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XFLEX is the most versatile tablet stand available. The weighted base and flexible arm design allow for limitless applications.
XFLEX is the most versatile tablet stand available. The weighted base and flexible arm design allow for limitless applications.
254 backers pledged $24,179 to help bring this project to life.

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SETA Tablet Stand Live on Kickstarter Today!

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Just Launched a New Kickstarter! The SETA

Hello Friends and Backers of the XFLEX:

Today we launched a new product on Kickstarter- The SETA Smarphone Stand. If you like your XFLEX, I believe you will love the SETA. There are some great early bird rewards. There is also a combo reward where you can essentially get a free SETA if you want another XFLEX. 

Check it out here: or SETA

As I mentioned many times, I cannot thank you enough for your support with the XFLEX. It is an honor that you would spend your hard earned money to support one of our innovations from the heartland. 

I hope you feel we treated you well during our last project. If so, please leave a comment on the SETA Kickstarter page so others will know what to expect from 1.0 Innovations. As always, sharing is caring. Sharing our project on social media is the #1 way to success on Kickstarter. 

Thank you,

George Bashaw, 1.0 Innovations

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100% Shipped Today!

If you missed our Kickstarter or want to order another XFLEX, you can check out our website XFLEX

Hello Supporters,

I am happy to say that 100% of the XFLEXs are out the door! I am sorry it took so long to get the last 5% out (red and black on back). The people we used for anodizing failed us so we had to take them elsewhere. I am glad we accounted for something like this and were able to meet our deadline on time.

Some of you have been requesting more flexible arms and longer arms. We should have those ready to go soon. Plus, we are introducing a smaller version of the XFLEX, XFLEXjr,  for smaller tablets. It is smaller and has a more flexible arm. Additionally, we have a all Pink XFLEX on our site. To keep up with new developments, please follow our facebook page XFLEX on Facebook

Second, we have a new product coming out soon! It's called the GEKO but we may have to change the name. It blew up when we introduced it at MacWorld! I will attach a rough video of the prototype. It is truly amazing. We are planning on launching another Kickstarter for the GEKO. To keep up with the updates "like" the GEKO on Facebook 

If you don't have your XFLEX very soon, please let me know so I can track it.

Once again, I truly appreciate you and your support,

George Bashaw

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Day 13: Over 95% Shipped

Hi Everyone

It was my personal goal to have 100% of the XFLEXs shipped within 14 days (tomorrow..the day our funds are released). We have a few (16) left getting anodized (red and back). We should have them back any day.

So you either: have your XFLEX, it is in the mail, you didn't respond to the survey, your card was declined, or you are one of the 16 that will go out very very soon :)

I hope everyone is happy. I cannot wait to hear where you use your XFLEX.

Attached, you will see our second to last big load of 75 and my son William stacking the final International orders. 

Thanks, George 

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Please Read! XFLEXs for Early Bird Backers are Shipping this Week!

Hi Everyone  

We will begin shipping the "Early Bird" (those who pledged first) this week! I just sent a survey to the "Early Brids" minutes ago. Please complete immediately so we can get your XFLEX in the mail. Make sure you have accurate information on where you want your XFLEX shipped.

As soon as we get these out the door, we will send a survey to the rest of the backers. We are waiting until we are ready to ship is so your shipping address is current and accurate. 

The way KS and Amazon payments work...our funds do not get released until 14 days from the project end date. However, if your payment cleared we have verification and well ship. We are doing everything we can to exceed your expectations.

We will be posting pictures of your XFLEXs and updates on our Facebook page. "Like" us if you want to keep up, see the action, and see what is coming in the future.  XFLEX Facbook Page 

Those who missed our Kickstarter are wecome to buy at our website XFLEX The Best Tablet Stand


George Bashaw