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Don't Call it a DUCK! This is a Floating MALLARD Koozie! Read more

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Don't Call it a DUCK! This is a Floating MALLARD Koozie!

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(ok it mostly will be, but you'll have a mallard koozie!)

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The Mallard Koozie
The Mallard Koozie

Take a chance on this project. It's a lot of fun to drink from a floating mallard.

 I'm Cory, and I created the Mallard Koozie. I bought a mallard decoy at the Tulsa Flea Market for $1 because I thought it looked cool. My frat-guy instincts immediately took over.  I cut a koozie sized hole in it and the Mallard Koozie was born.  


I took it on a float trip with 50 people and it was the center of attention all day long. I knew it was a mallard because of THIS CLIP FROM THE OFFICE. Anytime somebody asked, 'hey what's up with that duck?' My raft would scream, 'IT'S A MALLARD' and they had to drink.  Hilarity always ensued.  

Fun Facts About Mallards


Floating Mallard - Keeps Beer Dry

Koozie Compartment - Keeps Beer Cold

Hook and String - Keeps Beer Close (or tied to raft)

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Risks and challenges

Risk #1 would be a global ice age. Beyond that, it's the same set of obstacles any product based project has...

Sourcing: I've already found a bulk supplier of mallard decoys that has a minimum order quantity of 500. Custom printed koozie suppliers are easy to find as well. The only problem I haven't solved yet is an efficient way to cut the perfect koozie-sized hole in the mallard. I can cut one with a hand-saw in about 45 seconds, but I will definitely employ a CNC machinist to cut uniform holes.

Fulfillment: I've run and for years now. I understand how to package, print postage, and deliver.

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    ONE Floating Mallard Koozie as well as the attention and adoration of your friends. Your Pool/River/Lake fun quotient will increase two-fold! Plus Free Shipping!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    ONE Floating Mallard Koozie WITH the Safety Harness to keep your Mallard Koozie connected to your boat, canoe, or raft.

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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