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I need more help making posters, screening DVDs, buttons and promotional items (records!) for "Do It Again," about my quest to reunite the Kinks.

"Do It Again," the film about my irrational quest to reunite the Kinks, made its film festival premiere on January 28, 2010 in Rotterdam. Since then, we've been to Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Boston, Cleveland, Nashville, Atlanta, North Carolina, Toronto, Transilvania (yes, it's true) and we've got a host of other screenings set for the next six months.

We've received some wonderful reviews, but we still haven't sold the film. So I'm continuing to visit the post office daily, creating promotional items like buttons, posters and this fantastic 45 by Figgs singer Mike Gent and traveling with the film when I can. (We just had a baby, so my travel has cut down some.)

So can you help? Here's what you do... contribute to the cause. In return, I'll get you all sorts of rewards.


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    Updates on the film, screenings and any other communications you might desire.

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    Victoria/Big Sky 45. Get this vinyl masterpiece featuring two Kinks songs lovingly re-recorded by Figgs singer (and Graham Parker sideman) Mike Gent. These versions are loyal to the originals. The sleeve is a specially designed piece of art on its own. David Plunkert has created a sleeve you can leave intact or unfold to become a "Victoria" poster.

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    Victoria/Big Sky 45 record SIGNED AND NUMBERED. This is music and it's art. We have just 50 signed/numbered 45 records with a sleeve specially-designed to open into a poster. The songs itself - Victoria and Big Sky - are done beautifully by Figgs singer (and Graham Parker sideman) Mike Gent. (You should hear Mike's drumming on "Big Sky.") The sleeve was custom-made by David Plunkert, our poster-designing hero.

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    CD signed by Zooey Deschanel. She so wonderfully carried herself in "Do It Again." Now get one of only eight signed copies (that I have) of her cool, new CD with M. Ward, "She & Him, Volume Two."

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    We've got 5 small and 5 medium "Do It Again" t-shirts left. Super rare. Very cool. And yours for a generous contribution.

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    The 12-by-18 version of David Plunkert's "Do It Again" poster.

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    So we somehow scored a Zooey Deschanel signature on the DVD case of the screener we send out to film festivals. I'd keep it, but hey, we've got more important things to pay for, like our festival. I'm auctioning off this signed, single case... a one of a kind item.

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    Private screening of "Do It Again." As long as you'll pay my air/train/carfare and offer me a couch, cheetos and a Teddy Bear, I'll bring the film - and some delicious outtakes - to you.

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    Own the acoustic guitar that Dave Davies played in "Do It Again."

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