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There are 83,000 Americans "Missing in Action". The relentless searches and MIA families seeking closure is the focus of this film.

"We will leave no one behind!"

That is the promise the United States makes to her men and women in the military whenever they are sent to war. America has over 83,000 "Missing in Action" from all our wars back to World War ii.

As a nation with a promise, we never stop looking for them.

This film will tell this cinematically powerful story of the families still waiting for the return of their lost loved ones.

ANIME:Many times the actual incident where the servicemen went MIA in combat is a complete mystery. In a departure from the documentary genre the perceived or conjectured incident of this MIA's loss will be portrayed through the art of Anime.

ANIMATION: The course, track or location of the MIA's last known mission as infantry, aircrew or sailors will be illustrated with computer generated maps and animation   

GREEN SCREEN: Many interviews will be shot with green screen. The footage then added in post behind the interviewee would be newsreel of events at the time of their family member's loss. This will give perspective to the incredible time, often decades, that has passed while the family waits to hear- waits for closure. 

Please view our 10 minute trailer for this film...

America is the only country that believes our fallen warriors should always be recovered and repatriated with their families to be buried on American soil.

These amazing, often hazardous searches are performed in many of our old battlefields by an organization known as JPAC. "Joint Prisoner of War- Missing in Action Accounting Command". Recovered remains are taken to JPAC's laboratories to establish positive identification through DNA and dental records.

This is real life "Indiana Jones" meets "CSI". With permission our cameras will join JPAC on a search mission to find our MIAs.

After careful identification any living relatives are respectfully notified. Even if there are no surviving family members the warrior's remains are given a full Military Honor Guard burial.  This film will witness the intricate rituals, rich pageantry and honor of these ceremonies.

Families with missing loved ones are often haunted. They wonder still how they were lost? Could they still be alive? Did they die alone? What happened to them? And what about that promise?

This documentary film is a story of hope for those families and all Americans.This is the story of how America keeps its promises.

Funding through Kickstarter would be used to flesh out this film including;  interviews, animation, anime, original footage of ceremonies and JPAC investigations depicted in the trailer.

The production values will be of the highest broadcast quality. Our goal, with your help, is to produce this amazing story in a 60 minute film suitable for airing on PBS or HBO.

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Starting this project was difficult. Finding families with an MIA from WWII was challenging initially. I believe gaining the trust of some "POW-MIA families" associations was key. I now have their willing support as well as open access to JPAC Hawaii, the Pentagon and Washington DC. Since producing the trailer we have many contacts and networks on board with this important film. Other Storyteller Original Films documentaries are available for screening on my website:,

With your help, Storyteller's experience and commitment to this project, we will see this important film through to its successful conclusion.


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