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The fun family game about Holy War™ and the End of the World™ Read more

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The fun family game about Holy War™ and the End of the World™

About this project

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Yeehawd! is a satirical tabletop game designed for three to six players where you take on the role of a Prophet preparing for the End Of The World™. 

The purpose of the game is to collect as many followers to your faith as possible before Armageddon™ to secure your place in the Afterlife™.

Every game is divided into seven chapters, in which the Prophets use their spiritual connection, as shown by their available Mana, to play Verse cards. A new chapter card is drawn and resolved at the start of each new round.  

There are four different types of Verse cards.
Acts of God: Cards that negatively affect the other players
Miracles: Cards that affect you in a positive way
Disbelief: Cards that cancel or in other ways affect Miracle or Faith cards
Faith: Cards that cancel or in other ways affect Acts of God or Disbelief cards

A Prophet might not have enough Mana to play a card, but he may choose to Sacrifice™ a Follower card to gain extra Mana. This might be effective, but risky, since your Followers are the source of your Mana income at end of each Chapter.  

Lust in translation
Lust in translation

At the end of the game the Prophet with the most followers wins the game, and the rest of you get a ticket to that hot fiery place downstairs. However, should two or more prophets be tied to win, they are all annihilated in a furious Holy War™ and the next prophet in line wins the game. A game usually takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many players you have. 

The rules as posted on our website.

Game Mechanics, as explained by
Variable player powers
Action point allowance
Battle card driven
Card drafting

Game contents
7 prophets
79 Follower cards
13 Chapter cards
60 Verse Cards
60 mana tokens
7 temples

Special edition extras  7 extra Custom prophets (get them while they´re hot) 
5 extra custom verse cards (super cheap)
Chapter pack  (more options = better replay value, simple really)
additional stretch goals to be announced 

Who are we?

The Clergy
The Clergy

Yeehawd Entertainment is a three man operation out of Norway and the US, and this is our first game. We have several published authors on staff, as well as a long history of gaming in general, although not in a «we got paid to do this» kind of way.

Yeehawd is a labor of love, and holy war, but mostly love. That being said, we are aware that there are some people out there who are bound to take more offense than strictly necessary, and thus some of our associates have asked to remain unnamed until the End Of The World™.

Bjarne Bjerklund, current president of Yeehawd Entertainment and co-creator of the game is the designated sacrifice in case of Acts of God™, and will be your primary contact/target should you wish to convey your affection/rage.

And what is your money paying for?

The funds we raise here will go towards paying the artist we hired, the fantastic Gatis Sluka, as well as the cost of printing the first run of the game. All the nuts and bolts of getting the game from our laptops to your gaming tables.

We´ve prepared a few stretch goals to improve the game as well, and we´ll release these as the Kickstarter period rolls on. Including, but not limited to additional artwork.

Hmm, I'm sort of strapped for cash at the moment, what´s Armageddon 101?

Armageddon 101 is our guide to the end of the world, basically all the ins and outs of the game and setting. We´ll have all of the artwork from the game, sketches from the development as well as an analysis of the cards themselves. 

We´ll take a look at some of the ways the world was supposed to end so far, as previewed in "The Ends of the World" available on our website.

There´ll also be character analysis of the prophets, the rules of the game, additional artwork by the designer (wre not sure if this adds or subtracts value, but you´re getting it anyway!)

We´ll also be including some articles on what we´ve learned and are still learning about the design process and launching a game like this on a platform like Kickstarter. 

As the project rolls along, we might include more, but for now that´s it.

So what about those t-shirts you mention in the rewards?

We´re putting out four t-shirts with images from the game: Yeehawd!, Pope vs. Pope, Burning Bush and The Lord Sayeth "don´t do that!" As we want to tweak these pictures a little to fit better for t-shirts we´re not posting all of the artwork here right now (some of it is still in the hands of the artist). But here´s one of them.

The Lord Sayeth "Don´t do that!"
The Lord Sayeth "Don´t do that!"

I want more!

If you want more than one game, or more t-shirts that´s simple. Just give us more money and tell us what you want for it. (Preferably in that order)

Another Core Game is $35 (but who wants that anyway, go for the special edition, which will only ever appear here on Kickstarter)
A Kickstarter Special Edition is $50  by the way(you know you want it!)
Another T-Shirt is $30 (after all, all your friends will want one too)

and that´s about it.

No really, I want more!

Keep a lookout for more options. We might have a stretch goal or two up our sleeves.

Risks and challenges

We´ve been asked by Kickstarter to include any risks and challenges in completing the project once it has been funded.

Most of the risk has already been assessed and taken care of.
- Our artist, Gatis Sluka is doing a wonderful job, and we´ve reached the half way mark on the original artwork.
- We´ve tested the printing facilities for quality, and they´re up to the task
- Some of us are a little bit worried about tax returns, as they are not a part of the American colonies, but that´s not really something that pertains to the completion of the game.

Barring any unforeseen attacks from "concerned citizens" or Acts of God™ we should be good. Oh, and if the world should actually end on December 21st, it doesn´t really matter anyway.

The budget breaks down as follows:

$6500 Original artwork from Gatis Sluka
$5500 Printing costs

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    $1 reward

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    Well, you won't get into heaven, but we´ll save you a seat on the fence.

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    $10 reward

    5 backers


    A digital copy of Armageddon 101, your guide to the End of the World™.

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    $35 reward

    17 backers


    The Game, the whole Game, and nothing but the Game so help me Gawd.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $50 reward

    54 backers


    The Limited Kickstarter Edition of the Game. Includes additional game cards, extended rules options and a digital copy of Armageddon 101.

    The believer should beware of stretch goals.

    PS: The Limited Kickstarter Edition will only ever appear on Kickstarter so make sure you secure a copy!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $51 reward

    24 backers

    <Mad Mullah Hastur> Due to popular demand we have included a way to get Kristian Bjørkelo's alter ego Mad Mullah Hastur into the game as a prophet. The reward will be the same as the Believer package, but if 20 people pledge this reward, Mad Mullah Hastur will be included in the Kickstarter Special Edition as a custom prophet! For every 15 extra pledges after that Mad Mullah Hastur will get a custom verse card in the game!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $80 reward

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    The Official Yeehawd! t-shirt, as well as the Believer package.

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    $170 reward

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    All four Yeehawd t-shirts, as well as the Believer package.

    This is the package you are looking for...

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $333 reward

    1 backer All gone!

    <Devil´s Advocate>

    A custom verse card to be included in the Kickstarter special edition, featuring YOU. We´ve got something special in mind for this one...(cue ominous music) You´ll also receive a one of a kind custom T-Shirt, with the artwork from the card, as well as the Believer package.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $335 reward

    0 backers Limited (6 left of 6)

    <The Neighbor of the Beast> This is sort of like the Devil´s Advocate package, just not. After all it costs more. That´s what you get for being slow...

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    $666 reward

    0 backers Limited (7 left of 7)


    Not everyone is cut out for being a prophet, but here´s your chance. We´ll create a prophet just for YOU, to be included in the Kickstarter Special Edition. You´ll also receive a super special t-shirt (one of a kind) and you´ll also receive the Fanatic package.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $999 reward

    1 backer All gone!


    We´ll create a complete storyline about a character of your choosing to fit within the game (This could very well be a prophet of your own, but it doesn´t have to be) You also get the Yeehawdist package as well as a One of a kind leather bound extended version of Armageddon 101.

    (Salvation not included)

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

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