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A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
1,929 backers pledged CHF 53,862 to help bring this project to life.

Update #8: Cartoonized By Cami™ 24-Hour Add-On Extravaganza Kick-Off!

Posted by Stuck In Attic (Creator)

Alright, folks, this is it - we are now officially kicking off our special 24-hour Cartoonized By Cami™ Add-On!

Check out the infographics below for more details about how the add-on works, and don't forget this is a 24 hour-limited offer, so grab it while it's hot, squashy, strechy, and wobbly available!

 There's a quick guide in the image above, but, just in case, I'll repost yesterday's guide too:

Step 1: Locate the "Manage pledge" button, directly underneath the days remaining on campaign counter. Slowly go "A-ha, there you were, you little bugger" under your breath. 

Step 2: Click the "change your pledge button", swiftly and with iron-willed determination. Change is good. 

Step 3: Add 19.5 CHF (the equivalent of 20 bucks) to your pledge. Take a second to really appreciate how good it feels to both help a group of indie devs out, and get a cool cartoon of yourself. Click the "Continue" button, smiling all the way. 

Step 4: Press the Confirm button. It should say "No change" in the reward section.

Step 5 (not pictured): Send a picture of yourself, or whomever you want cartoonized™, to or Please include your Kickstarter account name, and put in "Cartoonize me" in the subject. Also, for good measure, message us on Kickstarter and let us know you've selected the add-on.  

Ready to print!
Ready to print!

New-comers, just select the reward tier you feel best suits you and then follow the steps above. 

Notes about the add-on: You don't need to change your reward level in order to use the add-on. If you do change it, please don't forget to re-add the add-on to it. Cartoonized By Cami™ will stay available for 24 hours, starting Friday April 29, 3 PM CET / 10 AM EST. When the campaign's done we will send out a survey, in which you'll let us know which add-on(s) you've chosen.

Cartoons will be printable on A3 sizes or smaller, at 300 DPI (excellent image quality), so you can get quality prints of them at your favorite local printing shop. 

Yay, Let's Do This!

If you have any questions or comments, please add them in the comments below, or feel free to message us on Kickstarter. 

Thunderclap Reminder

Don't forget to join our excellent Thunderclap campaign by clicking the image below and following the easy steps to Gibbous' world-wide social media domination!

That's it for now, fellow cultists, get Cartoonized™ while the add-on's available,  Cami's really looking forward to toonsform™ you!

Added-on and cartoonily yours,


See you next update!

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    1. Sven_Q45 on

      And now it´s nearly funded! :) The goal is reached. Now for the stretch goals... ;)

    2. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      We wanna thank everyone who upped their pledge and will be Cartoonized By Cami™, you guys are amazing, you drove us to a whopping 88% raised of our funding goal! We're here in the attic and Cami's working on your cartoons, and they're looking great!

      @Sven Good to have you! :D

      @Paskarl: Yay!

      @Ahenobarbu: Woot! :D

      @Wan Kit Fong: Yep, it did prove to be a great idea :)

      @Roland: Glad you're in!

    3. Roland on

      Finally got around to back this and I gave in to the add-on as well. The idea is just too cool!

    4. Ahenobarbus on

      Can`t resist, so I`m in too :)

    5. Sven_Q45 on

      Good thing I decided to back earlier. :)

    6. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Yay! So glad you joined in the fun, it's gonna be a cartoonin' week-end!

    7. Revek

      Add another to the list ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Klaus Fejer on

      I upped by pledge to get a cartoon :D Good luck with sales.

    9. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      It seems I couldn't resist, I upped my pledge X3

    10. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Thanks, Sven! :D

    11. Sven_Q45 on

      Done! :) Will send my picture tomorrow.

    12. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Dave You can send them now, or later, whenever's Ok for you. We can't give a realistic estimate on delivery, either because there are so many, and they require quite a bit of work. But yeah, whenever's Ok for you!

    13. Judgement Dave

      Just added 39 CHF for myself & mrs JD to be Cartoonized by Cami :)
      When do you need the source pictures sending? Is it now or when the survey comes out? And if now, when's the cut off - it may take a little bit to get a pic mrs JD will be happy with!

    14. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Frances: Sure! It's $20 per person :)

    15. Dablue

      @Vryl: hehe true, just upped.

    16. Frances

      If I pledge twice/thrice the amount, would I be able to get 2/3 pictures done?

    17. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Gwenael: You can up your pledge now and send the pic later, no problem :) We'll just send out a survey when the campaign's done and you let us know what add-on you picked.

      @Banni Ibrahim: Sure is! :D

    18. Banni Ibrahim on

      Heh, that's Don Thacker coming out of that printer isn't it?

    19. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      @Stuck In Attic : even Despotellis, the self-aware virus of the Sinestro Corp ? Must be hard to have a picture.

      I'm quite interested though, so if I raisse my pledge by 20$ now, I don't have anything else to do until the end of the campaign ? It will probably take me a lot of time before having a picture where I won't say "omfg who's this stupid looki... oh wait that's me" X3 But I'm curious to see how I could look cartoonized by a talented artist :p

    20. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      All races, genders, religions and species welcome! :)

    21. Vryl

      I can already see a cartoonized puppy Dablue. :p

    22. Dablue

      Awesome ;)