm Not Adam: A psychological thriller about discovering who you really are's video poster

Reality and illusion blur in this story about an ordinary guy who is mistaken for a celebrity that someone wants to kill. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 9, 2010.

Reality and illusion blur in this story about an ordinary guy who is mistaken for a celebrity that someone wants to kill.

About this project

The above video is a short introduction about the project followed by a two minute trailer.

By becoming a supporter you join in the process and fun of finishing our film. We have some cool scenes coming up in the 2nd half of filming and you’ll receive regular updates showing key moments from the film.

Once we complete production you’ll be a part of the editing as we review rough cuts and even raw scenes where you get to pick what you think are the best takes.

Film Synopsis I'm Not Adam is a feature length story about an everyday ordinary guy who is mistaken for a celebrity that someone is out to kill. He is pursued through the streets and back alleys of a nightmarish downtown, encountering strangers who have a mysterious connection to him. His only chance for surviving the night is to find his famous look-alike.

Checkout the website,, to get more info.

At some point in our life I think most everyone asks themselves difficult questions such as; how do I define myself? Am I living the life I want to be living? Who am I?

These questions go back to Aristotle. It's in our DNA. I think sometimes we get lost in our day-to-day life and forget, or have never discovered, who we want to be. You wake up one day and ask, "How did I get here?" Maybe it's the trauma of the economy or some kind of collective consciousness but it seems people are waking from a long sleep and re-examining how they live their life. We are re-inventing ourselves; it's happening more and more. Some by choice and some have been left with no other option.

Thematically, my film is about living a conscious life, waking up and searching for answers to these universal questions. My goal for this thought-provoking psychological thriller is to inspire my audience to examine their lives and to begin to enter a state of wakefulness and awareness. No more robots! As Lidia asks in the film (and the trailer above) "eat, shit, fuck, die, is that all you want out of life?"

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What Your Pledge Covers
This is a micro-budgeted film that I have self-financed. Thanks to the generosity of the cast and crew I have completed a little over half of it. With your help I will be able to pay a minimal fee to my hard working actors and offset some of the remaining expenses (camera, lighting, audio rentals, and location fees) to finish production. The good news is that once completed the film will have distribution and marketing through Heavybag Media so the film will get out there and be available for all to see and be inspired.

In today's economic market indie films have not fared well. Your interest and donations will allow us to continue making authentic films with unique approaches to storytelling and entertainment.

Thank you for looking at my trailer and pledging to my project. If my project doesn't appeal to you, please check out other films that could use your help and keep indie films alive.


Dennis Peters


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