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The skill and style of Broadway PLUS the bass beat of the dance floor PLUS the pizzazz of flashy jazz (dancing, that is).

Blue Umbrella Productions first dance revue!

Blue Umbrella has been creating musical revues since 2006 - "musical" meaning "singing." This year, we are expanding our love of the musical theater arts to jazz and Broadway dancing - with the original dance revue BOOGIEography!

I've been choreographing musicals in the Twin Cities area for most of the last decade. In all that time, I have matched my choreography to the abilities of the singers and actors that were cast.  I always wished for the opportunity to create dances for dancers - and this year's Fringe Festival is that chance.

Our show focuses on what Broadway does best - entertain! BOOGIEography showcases the athletic, emotional dancing style of those spectacular Broadway shows – the dancing we watched in old movies, played orchestra for in high school, and paid $100 bucks for the latest touring show. 

But you won’t need a catalog of Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals to appreciate the show – we’ll be dancing to songs freshly familiar and songs you’ve hummed for years, plus a few new surprises – pop, blues, hiphop, swing…anything that makes you boogie.

Windy Bowlsby, director/choreographer

The funding amount I'm requesting will cover the production costs for rehearsals, costume pieces, props & set pieces, as well as marketing materials. 

I'm requesting your help not just to ease the personal financial burden - I'm paying to produce this show out of my family's pocket - but also to increase the likelihood of my dancers getting paid a decent stipend for their work and skill.

By funding this project, you are ensuring that all profits from the show will go directly to the dancers. Any money raised beyond the funding amount of $2000 will also go directly to the dancers.

DANCERS: Alicia Olson, Grace Christenson, Christina Leines, Laura Bohne, Jessi Fett, Benjamin Parrish, Ed William Jr., Jeremiah Lewis-Walker, Dylan Rugh, John Zeiler


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    For the mere cost of a coke-and-a-twinkie, your name will be listed on the Blue Umbrella website as an Arts Lover, plus you'll have that warm fuzzy feeling that you helped dancers get paid to dance!

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    For less than what it costs to get a coke and popcorn at the movies, we will write an original haiku with your name in it and post it on Twitter and Facebook! (PLUS everything above)

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    In return for less than the cost of a tank of gas, the entire cast of BOOGIEography (all 10 dancers!) will send you a video "thank you"! (PLUS everything above)

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    For the cost of 10 Happy Meals, you can have one of the Blue Umbrella Producers (Windy, Suzy, or Paul - your choice!) sing a song with your name in it and send you a video clip to share with your friends and family! (PLUS everything above)

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    For about the same cost as 3 blue-ray movies, you get a DVD copy of the original dance revue BOOGIEography (the show that you helped fund!) with a personalized thank you note from the cast. (PLUS everything above)

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    100 dollars?! You'd be willing to give us $100?! For that, my friend, I will create something just for you. For $100, I will create an original 30-second dance to a song of your choosing! (30 seconds is about one verse and chorus of any pop song) I will record it and send you the video clip for you to treasure and show off to all your friends. "This is MY dance. It was made just for ME." (PLUS everything above)

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