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SETA: a universal, timeless and affordable smartphone stand that securely suspends your device and holds your charging cable.
2,477 backers pledged $91,187 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Piko Piko Detroit on

      Received! Did not receive the extra NanoSuction pad though.

    2. Jared Hilton on

      Have all of the shipments been made? I have not received mine yet. No concern, just wondering. I am looking forward to it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Jacobs on

      Hey George,

      Have you been able to ship out the remainder of the products?

      Thanks so much!

    4. Michael Ryback on

      Any way to track the shipment?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ansh Guglani on

      I have yet to receive mine in the mail. Is there any way I can track where my package is?

    6. Matt Whiteley on

      Great little thing. The finish on the metal was a little odd in a couple of places, but fantastic product with a great aesthetic :) Nice job!

    7. Sonali Saxena on

      Received mine today. Very pleased, thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan Buckley on

      Received mine during the week after a brief detour via Iran lol but now it's on the desk looking very cool. :)

    9. Daniel Carlyon on

      Got mine a few days ago. It's amazing. Thank you!

    10. Dani Estrela on

      Haven't received mine yet. Is there any tracking number for my package?

    11. Hawawaa on

      Got it and love it. Thank you!

    12. Spuds McKenzie on

      Great product. Got both of mine in black. One for each side of bed. Now daughter wants one. Think this project is a winner all around.
      Ride Free ... Die Saved

    13. Leah Simmers on

      Been using mine for a little over a week. I love it and want more now! :) great job!

    14. Alex Kramer on

      Got mine already! I love it. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your dedication and hard work, George!

    15. Erin Moloney on

      Appreciate the update. Thank you!!

    16. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on

      @sam great video, I can´t wait to have mine. I´m from Peru and now the package is in custom clearance.
      I hope I can get it in 3 or 4 days. Great work George!

    17. Benedict Nirax Seah on

      Received mine yesterday and it worked great , i believe mine was posted out on the 2nd of aug and received it on the 13 of aug so happy that it arrived a month early . Thanks for the great work hope its last a long time thanks

    18. Hau Ngo on

      Oops! Nevermind. It looks like I had already responded. Can't wait. :)

    19. Hau Ngo on

      Hi George. I received a "response needed" email on 7/28 but the link brings me to the project's kickstarter page. How do I send you my address? Can't wait to use the stand!

    20. Allen Robel on

      Received a black SETA along with XFLEX well ahead of schedule and am completely satisfied with both. I'd been using a microphone stand, along with a cheap iPad holder designed to clip onto said stand prior to the XFLEX and the difference in quality is apparent. While the iPad holder broke after two months of normal use, the XFLEX is built like a tank and I just can't see it suffering the same fate. And it's oh so SETA is understated, diminutive, and a perfect iPhone companion. Very happy with this purchase and very impressed with George's gumption and can-do attitude.

    21. Brad Haigh on

      Happy? HAPPY?? I am freekin ecstatic. Bravo sir, Bravo.

    22. James Simmons on

      My wife and I are crazy about our SETAs!! We both use one at home and one at the office. Can't wait to see what you invent next!

    23. George Bashaw + 1.0 Innovations LLC 3-time creator on

      @ryan thank for sharing glad you love it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lindsley on

      I just read this update on my phone which is using a black stand right now! I love it, thanks. I have an invisibleshield on my phone and It works real well.

    25. George Bashaw + 1.0 Innovations LLC 3-time creator on

      @wes yes they will be on soon. There will be more sizes and options as well.

    26. George Bashaw + 1.0 Innovations LLC 3-time creator on

      @sam saw it. @anthony soon my friend @eric right on! @chelsea I was upset because the were wrong...different than the pictures on KS and it caused delays which I cannot stand. The up side is that I love them...well the girls love them. Therefore, I will be making more when these run out!

    27. Missing avatar

      wesley scripps on

      Thanks for the stand and extra pads, they have been fun to mess around with. Is there going to be a website to purchase some as gifts?

    28. Chelsea on

      I have a question about the pinks! I have already received my silver stand, but I love it so much I expect to order more down the road.

      I was not interested in the hot pink ones shown in this kickstarter, but I actually quite like the lighter pink that I see on your site. Do you intend to continue offering the light pink ones in the future, or were those just a funky batch and only hot pink will be for sale in the future?

    29. Eric J Fontenot on

      I love my silver one. sits on my desk and use it for Skype calls on my iPad and iPhone. great addition to my workflow.

    30. Anthony DeFeo on

      Thanks for the updated George. I can't wait to get my Blue Seta. That's awesome to get it a month early. I got my nightstand clear and ready for my stand. My wife is tired of hearing me talk about this great stand. But when I get mine she will want one. Awesome work.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sam Montooth on

      Very happy! I received my white Seta Stand an it works even better than I thought it would. I posted a video review on YouTube if you'd like to share it. Looking forward to your iPad solution.